Everything your
growing business needs to make it big

Neo is designed to help you get set up easily, make email delightful, schedule meetings with clients and teammates, and build your brand through powerful marketing tools.

Email that means business

Accomplish more with Neo AI

Neo AI can write or reply to emails in your preferred tone and length, and give you more time to focus on what matters.

Smart Write

Ready-to-use bespoke email drafts in your voice, so you can focus on your core business.
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Neo AI will be available to customers in fall 2023.

Reach more customers with the Neo growth suite

One-page website

Your brand’s address comes with a home. Add your social links and collect leads with a website that you can launch in seconds.

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Neo Bookings

Set up personalized meeting pages for prospects, clients, and team members and start scheduling seamlessly.

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Signature Designer

Build a signature you are proud of.

Built like a vault


Data encrypted at rest and in transit with 256-bit ciphers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Stay extra safe with a second layer of authentication.

Hosted on AWS

Designed with reliability and uptime in mind.

Advanced Antivirus and Antispam

No place for scammers and spammers.

And a whole lot more

Multi-account Support

Create essential accounts such as sales@yourdomain and info@yourdomain, and manage them from one place, without toggling between tabs.

One-Click Import

Move mountains (of email data) in a click. Forward in emails from your Gmail account.

Send Later

Emailing at 2 am can be unprofessional even from a professional address. Write emails at your convenience and schedule them to be sent at an optimal time for your recipients.

Follow-up Reminders

Let nothing fall through the cracks. Get reminded to follow up with your prospects and customers at the right time in case of no reply from them.

HTML in Composer

Make that email come alive. Insert HTML code in the compose window to include buttons, forms, and other interactive elements.

Contact Groups

Group your frequently emailed recipients together to reach out to them simultaneously, so you don’t have to type out each email address.

Block Sender

Keep unwanted senders out of your Inbox. Block specific email addresses or an entire domain name you don’t want emails from.


You can also let us know who’s important. Add specific email addresses or domains to your Allowlist and they'll never be directed to Spam.


Set up a default reply for all incoming emails when you’re away so your recipients know when to expect a response to their enquiries. Take the time off, we’ll hold the fort.

Custom DKIM

Add a digital signature for your domain to assure your recipient that you are the legitimate and verified sender. This improves email deliverability and helps prevent your emails from landing in spam.

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