Guide to Calendly : Pricing, Definition (What is Calendly) & Setup Process

March 6, 2024
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March 6, 2024
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Coordinating meetings can be more complex than expected. There are the endless back-and-forth emails, the timezone tango, and the ever-dreaded double bookings. So, it is no wonder that scheduling tools, particularly Calendly, have risen in popularity. This guide will delve into the ins and outs of using Calendly, making your scheduling process as smooth as silk.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a tool designed to simplify the scheduling process for professionals, teams, and businesses. A user-friendly interface eliminates the traditional hassle of coordinating meetings by allowing individuals to pick a time that works best for them based on the host's pre-set availability.

Why is Calendly gaining traction?

Efficiency: Gone are the days of email ping-pong. Calendly provides a direct link to your available time slots, streamlining the process.
Flexibility: Calendly integrates with popular calendar platforms, ensuring no overlaps or overbookings.
Customization: From setting buffer times between meetings to establishing minimum scheduling notices, Calendly provides customization to fit your unique scheduling needs.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly offers a range of pricing tiers tailored to suit varying needs.

Let us dive in:

Free: Always free; offers basic scheduling with unlimited meetings for one event type.
Standard: $10/seat/mo; enhanced scheduling with group event types and multiple calendar integrations
Teams: $16/seat/mo; advanced features, including CRM integrations and round-robin events
Enterprise: Custom pricing tailored for large teams with advanced security and compliance features

Plan Free Basic Premium Pro
Monthly Price $0 $8 $12 $16
Annual Price $0 $96 $144 $192
Users 1 1 1 1
Event Types Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting Duration 1-hour limit 1-hour limit 2-hour limit 2-hour limit
Custom Branding No Yes Yes Yes
Integration Limited Standard Premium Premium
Group Events No No Yes Yes
Advanced Features Basic Advanced Scheduling Automated Notifications Salesforce integration
Priority Support No No Yes Yes
Analytics Basic Basic Advanced Advanced

Step-by-Step Guide to Schedule a Meeting Using Calendly

Step 1

Sign up on Calendly: Starting with Calendly is as straightforward as visiting their website and clicking the "Sign Up" button. You can sign up via email or through integrations with platforms like Google.

Step 2

Connect Your Calendar: After creating an account, you will be prompted to connect your preferred calendar—Google Calendar, Outlook, or others. This ensures that Calendly reflects your real-time availability.

Step 3

Design Your Scheduling Link: You can create a personalized event under the "Event Types" section. This can range from a quick 15-minute catch-up to a 2-hour workshop. Define the event, set its duration, and add any relevant details.

Step 4

Set Availability: You have the power to control when you are available. Define specific days and times when you're open to meetings. Want Mondays off? Or lunch breaks uninterrupted? Calendly lets you decide.

Step 5

Send Out Your Calendly Link: Once your event type is all setup, you will receive a unique link. Share this with colleagues, clients, or friends. They can then pick a slot that aligns with both of your availabilities.

Step 6

Embed Calendly into Websites and Emails: For businesses looking to streamline client bookings or consultations, embedding your Calendly link on your website or email signatures can be a game-changer.

Step 6

Dashboard Overview: Your Calendly dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all scheduled meetings, ensuring you're always prepared.

Step 7

Adjust or Cancel Scheduled Appointments: Plans change, and Calendly knows that. With just a few clicks, you can reschedule or cancel appointments. Both you and the participant will receive notification updates.

While Calendly’s pricing is competitive, comparing it with other scheduling tools is always wise, ensuring you get the best product.

Introducing an Alternative: Neo Bookings

Neo, at its core, isn’t just about booking appointments. It is an innovative email product designed to optimize communication for today's connected world. By merging the functionalities of email and appointment booking, it offers a streamlined solution for professionals and businesses.

Highlighting Neo Bookings as a competitive alternative to Calendly:

Neo Bookings is a compelling competitor to the well-known Calendly in digital appointment scheduling. While both platforms aim to make appointment setting seamless, Neo's integration with its email product sets it apart, offering a unique edge.

Benefits of integrating an email product like Neo with a booking system:

Clients can book directly from an email, significantly reducing the chances of drop-offs caused by multiple redirections.
Users benefit from streamlined communications and reduced fragmentation by having email and appointment booking on one platform.

Features of Neo Bookings that make it stand out:

Beyond just a functional page, Neo allows users to infuse their brand's identity, making it more than just a tool but an extension of one’s business.
Neo understands that businesses and their systems evolve, enabling users to modify their setups easily.
Neo’s focus on clearly presenting services ensures clients know precisely what they're signing up for.
From finding the perfect service to the straightforward booking process, Neo ensures clients have a smooth experience.


With digital transformation driving businesses, platforms like Calendly and Neo Bookings are at the forefront, ensuring that service providers and clients have a seamless experience. While Calendly has strengths, Neo Bookings introduces a fresh perspective, blending email communication with appointment management.

Ready to elevate your scheduling experience? Choose the platform that aligns with your needs, and get started today!

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