Email with Custom Domain: Popular Providers and Types

May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Building a solid internet presence and reputation in the modern digital era requires having a professional email account. On average, a person receives 120 emails per day. With a custom domain email name, your communication will appear more polished and make you stand out in your lead’s congested inbox. 

Having a unique email address may greatly influence how your contacts, clients, and coworkers see you, regardless of whether you're a small business owner, freelancer, or just trying to build your personal brand.

We'll discuss several kinds of mail with custom domain providers in the industry. By the end of this blog, you'll know the different types of custom email domains and top providers in the industry.

What is a Custom Domain Email?

A custom domain email address is an email address that uses your business name, such as It helps to create brand awareness, authority in your communications, and a uniform identity for your online presence. Additionally, it allows your leads to identify and recognize any official communication from you. 

To get started, you must purchase a suitable domain name from a registrar like GoDaddy or NameCheap. Ideally, your domain name should be the name of your business or as close to it as possible. 

You should also ensure that you choose the right and cheap registrar, who will give you full control over your domain while protecting your identity and without any hidden charges. Once you have your domain name, you can start looking for a suitable email provider or hosting service. 

Besides, suppose you are interested in looking for a one-stop platform, like service providers offering email hosting, web hosting, and domain registration services. In that case, there are options available as well. Like, Neo offers business email hosting, domain registration and one-page website deployment. 

If you want to host your website or WordPress site, you can pick services like Hostinger, which offers email hosting as an add-on. They may even provide free domain registration services for a limited time.  

Popular Custom Email Domain Providers

There are several custom domain name email providers to satisfy the needs of people and companies looking for branded and professional email solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the top providers. 

1. Neo

Neo is a great email hosting platform and helps you scale up with its powerful email marketing features. It allows you to use your own domain name or purchase a domain name when registering for its services. You can also take advantage of a free domain by purchasing any of Neo’s plans. With Neo, you can create your custom domain with the desired TLD, like 

Furthermore, your Neo plan includes a priority inbox for email organization, read receipt capabilities, easy-to-reuse email templates, and autoresponders, too. Small firms, solopreneurs, and independent contractors who hope to build a solid web presence and strengthen relationships with clients and partners will find this service perfect.


  • A proprietary AI tool, Smart Write, is available for writing email drafts. 
  • Inbox and automatic follow-up reminders help users keep track of critical emails and follow-ups.
  • Email scheduling and calendar syncing options for effective management
  • Neo allows third-party integrations and multi-device support is included in all the plans. 
  • It has an easy-to-navigate control panel and offers email storage of up to 100GB. 
  • The platform can be accessed using feature-rich webmail and Android and iOS apps.
  • It supports an in-built calendar, and Neo email can be used with third-party mail app (POP/IMAP)
  • You can create multiple email aliases for each of your departments.
  • Its top-tier plans allow appointment booking. 


  • It could take users some time to become proficient with Neo's capabilities and adjust their email preferences.
  • It offers a free trial with limited features, which you can only utilize once the setup process is complete.

2. Zoho Mail 

Zoho Mail combines productivity and collaboration capabilities with its secure and custom domain email name. It also allows easy integration with other Zoho professional solutions, enhancing your team's productivity. 

Zoho Mail offers a wide range of features with its mailing service, including collaborative tools, offline access, email routing options, and large email attachment options. Another great feature is that it offers a forever-free plan, which makes it easy for small businesses to utilize the platform before committing to the paid plan. 


  • It provides a reliable, secure, and ad-free email service for corporate communications.
  • The free edition for up to 5 users with 5GB of data each
  • It works seamlessly with other Zoho apps and external platforms
  • It offers a SecurePass feature to protect sensitive information
  • Simple to create and share email templates
  • It has dedicated developer tools to create widgets and custom extensions


  • Labeling and categorizing emails are less advanced than competitors' services.
  • Its setup process is complex. 
  • Some people may find its vast number of features confusing to use. 

3. Hostinger

While Hostinger is a WordPress and website hosting service, it provides well-designed email hosting plans, too. You can either purchase a dedicated email with a custom domain plan or enjoy it as an add-on with Hostinger’s web hosting offerings. However, if you are purchasing independent email hosting plans, you will have to use your custom domain. 

The email plans consist of 10 GB to 50 GB storage, email forwarding, and cloud-based facilities. 


  • Hostinger provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
  • It allows you to create multiple email aliases.
  • The email hosting plan provides 99.9% uptime, ensuring speedy email delivery.
  • Allows smooth integration with third-party email clients.
  • It has 24/7 support available to answer your queries. 


  • Reduced scalability for large corporations and growing businesses

4. Google Workspace

For small to medium-sized companies that use the cloud and are used to Google’s ecosystem, Google Workspace is the ideal email hosting solution. It allows the use of Google Suite apps like Docs, Sheets, and Gmail, as well as a minimum of 30 GB of storage, high-tier security, and the ability to create group mailing lists. 

Furthermore, with Google Workspace’s plan set up, you will enjoy more scalability by adding or deleting email accounts without changing your base plan. 


