Don't miss critical messages in the sea of emails. Neo's Priority Inbox is your focused inbox that identifies the most important emails based on your mailbox activities and places them in a separate tab for your urgent attention.

How does Priority Inbox work

How Neo identifies important emails

Please note: To enable people to view and book a service, ensure that you mark the service as Active while adding it.

People you’re in touch with

Neo recognizes messages from contacts you frequently interact with, understanding that regular communication indicates higher importance and relevance.

People you search for

If you often search for emails to/from someone, Neo learns to consider them important and places emails from them into your Priority Inbox for easier access.

Senders from your organization

Emails from the same domain as yours are deemed important. Neo prioritizes internal communication, which is crucial for day-to-day work and collaborative projects.

Important keywords

Neo scans for keywords in emails that you have previously marked  as important, or are commonly associated with urgency. Emails containing these terms are placed in the Priority Inbox.

Marked “priority”by you

When you manually mark emails as "priority," Neo uses this as an indicator to prioritize similar emails, thus personalizing your Priority Inbox based on your direct input.

Focus on the critical stuff

The Priority Inbox filters essential emails, allowing you to concentrate on critical matters first, enhancing productivity and time management.

Add specific senders to Priority Inbox

You can designate specific senders - email addresses or an entire domain - as priority, ensuring immediate visibility and response to critical contacts' communications.

Get to all other messages at your convenience

Non-urgent emails are kept separately in the Other Inbox, enabling you to address them at a more suitable time without cluttering your primary focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Priority Inbox?

Priority Inbox helps you stay on top of things by organizing your most urgent messages in a separate tab so you can address them on priority. This ensures you don't miss the critical stuff; you can get to the Other Inbox when convenient.

Priority Inbox is designed to identify your most important emails by understanding your mailbox activities.  

Is Priority Inbox automatically created?

No. You need to enable Priority Inbox for your account, following which all emails identified as important by Neo will show in the Priority Inbox.

Can I turn Priority Inbox on and off anytime?

Yes. You can turn Priority Inbox on or off for your account anytime. Go to Settings > Preferences > Priority Inbox and turn the toggle on or off.

How do I stop important emails from going to the Other Inbox?

If you find an important email in the Other Inbox, you can move it to the Priority Inbox. Just hover over the specific email, and you'll see the option to move it to the Priority Inbox. Alternatively, you can open the email, and in the menu above it, click on the three dots and select "Move to Priority Inbox". Along with this email, all past and future emails will go to your Priority Inbox.    

By default, which emails will go to the Priority Inbox?

Neo identifies your important emails basis specific criteria. These are:

- People you’re in touch with by email
- Important keywords in the email
- Senders from your organization using the same domain name as you
- Senders you search for in your Inbox
- Marked “priority” by you

Does Priority Inbox organize all the important emails in my Inbox as soon as I turn it on?

Yes. As soon as you enable Priority Inbox, you'll see the Priority and Other tabs at the top of your Inbox. The more you use Priority Inbox, the smarter it gets about how it organizes your messages. You can also teach Neo what matters most by moving emails between Priority and Other; this will help Neo understand what type of emails should go where.

Can I also view Priority Inbox and Other Inbox work on the Neo mobile app?

Yes. Neo's mobile apps will show you your emails under the Priority and Other tabs, just like on the desktop.

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