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May 17, 2024
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May 17, 2024
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You are probably already familiar with email marketing, whether a cutting-edge company owner or an experienced one who understands current marketing trends. 

What is the key component of successful email marketing? A custom domain for email! Businesses can improve their brand image by fostering trust with their target audience through custom domain email addresses. In addition to promoting professionalism, it will serve as a representation of your business. 

Also, a domain email address will set you apart from free or generic email services. It accurately reflects your business's identity, distinguishing you from other generic email providers. 

In this article, we will understand what a custom email domain is and the reasons behind the growing popularity of domain addresses. We'll also look at their significant influence on email marketing and pointers for configuring and optimizing your custom domain for email addresses. 

What is a Custom Domain for Email?

You'll probably note that an email address consists of two primary sections separated by the '@' symbol. The custom email domain name is the portion after the @ sign.

Web domain names and email domain names are inextricably linked. They act as distinct identifiers that set your emails apart from those floating around the internet. Your custom domain for email gives your emails a unique identity that can be linked to you or your business, much like your domain name gives your website a unique online presence. It makes sense for most businesses to use the same domain name for their website and email.

For instance, if you have a brand called Iris Properties, then you can have your own custom email domain like (.com is a TLD (top-level domain)), and based on this domain, you can create email addresses and aliases for your employees in the format 

Now, you can see the difference between the professionalism exhibited by both email addresses: and 

Benefits of Custom Domain Email Address

Here are a few additional notable benefits of using a custom domain for email addresses:  

1. Developing a Company's Identity or Brand

Customized domain emails improve brand recall and retention. Selecting a personalized email address, like "," boosts credibility and builds confidence with stakeholders, partners, and clients. 

Coordinating the email address with a custom domain name similar to your brand’s name strengthens brand identity and establishes a cohesive, expert online presence.

2. Increasing Delivery Rates

A custom domain for email has higher delivery rates, reducing the likelihood that it will be flagged as spam. When you buy an email hosting plan, you rent a server specifically allocated for your business needs. This dedicated email server will ensure 99.99% uptime (depending upon your email service provider) and that all marketing emails are sent precisely and delivered on time. 

Personalized domain email addresses have a significant impact beyond simple message delivery; in the digital age, they serve as tangible symbols of professionalism, reliability, and efficient communication.

3. Dependability and Safety

A custom domain for email guarantees persistent accessibility to your emails and is generally more reliable and uptime-assured than free options. Protecting sensitive data, enhanced security features like two-factor authentication, data encryption (in transit or at rest), and sophisticated spam filters are frequently included in the package.

4. Personalization and Authority

Purchasing a custom email domain gives customers more personalization choices, enabling them to tailor their email names and accounts to meet particular business needs. Users can set up several mailboxes, distribution lists, and aliases for effective communication management, giving them more control over their email environment.

Besides, users can control all the email addresses and inboxes from one single centralized email account. So, email management becomes super easy, and you can quickly add, manage, edit, or remove email accounts within a few clicks. 

5. Reliability in Scaling

Due to the scalable plans that a custom domain for email often offers, businesses can modify their email hosting resources according to their changing needs. The email system can grow without sacrificing security or performance. From storage space to a number of email aliases, email hosting plans can accommodate your growing needs. 

6. Ad-Free Online Experience

Free email providers frequently include adverts in the user interface, which can be annoying and divert users from drafting polished emails. A custom domain for email that has been purchased typically provides an ad-free experience, preserving a clear and concise communication space.

How to Get Custom Domain for Email?

Purchasing an email address with a domain name is a wise decision instead of using a free one. A custom domain name for email adds a professional touch and offers a number of benefits and features that make communication safer and more effective. 

Now, there are usually two ways to get your domain name email. First, you can buy a custom domain name (like from a domain registrar, and then, you can buy an email hosting plan. 

The other way is to find the email hosting and domain registration provider. This way, you do not need to look for two different service providers and can get timely notifications for plan renewals. You can also utilize this domain to buy website hosting services. 

7 Providers to Get Your Custom Domain For Email 

Here are the top 7 providers that make it easy for you to get your custom domain for email:  

1. Neo

Neo offers a simple way to set up email hosting for free domains (custom domains). The platform offers a free domain extension, which can be used to create your custom domain for email only. 

With this, you can set up your and your team members’ email addresses and launch your own one-page website as well. 

Setting up a specialized domain for your business email is simple, and you can avoid complicated technical preparations. Neo makes it exceedingly simple to upgrade your digital communication, letting you focus on your business.

