Neo Bookings is a meeting scheduling tool that lets clients, customers, and team members find time on your calendar and book meetings with you. Create and share your personalized booking page link with people and set up meetings seamlessly.

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How to use Neo Bookings

Add events

Create a booking page for people to schedule time with you. Set a purpose, when you'll be available, and the venue.

Share booking page

Share your booking link with clients and prospects. Protip: add your booking link to your signature to make it easy for people to book time with you.

Manage invites

See your scheduled events appear on your Neo calendar and get notified when someone books your time.

Please note: To enable people to view and book a service, ensure that you mark the service as Active while adding it.

Personalized booking page

Share your booking page link with people and enable them to connect with you at a time that suits both of you.

Calendar integration

Neo Bookings is automatically connected to Neo calendar, ensuring only available times can be booked with you.

Email notifications

Automated timely email notifications ensure you don’t miss meetings and related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neo Bookings, and how does it Function as an Appointment Scheduler?

Neo Bookings is an advanced appointment scheduler designed to streamline the process of booking meetings. It lets clients, customers, and team members view your available times and schedule appointments directly. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication typically required to find a suitable meeting time, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Can Neo Bookings Sync with Other Calendars for Appointment Scheduling?

Absolutely. Neo Bookings seamlessly integrates with the Neo calendar and other popular calendar services. This ensures your appointment scheduler reflects real-time availability across your calendars, preventing double-booking and scheduling conflicts.

What Are the Ways to Share My Neo Bookings Appointment Scheduler?

Sharing your Neo Bookings appointment scheduler is straightforward. You can email your unique booking page link, embed it on your website, or even include it in your email signature. This makes it easy and convenient for others to schedule appointments with you.

How Will I Know When Someone Schedules an Appointment?

Neo Bookings offers automated email notifications whenever someone schedules an appointment. These notifications inform you about new bookings, changes, or cancellations, ensuring you're always up-to-date with your schedule.

Does Neo Bookings Provide Tools to Manage My Appointments Effectively?

Yes, Neo Bookings comes equipped with various tools to manage your appointments. All scheduled events appear on your Neo calendar, and you can view, reschedule, or cancel appointments as needed. This centralization of appointment management makes it easy to stay organized.

Can I Customize Appointments on Neo Bookings Based on Their Purpose?

Yes, you can create different types of appointments based on the purpose, such as consultations, sales calls, or team meetings. This customization helps in preparing accordingly for each type of meeting.

What Unique Features Does Neo Bookings Offer Compared to Other Appointment Schedulers?

Neo Bookings distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface, easy integration with calendars, customizable appointment types, and automated notification system. These features collectively enhance the user experience, making it the preferred choice for efficient appointment scheduling.

Is There a Way to Track Past Appointments Scheduled Through Neo Bookings?

Yes, Neo Bookings maintains a comprehensive history of all your upcoming and past appointments. This is handy when tracking your meeting history, understanding your scheduling patterns, and keeping records for future reference.

How Can I Sign Up for Neo Bookings and Start Using the Appointment Scheduler?

To start using Neo Bookings, visit the Neo Bookings page from the app switcher on your Neo Webmail. The sign-up process is straightforward, and once registered, you can immediately set up your personalized booking page and schedule appointments more effectively.

How Does Neo Bookings Enhance Client and Customer Experience with Its Appointment Scheduler?

Neo Bookings significantly enhances the client and customer experience through its efficient and user-friendly appointment scheduling system. Here's how:

- Ease of Scheduling: Clients can view your availability in real time and book appointments without needing back-and-forth communication. This makes scheduling meetings with you much smoother and more efficient.

- Personalized Experience: By setting up different types of appointments for various needs (consultations, follow-ups, brief check-ins), you offer a more customized experience. Clients can choose the type of meeting that best suits their needs, ensuring that each interaction is tailored to their requirements.

- Time Zone Management: For clients in different time zones, Neo Bookings automatically adjusts the available times to their local time, eliminating confusion and simplifying the scheduling process.

- Calendar Integration: With the integration of Neo Bookings with your calendar, clients are assured that they are booking available slots. This reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

- Automatic Reminders and Notifications: Neo Bookings sends you and your clients automated email notifications and reminders. This helps reduce no-shows and ensures both parties know about updates and changes.

- User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of Neo Bookings makes it easy for clients of all tech-savviness levels to schedule appointments. A straightforward, hassle-free experience can significantly improve client satisfaction.

- Accessibility: Being an online tool, Neo Bookings is accessible from any device with Internet access, offering flexibility for clients to schedule appointments on the go.

- Privacy and Security: Clients can schedule appointments with the assurance that their information is handled securely, enhancing trust in the professional relationship.

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