31 Best Small Business Ideas For Women in 2024

March 29, 2024
14 Minutes
Modified on:
March 29, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Being an entrepreneur means more than just being your boss. It means gaining confidence and creating a long-lasting impact on others. But the question is, where should you start, and what are the best small business ideas for women? Choosing a suitable online business for ladies at home might be difficult, but it is possible. It allows women to demonstrate their abilities and gain financial independence when they enter a business.

In this blog, you will get to know businesses for ladies with low investment so that they can start or restart their careers. For those who want to start their small business with minimal investment, we will cover the opportunities in this blog. So, let’s discuss the top 25 best small business ideas for women.

Trending Small Business Ideas For Women

Several opportunities are available to start a small business, but here are the top 25 small business ideas for women:

1. Freelance Writing

If you want to write, you can start freelance writing by providing content for blogs, social media, websites, etc. You can work from home as a freelancer with low investment. You only need a laptop or personal computer, a passion for writing, a one-page website, and a social media account to start your freelancing writing business. This is one of the best online home business idea.


  • It gives freedom to set your working hours, which is a benefit for women with other responsibilities.
  • You can start with minimal investment; you just need a laptop and a stable connection.
  • Women can explore different niches, like fashion, SEO, retail, technical, and others, and earn money.

2. Virtual Assistant

As an assistant, you can start assisting companies with their administrative needs. It is a perfect opportunity for the women who want to work remotely.


  • As it is a remote job, you can have a balance between professional and personal life.
  • It enables you to save the cost of physical office and transportation.
  • Working with a wide range of clients sharpens your variety of skills. 

3. Social Media Management

This is one of the online businesses for ladies at home where you can utilize your knowledge of social media to increase the online presence of various companies. Most companies hire social media managers to improve their online presence. Besides, social media managers are highly in demand, and women can generate income by working as freelance social media managers. 


  • It is a high-demand business idea and provides a consistent flow of customers.
  • You can showcase your creativity, skills, and engagement methods in this industry.
  • You can handle accounts remotely from any location in the world.

4. Sell Handmade Goods

Create and sell handmade goods like jewelry, paintings, customized gifts, etc., as they are unique, and everyone loves handmade pieces. If you have the skill of creating handmade goods, you can build your one-page website with a form and display your products on the website. Integrate a form in your website, and then if any of the visitors are interested in your products, they can quickly contact you by filling out the form. With Neo’s one-page website builder, you can quickly start your business and showcase your creativity skills to the world. 


  • You can make unique, personalized goods through handmade crafts to attract customers.
  • There are two options to sell: one is the online market, and the other is the retail market.
  • Crafting at home maximizes profit margins by lowering manufacturing costs.

5. Online Teaching

This is one of the small business ideas for ladies with low investment if you are an expert in any subject. You can offer coaching services and teach the students. You can begin by instructing a small number of students, and with time, you can raise the number.


  • It enables you to generate earnings from the subject you love teaching.
  • By opting for online coaching classes, you can connect with students globally.
  • You can set coaching hours at your convenience, creating a flexible schedule.

6. Graphic Designing

If you are creative, provide graphic designing services to companies that require logo designing, website designing, etc.


  • Graphic design offers a creative outlet that can transform passion into a business.
  • Working remotely allows employees to collaborate with companies and clients, creating a flexible environment.
  • Due to the dynamic field, it provides never-ending learning, which helps polish skills.

7. Catering Services

Women who love cooking can change their passion for small business with a minimal investment. You can provide these services to small gatherings and events and scale up as required. 


  • Starting this business is a great way to turn your passion into a successful career.
  • By providing customized and delicious foods, gain the trust of customers so they order repeatedly.
  • It is a profitable business venture as it saves overhead costs by working from home.

8. eCommerce Store

You can open an online store with a unique domain name and start selling goods online. Selling goods or dropshipping might be an excellent way to launch a business with low capital.


  • Online retailers have the opportunity to connect with a worldwide customer base.
  • Dropshipping is a good option to avoid managing inventory or paying extra product costs.
  • Customers can purchase online whenever they want, which generates a continuous flow of income.

9. Fitness Coach

If you are a certified fitness instructor, you can provide fitness coaching, which includes yoga, aerobics, and dance workouts. You can start a social media handle on Instagram and Facebook and post videos and reels. It will help you get your target audience's attention, and people worldwide will be interested in joining your classes. 


  • Fitness instructors are in high demand as people are becoming more conscious of their health.
  • As fitness teachers, women can establish their brand and attract loyal customers.
  • This business offers flexible scheduling to both service providers and customers.

10. Event Planning

Launch a business that plans events by utilizing your organizational abilities. You can plan birthdays, events, and small gatherings in your neighborhood. And if everything goes well, you can scale up your business and take up more significant contracts. 