How to Set up Custom Domain for Email with Neo?

  • Open Neo’s official website.
  • Visit the pricing page and select your preferred business plan. Compare the features and click on Get Started. 
  • Now, Select the Need a New Domain Name option.
  • Enter your desired domain name and see if it is available. Neo offers domain registration free for the first year if you purchase an annual plan; however, renewal rates may be applied after the first year. 
  • Enter your details to create an account with Neo. 
  • Create your first business mailbox's email address and password with your custom domain. Once you have created your mailbox, you can create email aliases for different departments or email addresses for team members. 
  • If you want, you can launch your own one-page website as well. 
  • Complete the purchase, and the custom email domain is set up. 

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is a one-stop platform where you can get web hosting, email hosting, and a domain name. However, while using Hostinger, you must register for free domain names separately, along with a web hosting plan. With web hosting plans, you can get business email for free. 

Hostinger offers two web hosting plans: Premium ($2.99/month) and Business ($3.99/month). However, in the long run, the plan rates may become costly for small businesses as they increase when the plan is renewed for the next year. 

How to Set up a Custom Domain for Email Using Hostinger?

  • Visit the Hostinger's Free Domain website and enter your desired domain name. 
  • Find a suitable domain with your desired TLD, click Add to Cart, and choose a website hosting plan. 
  • Enter your details to complete the order and payment. 
  • Now, visit the Hostinger’s website and enter your password and username to log in.
  • Locate and click on the "Email Accounts" option on the dashboard.
  • Under "Email Accounts," select "Create" or "Add Email Account".
  • Enter your login credentials, choose a domain, create a password, and indicate the mailbox limit.
  • Install an autoresponder and turn on anti-spam protection if desired.
  • To create and access your account through an email client or Hostinger's webmail interface, click "Create" or "Add."

3. Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, you can get a personalized email address that uses the domain name that your firm has chosen, such as joe@yourcompany. Earlier, Google Workspace used to offer domain registration using Google Domains. However, Google Domains has been migrated to Squarespace Domains, and you can register your domain through Squarespace. 

So, even if you use Google Workspace to register your domain name for email, you will be directed to the Squarespace domain registration page. You can register your domain and buy it and then complete the purchase of Google Workspace, where you can set up business email addresses for business communication and email marketing campaigns. 

How do you set up a custom domain for email using Google Workspace?

  • Visit Google Workspace 
  • Click on Start Your Free Trial. 
  • Enter your business details 
  • Fill in your contact details. 
  • Now, the page will ask if your business has a domain name. Click on No, I need one. 
  • Type in your domain name and the desired TLD to see if it is available. The price is displayed along with the respective domain name. 
  • Tick the acknowledgment terms and conditions. 
  • Enter your business address details and create your admin account. 
  • Set up the billing and complete the signup process. 
  • Now, you can set up your business email accounts through Gmail by signing in your Google Workspace Admin account. 

4. Microsoft 365


Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is one of the best custom domains for email providers! Exchange Online is part of Microsoft 365, which is required if you want to use custom domain email with Outlook. Exchange Online is a cloud-based email service included with Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Business Premium, and Enterprise versions.

How do you set up a custom domain for Emai using Workspace?

  • Get a domain name from a third-party domain supplier.
  • Create an account with Microsoft 365 Business.
  • Include a domain while configuring. If you don't already have one, get one from Microsoft or another supplier.
  • To validate your domain, add a TXT record to your DNS configuration.
  • Set up your MX records so that Microsoft's servers receive email traffic. Now is the time to set up your personalized email addresses.

5. ProtonMail

To create a personalized ProtonMail address, you must purchase a premium service like "Mail Plus," "Mail Essentials," or "Proton Unlimited." Users of "Proton Free" are unable to switch to a custom domain. Additionally, you must have a custom domain. If you do not have one, consider buying it from a domain registrar. 

Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy, and are some domain registrars associated with ProtonMail. 

How to Set up a Custom Domain for Email Using Proton Mail?

  • Get a domain name from the associated registrar.
  • Select a membership plan for ProtonMail.
  • Add a TXT record and set up MX records in your DNS.
  • In ProtonMail, create email addresses with your domain.
  • Verify every configuration in ProtonMail and try sending and receiving emails.

6. Turbify 

Turbify, previously known as Yahoo Bizmail, is an email service designed for businesses that provide high storage capacity, an ad-free experience, and support for custom domains. It is intended to be simple to use and intuitive, especially for non-technical users. Additionally, Turbify offers assistance and resources to organizations looking to replace their current email services.

