How to Get a Personalized Email Domain : 2 Methods Explained

April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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In the age of technology and connectivity, effective communication is crucial. Your email address serves as an initial representation of yourself, both personally and professionally. Standard email providers may suffice, but a customized email domain adds professionalism and individuality to your online presence. But what exactly is a personalized email domain, and why should it be considered? 

A personalized email domain incorporates your domain name after your email address's "@" symbol. This means that instead of a generic address like, you would have Not only does this exude a professional image, but it also reinforces your brand identity.

As we delve into the world of email providers, Proton and Neo stand out as two of the best options available. However, their value goes beyond their top-notch services. In a digital age where initial interactions often occur online, your email address is your virtual introduction. By having a personalized email domain, you set yourself apart from the masses and establish a sense of trust and authority with everyone you communicate with. 

It's like having a mini version of your personal brand. Just as logos and slogans represent a company, your email address can represent you, giving others a glimpse into your identity and values even before meeting you in person. So, as you can see, the benefits of a personalized email domain are numerous. Now, let's delve into the specifics of Proton and Neo and how they can enhance your personalized email experience.

How to Get a Personalized Email Domain : 2 Methods Explained

Before we dive into the specifics, let's briefly introduce Proton and Neo, the two reputable providers offering personalized email domains.

1. Proton

Proton is a Swiss-based company renowned for its commitment to privacy and security in the digital space. Founded in 2014  by a group of scientists and engineers with backgrounds at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Proton has become synonymous with encrypted communication services. The flagship product, ProtonMail, is an email service designed to focus on end-to-end encryption.

ProtonMail offers users the ability to create personalized email addresses with their domain. The platform is known for its robust encryption, ensuring that the contents of emails remain private and secure. ProtonMail allows users to send encrypted messages to both ProtonMail and non-ProtonMail users, providing heightened security in their communication.

2. Neo

Neo stands out for its sleek design, collaborative features, and user-friendly interface. Launched with a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Neo aims to provide individuals and businesses with a modern email experience.

Neo distinguishes itself with a clean, intuitive email platform that facilitates seamless communication. The service allows users to create personalized email addresses with their domain, balancing simplicity and advanced features. Neo is designed to cater to individual users and collaborative teams, making it a versatile option for various users.

Comparing Proton vs. Neo

Regarding personalized email domains, Proton and Neo are often at the forefront. Let's compare their features, pricing, and the process of obtaining your personalized email domain.


Key Features

Features Description
Zero-Access Encryption Your messages are stored with zero-access encryption, meaning Proton Mail encrypts and decrypts your emails on your device, ensuring only you and your intended recipients can read your messages.
Enhanced Data Security Proton Mail does not retain decryption keys for your emails, making it highly secure. This reduces vulnerability to email server hacks, providing an added layer of protection.
Phishing Scam Protection Proton Mail utilizes PhishGuard to help defend against phishing attacks. It identifies potentially spoofed emails in your inbox, shielding you from common hacking attempts through phishing scams.
Privacy Against Government Access Protect yourself from mass surveillance by government agencies; Proton Mail doesn't have access to your email messages, preventing data handover to any government agency.
Ad-Free Inbox Proton Mail's funding comes from subscriptions, ensuring an ad-free inbox. There's no motivation to use your data for advertising, maintaining a focus on user privacy.
Advanced Tracking Protection Proton Mail comes with default advanced tracking protection, blocking invisible trackers in your emails. You control whether companies know if you opened their marketing emails, enhancing your email privacy.


Proton Plans Proton Free Mail Plus Proton Unlimited
Monthly Cost €0 €3.99 €9.99
Credit Card Needed Not required Required Required
Features Free email and calendar Encrypted email with premium features and VPN Access to all Proton apps and premium features
Storage Up to 1 GB 15 GB 500 GB
Email Addresses 1 free email address 10 email addresses 15 email addresses
Message Limit 150 messages per day Unlimited messages Unlimited messages
Personalized Email Domains Not available Support for 1 personalized email domain Support for 3 personalized email domains
Additional Features Not available Free VPN Unlimited folders, labels, and filters

Steps to get personalized email domain

  1. Go to the Proton website.
  2. Click on the “Create a free account” button.

  1. Choose your Proton Mail Plan.

  1. Enter your username and set a password.
A screenshot of a login formDescription automatically generated
  1. Access the Domain Setup Page:

Navigate to Once you get there, click on the "Add domain" button to initiate the setup process for your personalized email domain.

