How to Create a Personalized Email Address | Guide 2024

April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Once you’ve started your business, you are busy crafting your social media strategy and developing an email marketing plan. While you are sending emails to potential customers using a simple address (, people might think less about your credibility, which no modern entrepreneur desires. 

Having a free Gmail or Outlook email is the most affordable and easiest solution for your business. However, we all get only one chance to make a first impression, and your email address is the key to making it right. So, how can you make your soon-to-be customers take your brand seriously?

Here’s when a personalized email address comes into the picture! A custom, professional email address will perceive your digital presence and help you maintain a professional appearance and consistent branding across all channels. 

In this blog, we will explore how to get a personalized email address and its importance in expanding your growth. So, let’s get started!

Understanding Personalized Email Address

When you decide to use email marketing, getting it right for your brand is equally important. A report shows that 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary mode of marketing communications. In addition, email is found to be 40 times more effective for lead acquisition and conversion rates than social media platforms.

A personalized email address uses a specific domain name instead of a generic one. With such a custom email address, you can decide what goes before and after the @ symbol. Businesses and individuals prefer these types of email addresses with a prominent web presence. A personalized email will make your business professional, easy to remember, and add instant credibility to your brand promotion. 

What is the Difference Between Generic and Personalized Email Address?

A generic web address can be created using any email service provider’s domain address. Some of the popular email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more, allow you to create email addresses free of cost.

On the other hand, a generic email address has the structure of ‘your name + @ + the email service provider’s domain.' For example, if you create a message using Gmail, the address might look like

However, a personalised email address includes the domain address instead of other domains. It means if your website domain address is, then you can create an email address as 

Why Should You Create a Personalized Email Address?

Research shows that the usage of email will grow dramatically in the future and will not appear to decrease anytime soon. Whether you have a small business or an established brand, the transition to a personalized email is worth it for several reasons, such as:

1. Business Recognition

A branded, personalized email address gives your clients a more professional image than a general address.

2. Standardization

Presenting an identical email structure for all staff to your customers helps maintain brand standards and professionalism.

3. Security

Switching to personalized email will make it easier to protect privacy, sensitive company data, and other essential information.

4. Visibility

Custom email addresses have excellent visibility and are less likely to end up in the spam folder of your target audience. 

5. Higher Credibility

Having a personalized email address gives you a swift sense of credibility. In a survey, over 65% of people prefer a business using personalized email, which they consider as a reputation element. 

6. Enhanced Control

Having your personalized email address grants you complete control over communication. Whether you want to track orders, process invoice payments, or just answer customer inquiries, communication is crucial to your business. Relying on the best email provider to create personalized emails will help you keep backup copies and provide enhanced security. For instance, certain hosting plans include automated daily backups stored on remote services, which allows flexibility in email communication management. 

7. Brilliant Marketing

A successful marketing strategy is establishing powerful business branding. Your brand identity represents your mission, values, products, and services. Keeping this in consideration, every marketing plan and effort you make should impose your brand name. When you have a personalized email address, you will stand out in the mailbox as well as become memorable to the clients. 

8. Easy Customization

If you have a personalized email, you can simply build a variety of email addresses depending on your particular needs. A personalized email address will allow you to create different aliases under the same domain. For instance, you can create an email address for each department in your business. If you need a separate address for billing, you can create an individual one for billing, sales, and even customer support. For example:




Customer service

How to Create a Personalized Email Address?

The internet is constantly changing and new communication methods are on the rise. Despite that, email has been and still serves as the standard mode for online communication. In fact, according to a survey, 88% of people check their emails every day. So, if you plan to take your business digital, having a personalized email address should be your key feature.  

Setting up an email for your business might seem simple, but several things must be considered. Read on to explore the step-by-step guide on creating a personalized email.

Step 1. Choose a Domain Name.

The first step in creating your personalized email address is to choose your preferred domain name. You can choose a free custom domain name from the email hosting provider or purchase a domain name from the domain registrar if you are not planning to have a website. 

Step 2. Register the Domain Name.

Once you have chosen the available domain name, register it with a retailer. Within 15 minutes, you will have access to a newly registered domain name for your business. Make sure to verify if your domain name retailers offer business email services. You can choose the plans that can be easily integrated with your domain name registration. 

Step 3. Select a Business Email Provider.

