Customers are 9x more likely to choose you if you use a business email address.
Add credibility to your brand and solidify your online presence.

Make a great first impression with your branded email address
Promote your brand with every email you send out
Enjoy higher open rates on your emails

Up to 100 GB storage space

Give your growing business all the room without worrying about storage space.

100% uptime

With Neo’s flawless IP reputation, your email will always reach its destination.

24/7 support

Neo’s dedicated support staff is available to assist you round-the-clock.

A Neo plan for everyone

New Year Promo - Up to 50% off!
Need more than 50 mailboxes?
Save 20%
2 Yearly
Save 40%
4 Yearly
Save 50%
Need more than 50 mailboxes?
Business  Starter
For new businesses
For new businesses
Save 20% on 1st year
/mailbox/mo, billed yearly
Save 40% on 1st 2 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 2 yearly
Save 50% on 1st 4 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 4 yearly
Get Starter
Get Starter
Business Popular
Business Standard
For growing businesses
For growing businesses
Save 20% on 1st year
/mailbox/mo, billed yearly
Save 40% on 1st 2 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 2 yearly
Save 50% on 1st 4 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 4 yearly
Get Standard
Get Standard
Business Best Value
Business Max
Growth suite for all
For growing businesses
Save 20% on 1st year
/mailbox/mo, billed yearly
Save 40% on 1st 2 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 2 yearly
Save 50% on 1st 4 yrs
/mailbox/mo, billed 4 yearly
Get Max
Get Max
Mailbox Storage

Storage capacity per mailbox

10 GB
50 GB
100 GB
One-page website for

Single-page website template with logo, social links, WhatsApp and contact form

Free with domain
Free with domain
Free with domain
Platforms & Apps
Rich webmail

Neo mail on desktop web

Android and iOS apps

Check your Neo email on other mail apps

Inbuilt Calendar
Third-party mail app (POP/IMAP)

Check your Neo email on other mail apps

Powerful Business Suite ✨
Campaign Mode

Send good-looking personalised emails to multiple recipients at once, and keep the recipient list to yourself. You can also track who opened your email.

Neo Appointment Booking

Create a unique meeting link and enable clients, customers, and team members to find time on your calendar and seamlessly schedule meetings with you.

Signature Designer

Create your signature with logo, links, and HTML code

Smart Write

Get ready-to-use email drafts in seconds for any requirement, powered by Neo AI. All your cold emails, pitches, negotiations, and responses to enquiries are now taken care of!

Advanced Mail Features
Priority Inbox

See only emails from senders you mark as Priority

Read Receipts

Know when someone opens an email you sent

50 Read Receipts
Email Templates

Save emails to reuse repeatedly. Template Library with pre-written emails included.

1 Email Template
Contact Groups

Create a group of your frequently emailed recipients to reach out to them simultaneously

1 Contact Group
Send Later

Schedule your emails to be sent later

Undo Send

Undo sending your email to correct an error or add a file

Follow-up Reminders

Get a reminder to follow-up on important emails

HTML in Composer

Use custom HTML code to create more visually engaging emails

Block Sender

Block senders so their emails don’t appear in your Mailbox

Allow Senders

Add a specific sender or domain to your Allowlist to ensure their emails go to your Inbox and not Spam

Grammar & Spell Check
Mailbox & limits
Multi-account Support

Sign in to multiple Neo email accounts simultaneously

Add Gmail account

Add a Gmail account to get new emails

Catch-all account

Mailbox to get emails sent to invalid email addresses in our domain

Email Aliases

Alias of your email address to segregate emails like sales or support. It simply forwards the received email.

Send email from Alias

Send emails using your alias identity to keep your primary email address hidden

Multiple external forwarders

Forward incoming emails to non-Neo email address

1 Forwarder
3 Forwarders
3 Forwarders
Mail sending Limits
200 per hour / 500 per day
300 per hour / 1000 per day
300 per hour / 1000 per day
Privacy & Security
Two-Factor Authentication

Additional layer of security for your email account using Google Authenticator and others

Anti-virus protection inbound / outbound

Enhanced protection of sent and received emails with viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more checks

Advanced Anti-spam

Measures to keep unwanted spam out of your Inbox

Custom DKIM

Improve email sent delivery by creating a digital signature for your domain that informs your recipient that you are a legitimate and verified sender

Email Rules

Organize incoming emails automatically by creating rules to move them to folders and more

Conditional Forwarding of Emails

While away, automatically notify people that you won't be able to get back to them right away

Shareable Calendar

Share your Calendar with your team and external contacts

One-click import of existing emails & contacts

Import your old emails and contacts to Neo

Get Starter
Get Starter
Get Standard
Get Standard
Get Max
Get Max
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Easy setup

Setting up a business email address on Neo is quick and easy. Using function-specific addresses makes you look more professional and keeps your Inboxes streamlined.

Apps for all devices

Your business doesn’t pause, and neither should your business communication! Set up Neo on desktop and mobile devices, and stay connected.

Inbuilt Calendar app

Share your calendar with contacts, schedule appointments, and bring in events from other calendar apps.

Unmatched powerful features

Neo is packed with top-notch features to help your business grow. Our platform is built to help you get started easily, and our powerful tools will help you reach your customers more efficiently.

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Never stress about security


Data encrypted at rest and in transit with 256-bit ciphers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Stay extra safe with a second layer of authentication.

Hosted on AWS

Designed with reliability and uptime in mind.

Advanced Antivirus and Antispam

No place for scammers and spammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business email?

Professional email, business email, or custom email is an email address that uses your domain name (the part that comes after @ in an email address), or the domain for your business, rather than a generic domain name like

You can have as many email accounts as you need with Neo. Every employee, department, and service that’s a part of your business can have their respective professional email accounts that end in @yourdomainname.

Do I need a domain to get a business email from Neo?

To use a business email, you need to own a domain (example: | ).

If you don’t have a domain yet, you can get a domain from Neo for free while signing up for a business email. For example, if your business name is Piper Mills, you can check if is available with Neo. Then, go ahead and create accounts such as, and so on.

Additionally, to make your online presence more solid, you also get a one-page website for your business free of cost for as long as your Neo subscription is active. Your one-page website will have a matching domain ( to help you increase your web presence.

If you already have a domain you’d like to use, you can get an email through Neo using that domain. If you already have an email account as well, you can bring it over to Neo for a feature-rich, reliable, and efficient email platform. You’re entitled to a limited-time free trial before you decide to move in completely.

Can I migrate my existing emails and contacts from other platforms?

Yes. Neo comes with built-in migration tools to help you easily move existing email data to your account. If you run into trouble with the migration at any point, our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to help you out.

Can I mix and match three plans for the same organization?

Neo offers 3 plans - Starter, Standard, and Max. We currently don’t support picking different plans for different team members in the same organization using the same domain name. Your chosen plan will apply to all email accounts across your organization.

Can I access my Neo account on my mobile device?

Yes. In addition to being accessible on all major web browsers, Neo has native apps for Android and iOS devices.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! At Neo, we take data security seriously and ensure all your email data is safe. Our top-notch security tools, such as antivirus and antispam, data encryption, and two-factor authentication, ensure all your data is always protected.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. User privacy is paramount to us, and we follow a privacy-first approach. We have set strict protocols for processing personal data in line with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We only collect data that is crucial for the purchase of our product.

Whom can I contact for further assistance?

You can reach out to us at at any time.

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