  1. Integrate ProtonMail DNS Records:

After clicking "Add domain," ProtonMail will guide you through adding specific DNS records to your domain dashboard. This is an important step to securely link your personalized email domain with ProtonMail. Head to your domain provider's dashboard and insert the ProtonMail DNS records as instructed.

Completing these steps seamlessly integrates your chosen ProtonMail plan with a personalized email address, ensuring a secure and tailored email experience.


Key features:

Features Description
Smart Write Neo's Smart Write is an AI email writer simplifying your writing needs. It crafts or responds to emails in your preferred tone and length, analyzing context to deliver a draft and save your time for core business activities.
Read Receipts Keep track of your emails with Neo's Read Receipts feature, providing precise notifications when your email is opened. Use it strategically for follow-ups or to ensure your message has been acknowledged.
Priority Inbox Automatically categorize and segregate critical emails into a dedicated tab with Neo's Priority Inbox. Manage your time efficiently by focusing on essential matters promptly while handling the rest at your convenience.
Flexible Storage Neo offers flexible storage solutions, providing up to 100GB for every mailbox. Whether you're a multitasking small business owner or an individual user, Neo ensures everyone has enough storage to meet their requirements seamlessly.
Webmail and Mobile Apps Access your emails on the go with Neo's webmail and feature-rich mobile apps. Whether in meetings, working remotely, or on the move, Neo ensures your communication is always within reach.
Turbo Search Neo's Turbo Search delivers search results 10 times faster, enhancing the efficiency of locating specific emails and information. This advanced search functionality underscores Neo's commitment to providing a swift and comprehensive email management experience.


Neo Business Plans Business Starter Business Plus
Monthly Cost $1.75 per mailbox (billed annually with a 30% discount in the first year) $3.49 per mailbox (billed annually with a 30% discount in the first year)
Ideal For New businesses or those with minimal email storage needs Growing businesses with more extensive email capabilities and storage requirements
Storage Allocation 10 GB 50 GB
Benefits Cost-effective solution for new businesses starting their journey Ideal for businesses requiring substantial email capabilities and storage
Send Later Feature No Yes
Undo Send Option No Yes
Follow-up Reminders No Yes
Block Senders No Yes
Priority Inbox No Yes
Two-Factor Authentication No Yes

Steps to get a personalized email domain:

  1. Visit Neo's official website to start the process.
  2. Click on the 'Get Started' button.

  1. Select the 'I need a new domain name' option.

  1. Choose your desired domain name.

  1. Fill in your name, email address, and set a password for your account.
  1. Create your first mailbox under the new domain.
  2. Make the necessary payment to activate your personalized email domain.

Other Personalized Email Address Options

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail stands out as a reliable option for businesses and startups seeking a plan for free personalized email domains. With its free plan, Zoho Mail allows users to create up to five personalized email addresses, enhancing the professional image of small businesses without incurring additional costs. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for those new to email domain management.

Moreover, Zoho Mail goes beyond providing personalized email addresses by offering basic collaboration tools. This ensures that teams can effectively communicate and collaborate within the platform, making it a comprehensive solution for small businesses looking to streamline their communication processes. offers a robust solution for individuals and businesses looking for flexibility in managing multiple email addresses. With the capability to have up to 10 email addresses within a single account, users can create separate addresses for various types of correspondence. What sets apart is that it provides a free personalized email address and gives users the flexibility of customization without the need to register a domain.


GoDaddy has established itself as a go-to platform for domain services, catering to users with varying technical skills. Simplifying the domain setup process, GoDaddy offers an extensive selection of over 500 domain extensions, allowing users to find the perfect domain for their needs effortlessly.

Beyond domain services, GoDaddy is a comprehensive solution, providing web hosting services, website builders, and professional email services. This makes it a one-stop shop for various online needs, offering accessibility for users, even those with limited technical expertise. Whether you're securing a domain, building a website, or establishing a professional email presence, GoDaddy offers a range of services to meet diverse online requirements.


In conclusion, getting a personalized email domain is a strategic move for anyone looking to enhance their online presence. Proton and Neo are reliable options with unique features and pricing plans. However, assessing other alternatives is crucial to finding the best fit for your requirements.

Whether you opt for Proton, Neo, or another provider, the key is to prioritize security, customization, and user-friendly interfaces. By investing in a personalized email domain, you not only project a professional image but also gain control over your digital identity. So, secure your personalized email domain and elevate your online communications now.

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