The best part about Turbify is that it is a one-stop platform, meaning you can get domain registration, email, and web hosting in one go. Besides, the plan is customizable. Unlike Hostinger, you don’t need to buy a web hosting plan in the domain registration process. You can choose the business email plan and opt for private domain registration, and that’s it. 

How do you set up a custom domain for email using Turbify?

  • Visit Turbify’s website and click on the Domains option. 
  • Enter your desired domain and select the one with your desired TLD. Click on Add to Cart. (You can even buy more than one domain name with different TLDs)
  • Now, in your shopping cart, cross out the web hosting section. 
  • Click on Continue to complete the billing process. 
  • Now, once your account is created, you can set up your business email accounts. 

7. Zoho Mail

You may add your domain to Zoho Mail Suite, a business-focused email service provider, to create a personalized and distinctive email address that looks like This gives you the ability to strengthen client trust and simplify the identity and voice of your company. 

Again, Zoho Mail has collaborated with GoDaddy and OpenSRS to facilitate domain registration. 

How to Set up a Custom Domain for Email Using Zoho Mail?

  • Visit the Zoho Mail Admin Console. 
  • Choose your perfect business email plan. 
  • Click on Buy a New Domain 
  • Enter your desired domain name and select the one that meets your needs and is available. Click on the tick option next to it, verify the price, and click on Proceed. 
  • You will now be taken to the Domain Registration page. Enter the requested details and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have done so, click on Continue. 
  • Click on Pay Now and complete the payment requirements through Zoho Payments.
  • Now, you will have to verify the domain ownership, either through TXT, CNAME, or HTML methods. 
  • Once domain verification is done, you can add or import users to your organization and create groups. 
  • Then, complete the steps for DNS Mapping, Email Migration, and setting up mobile access, and the registration process is done. 

Neo’s Ratings and Review

Service Provider Rating Reviews
Neo 4.8/5 Neo is a perfect option for small businesses and solopreneurs as it offers all the tools required for email marketing, and it is easy to get a custom domain for email and set up the account. The prices are affordable as well. However, it only offers one TLD, which is
Hostinger 3.7/5 Hostinger is perfect for those who require web hosting plans. Business emails are included in web hosting plans. However, if you have a domain, you can purchase email hosting plans directly.
Google Workspace 4.2/5 Google Workspace option is best for medium to large-sized enterprises as the prices and features offered are compared to small businesses’ needs.
Microsoft 365 4.0/5 You cannot buy your custom domain while setting up an account with Microsoft 365. Users will have to buy a domain from independent domain registrars.
ProtonMail 4.3/5 ProtonMail is one of the best email service providers in terms of security and privacy.
Turbify 3.9/5 Turbify makes it super easy for users to get their custom domain for email and set up business email accounts. However, with its not-so-good customer care service, its services are questionable.
Zoho Mail 4.5/5 Zoho Mail is one of the best service providers; however, it has a lengthy signup process.


To succeed in this cutthroat competition, it is critical to comprehend what a custom email domain entails. Free email domains might be an excellent option for those just starting, but purchasing a personal email domain has several benefits for specific purposes (such as professionalism, security, customization, and consistent support). 

Both individuals and businesses can greatly benefit from investing in a tech-savvy email domain since it allows them to establish and preserve a more reliable and strong online brand. Speak with Neo professionals to start your own business in the competitive industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send my custom domain email to multiple email clients?

Yes, custom domain emails work with different email clients, like Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, and are not limited to one email client. You can use the custom domain email with your other devices working well.

2. Can the emails already used be migrated to a custom domain email account?

Custom domain email providers usually provide you with migration tools or help you transfer existing emails from your current email account to a new custom domain email account so that you won't be left out in the middle.

3. Is the technical knowledge required to set up a custom domain email an essential skill?

No, setting up a custom domain email is very simple, and you do not need to be a technical expert to do it. Many providers have user-friendly interfaces with interactive guides built to help you effortlessly configure your account for custom domain email.

4. Do I have an option to create several emails with one custom domain?

Yes, you can have multiple email addresses under the same custom domain. This option is handy for organizations or people who want different email addresses for different goals or departments.

5. Are custom domain email addresses safe from data breaches and hacking attacks?

Most custom domain email providers are very concerned about security and often employ advanced encryption protocols, spam filters, and multi-factor authentication to protect user data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

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