In the next step, get ready to choose the right business email provider for your brand. Remember two factors before you make your choice: how you want the provider to support your email and your pre-defined budget based on the monthly/yearly fees. 

In general circumstances, you can choose one from the below email service options.

  1. Shared web and email hosting: This service is provided by businesses that also host domain names. It offers a high level of convenience for businesses seeking to streamline their digital presence.
  2. Third-party email hosting: A third-party email provider is not your domain retailer hosting your email services. They deliver a wide variety of features and consistent support for businesses of all sizes.
  3. Self-hosted email: Choosing a self-hosted email service allows you to host your email on your own server. It can also give you complete control, although it requires additional effort to set up and maintain.

Step 4. Connect the Email Address to the Domain Name.

In the final step, consult with your business email provider to customize your email service with the registered domain name. Once you are done, you can configure the personalized email address across devices and enjoy access to the mail whenever and wherever you want - on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Create a Personalized Email Address with Neo

If you are looking for suitable options or resources to help you create your personalized email address, Neo is a great resource. Its affordable business plans and attractive features, including Smart Write and email tracking, will make executing your business strategies seamless.

Additionally, Neo’s secure servers with antispam features and one-page website development options further increase your productivity while keeping the process simple. 

Here’s how you can create a personalized email address with Neo: 

  1. Visit Neo’s official website and click on Get Started. 
  2. Select the “I need a new domain name” option and click on the Get a new domain option. 
  3. Enter your desired email domain, like professionaltutor, and you will get a custom domain name with a domain extension, like the The domain registration is free for one year if you buy Neo’s yearly subscription. However, you must pay for domain renewal once the subscription ends. 
  4. Enter your account details and set a password for your account. 
  5. Now, create the first mailbox under the new domain, like, and complete the necessary payment details to activate your personalized email address. 

Tips to Create a Personalized Email Address

Creating a personalized email isn't demanding when you have the right partner. Nonetheless, here are some tips to keep in mind while getting started:

  1. Keep it simple.

Don’t make your email address too long or complicated. Even if you have a very long name, keep it simple and use short versions or abbreviations that are easy to recall. 

  1. Make it easy to pronounce. 

There will be certain times when you have to say your personalized email to someone out loud, either in person or via a call. Hence, try to make the address as easy to pronounce as possible, which ensures that your customers or clients remember it easily.

  1. Avoid diacritics. 

If the spelling of your name has diacritics or accents, make sure to avoid using them in your personalized email address.

Ideas for Personalized Email Addresses

Are you wondering what an ideal personalized email address should look like? Let’s learn the thumb rule of building a personalized yet professional email address. So, anything that includes your actual name or initials is good enough, and there is no need to complicate things. 

You can mix and match your first name, last name, and initials to create a personalized email address. You can even single out your position in the company if you need extra authority in your email address. Let’s take a look at some common professional, personalized email address structures: 

Email Structure

Email Structure


Email Structure


Email Structure


Email Structure


Email Structure


Email Structure


Email Structure


Wrapping Up!

First impressions are critical in businesses, and using a personalized email can help you set your business apart and create a lasting impression. Moreover, building a personalized email address is a simple process that yields sustainable results while also helping you create a brand-focused business. Hence, create the one that will reflect your value in a positive light and build immense trust. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a personalized email address?

When you opt for a generic email address, you can only pick the name before the @ symbol, with limited options. However, a personalized email address allows you to choose your own domain name (that goes before and after the @ symbol in your email), adding a unique value.

Q2.  How do I create a personalized email address?

Subscribe to the best web hosting service to create a custom, personalized email address. The service will allow you to register a domain name and website online. You should purchase the hosting package with the required email accounts to have a custom email address.

Q3. What are the benefits of having your personalized email address?

When you have a personalized email domain, it shows professionalism and credibility. The unique address will show the audience that you are associated with a legitimate organization or reputable business, allowing you to build a trustworthy relationship with clients or partners.

Q4.  How should I name my email address?

When it comes to a personalized email address, remember to keep it simple. Don’t use long or complicated addresses or usernames. Stick to a straightforward name that is easy to enter and remember. Avoid using special characters like #,%, and * in your email address or username. It is also not allowed in certain email services or hosting service providers.

Q5.  What is an example of a personalized email domain?

A personalized email domain is a custom email that you own. Some email services allow you to swap out the general domain with your domain. For instance, it could be (your name@domainname) -

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