How to See if Someone Read Your Email

Don’t wonder if a client checked your quote or if a crucial prospect saw your pitch. Neo’s Read Receipts will notify you right when they do!

With Read Receipts, plan your next steps and pursue opportunities without letting things fall through the cracks.

Real-time notifications

Get notified right when your email is opened and know when to expect a response.

Track campaigns as well

Send personalized mass emails to your audience using Neo’s Email Campaigns and track who opened your email.

Plan your next steps

Be ready with your next move after your recipient has opened your email - whether it’s a follow-up on your pitch or the next message in your mass email sequence.

Pursue the relevant opportunities

Go after the right opportunities once you gauge interest from leads, clients, and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Read Receipts or email tracking?

Read Receipts are one of Neo’s key features. It’s used for email tracking so you know whether your recipients have read your email. You will be instantly notified when any recipient opens your email.

How to enable email tracking?

Read Receipts are automatically enabled for all professional email accounts on Neo. You can enable/disable email tracking for specific outgoing emails by tapping the eye icon for email tracking in the composer window before sending your message.

Can I use Read Receipts for all outgoing emails?

Yes, you can use Read Receipts for all your outgoing emails. Neo’s Starter plan comes with 50 Read Receipts per account, and the Standard and Max plans include unlimited Read Receipts.

Do Read Receipts work for emails sent to multiple recipients as well?

Yes, Read Receipts will alert you whenever a recipient opens your email. If your email has multiple recipients, you will be notified for each email opening instance.

Can I track emails sent from aliases?

Yes, you can track emails sent from your aliases.

Can I get Read Receipts notifications on my mobile device?

Yes. You need to download the Neo app on your mobile device, and you will be notified in real time when your email is opened.

Do all recipients get to know when my email has been read?

No, your email tracking data is only available to you; only you get notified when your emails are opened.

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