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Meet Neo's AI Email Writer

Get ready-to-use email drafts with Smart Write, powered by Neo AI

Smart Write, Neo’s AI email writer, can write or reply to emails in your preferred tone and length, giving you more time to focus on what matters - growing your brand.

Simply share a prompt for your message, like you’d instruct your assistant, and Smart Write will share a suited draft after analyzing the context.

How to use Smart Write

Enter your prompt

Click Smart Write or Reply with Smart Write. Share a brief outline of the email you want to send, and pick the required tone and length. Hit Generate.

Get the perfect draft

To see another suggestion for your entered prompt, click Give me another option, and Smart Write will return a new suggestion instantly.

Send the email

Once you’ve got your perfect draft, click Insert - this will insert Smart Write’s draft in the compose window. Your email is ready to go!

Perfect email for every scenario

Neo’s Smart Write AI can create the perfect email with the context you provide. Describe what you need, and Neo will draft an email that’s just right in seconds.

Apt tone and length

You can select your preferred tone and length for all your messages to fit any need and situation.

In-context replies

Tell Neo how you want to reply to an email, and it’ll take into account the original email while composing your reply.

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