How to use Email Campaigns

Add recipients

Select who you want to send your email campaign to by creating or selecting a Contact Group with the list of recipients

Create a campaign

Add the content you want to send to your audience. Write a personal looking plaintext email, or insert your own rich formatting. Personalize with custom fields for name, company name or location.

Send and track

When you're ready, hit send to send out individual copies of your marketing email to all recipients. Track engagement with Read Receipts.

Visually engaging emails

Use Neo AI to generate a beautiful template for your campaign. Customize to perfection with the HTML editor.

Save campaigns as templates

Save your campaigns as reusable email templates for future use.

Campaign performance

Track engagement for your campaign by seeing who opened your email with Read Receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do email campaigns do?

Neo's Email Campaigns allows you to send personalized and targeted emails to a list of recipients; each recipient gets a separate personalized copy. You can use this for marketing, sending newsletters, announcements, or any communication that benefits from personalization and mass distribution. The goal is often to engage your audience, inform them about your products or services, or encourage a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for an event.

How does Neo personalize the mass emails?

Neo's Email Campaigns allow you to personalize your emails with Mail Merge. Mail Merge is integrated into Neo and automatically picks your recipients' first and last names and email addresses, regardless of the number of recipients.

How do I create an email campaign?

Open the composer window on Neo > Select "Campaign" from the ribbon at the bottom. This will enable the campaign mode.

- Add your email content. You can add HTML codes to make your email visually engaging and include CTA buttons, links, and other interactive elements.
- Personalize your emails with Mail Merge and enter values for recipients' names.
- Pick your recipient list or create a new list.
- Schedule the send time or send it immediately.
- Review and launch your campaign.
- You can also save this campaign as a template for reuse.

Can I send any number of email campaigns?

Neo’s email policy defines an hourly and daily email sending limit to prevent your domain from being marked as spam and to regulate traffic. You can send any number of email campaigns within your Neo plan’s threshold of outgoing emails.

How many recipients can I add?

Every recipient is counted as an individual email. You can add any number of recipients within your Neo plan’s hourly and daily threshold for outgoing emails.

Do my recipients see the other recipients?

No, your recipient list is available only to you. Neo's Email Campaigns is designed to send personalized emails to each recipient individually. This means that recipients do not see other recipients' email addresses or other details, preserving privacy and ensuring a customized experience.

Can I set up a series of emails as part of the campaigns?

Neo's Email Campaigns currently doesn't support scheduling a series of emails. However, you can send any number of emails depending on the response to your previous email campaign.

Can I see who interacted with my campaign?

Yes, Email Campaigns lets you track who opened your email or unsubscribed. This information is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your campaign and making adjustments for future campaigns.

How many emails should I plan for my campaigns?

The ideal number of emails in a campaign depends on your goals, audience, and content. A basic campaign might consist of 3-5 emails spaced over some time. For ongoing engagement, you might plan a continuous series of emails sent at regular intervals. It's important to balance keeping your audience informed and engaged without overwhelming them, so consider testing different frequencies to see what works best for your audience.

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