  • Gmail, Docs, Drive, and other productivity apps integrate seamlessly.
  • Google Workspace allows real-time collaboration tools for effective teamwork.
  • It has a user-friendly UI and is simple to use.
  • Gmail offers effective spam protection, a mobile app for easy access, and elegant office features that operate across all browsers.
  • Improved collaboration and revision tracking features
  • Corporate-friendly user management
  • Accessibility from anywhere and at any time.
  • Affordable when compared to other items.


  • Its functionalities are limited compared to some desktop applications.
  • Complexities in data migration systems.
  • It may not integrate smoothly with other third-party applications.

5. Fastmail

Fastmail is an easy-to-use email hosting service designed to enhance team communication. Small companies that value efficiency will appreciate its user-friendly interface, excellent UX design, and practical tools to increase productivity. With easy email migration, email filtration rules, and efficient teamwork with shared calendars and address books. 


  • It has reliable uptime and consistent email access
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for a smooth user experience
  • Integrated calendar and contact functionality
  • Fastmail’s filters and algorithms provide robust spam protection
  • Offers a private and ad-free experience
  • Messages may be easily imported and exported to other services
  • 30-day free trial, no credit card necessary
  • Supports desktop, mobile, and browser-based clients
  • Features include account recovery if the password is lost, as well as integrated notes and file storage options


  • Integrations with third-party applications are limited in comparison to competitors.
  • The pricing may not be competitive with emerging industry participants, and end-to-end encryption is not available.

6. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is another holistic mail platform with a custom domain. Owing to OneDrive file storage for group document editing and team collaborative features, this email hosting service is perfect for enterprises. Its plan comes with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user, Microsoft web and mobile app and service access, and 24/7 live support.


  • Microsoft 365 comes with security features, including mobile device management, data loss protection, and encrypted email.
  • Calendar, email, and productivity app management are centralized.
  • Spam and malware protection are available with all plans.
  • AI assistance for task automation.
  • Microsoft Teams for easy virtual meetings, providing a good environment for remote work. 


  • The plans are comparatively expensive.
  • Some customized internal apps may find it difficult to keep up with Microsoft 365 changes.


A range of email and productivity plans make a professional custom domain name for your email affordable with IONOS. A free domain name (from a wide selection of domain extensions), ad-free email, and efficient spam filters to safeguard your mailbox are features of the IONOS package. It also offers easy syncing with other email providers. 


  • IONOS offers cost-efficient email hosting options
  • It comes with easy email migration capabilities. 
  • IMAP-supported platform for quick data retrieval
  • Allows email attachment of 75 GB


  • Outdated and unintuitive backend control panel
  • Some hidden or unexpected charges

Comparison & Our Ratings

All the platforms provide a unique solution to your email needs. Let’s compare each mail provider with a custom domain to help you select the best option. We will rate them based on their pros and cons, features, pricing, and user-friendliness.

Providers Ratings What We Liked What We Did Not Like
Neo 4.7/5 Prepare and send emails that appear professional by using pre-designed templates, Powerful email campaigning options. Free limited trial
Zoho Mail 4.3/5 Forever-free plan for small teams, Offline access, and developed space The free version does not provide much storage, Difficult to set up
Hostinger 4.6/5 99.9% uptime, Easy integration with email providers More focused on web hosting and WordPress hosting services
Google Workspace 4.7/5 Good customer service, Easy to use, All-inclusive operation support The system could be vulnerable to cyber attacks
Fastmail 4.4/5 Efficient and highly customizable spam filters, Team collaboration features No end-to-end encryption
Microsoft 365 4.7/5 A wide range of security and compliance applications, Allows use of Microsoft Suite apps Expensive compared to its competitors
IONOS 4.0/5 Affordable email options. free SSL certificates, Multi-account support Customer support is unreliable, It does not offer many features


Many small businesses switch from free email services to premium ones. In addition to custom domain name email support, commercial email hosting services frequently provide extensive business solutions to increase collaboration and productivity inside your company.

We have reviewed our selection of the top email hosting providers for small companies. Should your budget be more limited, look at Neo, Fastmail, and Hostinger, or purchase a web hosting package with a free domain and email account. For all-in-one email services with incorporated business functions, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zoho Workplace. Their extensive features and excellent scalability allow you to expand as your company does. So, carefully review this guide, pick the best provider for your business, and register today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a custom domain email name important?

Your email address's part after the @ symbol is your email domain. Its job is to reveal who uses the email address. Businesses use custom domains to create a brand identity and try to establish themselves in the industry. Using the same domain name for your email can create a uniform presence for your business and increase your brand awareness.

2. Does one get a free email by creating a Google Workspace account?

You may register a free domain and email account with Google Workspace. You also have access to Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc.

3. What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar gives you sole ownership of a particular domain for a specific time. A fee based on the domain name's popularity, duration of ownership, and extension must also be paid. 

4. How do you choose an email provider with a custom domain?

Certain factors should be considered when choosing a mail service provider with a custom domain. Factors like your budget, user-friendliness, how much technological background is needed to work with it, its features, how efficiently it helps you optimize your task, and the storage space provided on its plans help you choose the best option. Furthermore, you should consider whether your preferred platform provides easy data migration and scalability when your business grows.

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