  • The event planning business enables women to showcase their skills and expertise in planning seamless events.
  • Creating good connections with customers guarantees new orders or repeated orders.
  • You can start this business from home and expand it later after success.

11. Language Tutoring Classes

Do you have proficiency and certification in any foreign or specific language? Do not let that certification go in vain, as you can generate income by tutoring individuals wishing to learn that particular language. You can provide language tutoring classes if you are proficient in any specific language. You can provide offline services, and for the convenience of your students, you can also give online classes. 


  • It creates adaptable schedules that take into account the student’s preference as well as their availability.
  • This broadens the prospective customer base and offers an enriching cultural experience.
  • It enables you to share your love for the profession with others to earn money.

12. Bakery Services

Establishing a home-based bakery is an effective way to implement your baking skills. You can start by offering baked products online or locally in neighborhood areas. Utilize digital marketing, like social media marketing, to get more orders and make your business successful. 


  • Those who love baking can convert their passion into a successful business.
  • The startup cost for a home-based bakery is usually cheaper than that of more prominent restaurants.
  • You can use online channels to reach a wider audience and do in-person sales in local stores.

13. Personal Shopping Advice

If you have a fashionable style and love shopping, you can convert your hobby into a small business. Earn money by giving your advice to individuals who have no idea of fashion and have no clue what to buy. You can provide personalized shopping advice to your clients who want help choosing clothes, accessories, or anything.


  • Customers enjoy a customized and well-curated shopping experience.
  • Using a personal shopper saves time for the clients when shopping.
  • Personal shoppers have a good sense of shopping, so they help clients keep up with the latest fashion trends.

14. Podcasting

Launch a podcast about any topic you are passionate about, like positivity, science, mysteries, and any exciting topic you can talk about for hours, and people would love to listen to it. You can profit from it through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc, from listeners.


  • It provides a very accessible medium for people to express their ideas, knowledge, or humor.
  • It is a profitable business since it allows generating revenue as the audience expands.
  • Podcasts enable a flexible production schedule, unlike live broadcasting.

15. Boutique Service

Launch a boutique and offer exceptional customized services. You can open your shop or can open with the partnership to lower your costs.


  • You can provide individual attention to each customer.
  • It provides handpicked things that fit into a particular theme or style.
  • Collaborative efforts, marketing, and events help to increase the customer base.

16. Consultation Services

Make use of your professional background to provide consultation services in your specialty. It can be any field like finance, marketing, or your choice.


  • Professionals can showcase their knowledge by providing honest consulting services.
  • It promotes long-term partnerships and provides customized solutions.
  • It enables professionals to have a stable income source by diversifying their work.

17. Accounting Services

You can provide bookkeeping and accounting services to different companies to assist them in managing their accounts. You can launch a small home-based business to provide services.


  • Accounting services give firms the benefit of professional advice.
  • Accountants help companies maintain compliance with tax and financial requirements.
  • It guarantees effective resource allocation while saving time.

18. Pet Services

You can create and start a small business providing pet services. Many busy pet owners cannot take the time to care for their pets. That’s where your business comes in to take care of the pets. Whether taking the pet for a walk or playing and taking care of them until the owner returns, you can charge in return for your services. 


  • Pet owners are in more demand, as seen by the rising number of them looking for trustworthy and compassionate services.
  • Make a flexible plan to suit pet owners' different requirements and preferences.
  • Offering pet services is a rewarding business opportunity that blends a personal interest with financial potential. 

19. Interior Design Consultation

You can use your aesthetic sense to provide online interior design consultations and advise clients on decorating their areas.


  • If you are looking for flexible working conditions, look no further than interior design consultancy.
  • Usually, little money is needed to launch an interior design consulting business. 
  • Interior designers can draw clients from various geographic places by offering virtual consultations.

20. Digital Marketing Agency

If you are skilled in digital marketing, consider providing advisory services to companies trying to boost their online visibility. From providing on-page SEO strategies and consultation to assisting with content management, you can help businesses make the best use of the digital platforms that aid their business growth. 


  • It is in great demand because organizations increasingly recognize the value of creating and sustaining a strong online presence.
  • Working from home and having flexible hours are two benefits of owning a digital marketing firm.
  • Digital marketing is an ever-changing and dynamic sector.

21. Beauty Services

You can provide skincare advice, hair styling, and makeup application services. You can provide these in person or via online appointments. 


  • Because of its flexible schedule, women can adjust their work hours to fit their schedules better.
  • Offering cosmetic services facilitates artistic expression and lets people show off their creative abilities.
  • In the beauty business, satisfied consumers frequently turn into loyal customers.

21. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another trending business option where you have to promote other business items and get paid for each item that sells, owing to your recommendation. You can use any online platform to promote these items.


  • It takes a low investment cost to do this small business.
  • This enables revenue creation even in the absence of active product promotion.
  • Selecting goods and services that fit your interests and give you freedom.

22. Online Reselling

Using websites like Amazon, eBay, etc, source things and start an online resale business. These websites give you a platform to showcase your different product categories. It offers opportunities to sell products in the comfort of your home. 


  • You can sell used goods, and once you start making money, reinvest it to expand gradually.
  • Online platforms offer resellers access to a wide range of customers.
  • One can work from home and have flexibility with their schedule when reselling.

23. Blogging

Blogging allows you to share your interests and knowledge. Make money from your site by selling products, running sponsored content, and using affiliate marketing.


  • Earn money from your site by utilizing several sources of income.
  • Collaborate with sponsors to create sponsored content by forming partnerships.
  • Keep the personal authority of your website.

24. Language Translation Services

If you can speak more than one language, you can use this skill to provide services to companies that need a language translator to work with worldwide clients.


  • Make use of your ability to speak different languages.
  • Offer translation services to companies that are growing abroad.
  • Reduce the communication gap by being aware of minor cultural differences.

25. App Development 

Application development is creating and designing a computer or designing computer or mobile applications that address specific user demands.


  • It is a portable business, providing services online that can be accessed anywhere.
  • Every business uses app development, so it is a demanding career.
  • It customizes apps and streamlines business processes.

26. Become a Counselor

Counselors provide a safe space for people to explore their thoughts, emotions, and struggles and guide them toward healing and growth.


  • Counselors help people with mental health issues and challenges, and have flexible schedules and stable career options.
  • They find intellectual challenge and emotional fulfillment in their job, and contribute to society by advocating for policy improvements.
  • The unique therapeutic relationship between a counselor and client is built on trust, empathy, and understanding.

27. Become a Consultant

Consultants provide expert advice in many areas, assisting enterprises and ordinary citizens with their problems, activity efficiency, and goals.


  • Consultancy offers flexibility, exposure to diverse projects and clients, and high earning potential.
  • It also provides opportunities for specialization, continuous learning, networking, personal branding, and autonomy.

28. Become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists curate outfits for fashion shows, campaigns, celebrities, and ordinary individuals.


  • Fashion stylists have a great opportunity for creative expression by experimenting with different styles, trends, and aesthetics.
  • They work in various settings, creating an exciting and dynamic work environment.
  • As they interact with professionals in the fashion industry, they have unparalleled networking opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and growth.

29. Become an Instagram Influencer

Influencers are social media content creators with large followings who regularly post on specific topics that their followers eagerly anticipate.


  • Instagram influencers can earn money through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and selling their own products.
  • They can also benefit from networking and collaborations with other influencers and brands, which can boost their reach and credibility.
  • By building and enhancing their personal brands on Instagram, influencers can establish a strong foundation for long-term influence and opportunities in various industries.

30. Start a Recruiting Business

Recruiting businesses act as intermediaries between employers and job seekers. They identify, screen and coordinate interviews for potential candidates, and facilitate negotiations between the parties.


  • High demand for talent acquisition services
  • Flexibility in operation
  • Low startup costs

31. Start a Photography Business

A photography business provides professional photography services for personal events, commercial shoots, and specialized areas. It requires artistic skills, technical expertise, and business acumen.


  • Photography as a business has three main advantages: creative expression, flexibility, and diverse revenue streams.
  • Photographers can express their unique perspective and artistic vision through their work.
  • They can also set their schedules and choose the niches or subjects that interest them the most.

Wrapping Up

It’s important to remember that ambition and determination to do any small business are the keys to making it successful. These 25 small business ideas for women with low investment showcase the variety of options to be a successful entrepreneur. Leveraging your abilities and hobbies is crucial, regardless of whether you want to start an online business or want to step into the traditional field. 

We have mentioned various digital businesses like blogging, digital marketing agencies, and traditional businesses like boutique services, beauty services, etc., so you can choose at your convenience. In order to run a successful online business, the first and most important thing is to find reliable tools to help you make a digital presence. Neo is one platform that provides a reliable email marketing platform to take your business to the next level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I start a business without any prior experience?

You can try a business that best matches your interests and skills. You will be successful in it!

2. Can I start a business with low investment?

Yes, you do not require high capital to start a small business.

3. How much income can I expect from these businesses?

We cannot mention any fixed amount, but you can make a decent income if you are consistent and dedicated to your work.

4. How can I market my small business?

There are many digital ways to market your home-based business, such as email marketing and social media marketing.

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