Don’t reinvent the wheel for every email. Save time with pre-loaded business email templates from Neo. You can also save your own frequently sent responses as templates to reuse in the future.

How to use Email Templates

Open Templates in composer

Within the Templates tab, you can find Neo’s pre-loaded drafts under Template Library and your saved drafts under My Templates.

Pick relevant template

Select the best-suited template. To create your own, click on “Create a new template”; this will automatically pick the content currently in your composer.

Add specific details

Neo’s default templates have prompts to enter customized information for your recipients. Add the necessary details to the template message, and your email is ready.

Please note: To enable people to view and book a service, ensure that you mark the service as Active while adding it.

Readymade drafts

Use Neo’s professionally created templates to save time by not having to rewrite information that doesn’t change from email to email. With Email Templates, you have a stockpile of appropriate messages across scenarios.

Customize as needed

Customize information and add specific details in Neo’s templates. You can even customize Neo’s pre-loaded drafts and save those as templates to be used later.

Add your own new templates

Create templates in your style to keep reusable content for subject line and email body handy. With this, save time, and don’t scramble around to refer to that perfect email you sent months ago! Check out these helpful business email templates to borrow ideas from.

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