Canary Mail: Plans, Pricing, and Detailed Review | 2024

April 2, 2024
Modified on:
April 2, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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With AI revolutionizing every industry, Canary Mail, an AI-powered email client, leverages this opportunity to revolutionize how people write and send emails. Canary Mail is a multi-platform email app that works on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and more. It offers artificial intelligence capabilities backed by technologies from OpenAI and Cohere, along with an open-source language model from Hugging Face. 

It supports many services and is one of the simplest email apps you’ll ever use. In today’s digital world, communication is no longer just about convenience but also about security. Modern email clients should combine the two, and Canary Mail stands out as one of the best examples.

Canary Mail’s encryption technology is built on top of PGP (the open-source version). It is among the most powerful email software. Let’s examine how Canary Mail protects your communications while improving your email experience.

Overview of Canary Mail

Canary Mail is the future’s most trusted email manager app. Backed by Sequoia, over 500,000 users around the world trust it. Unlike other email management apps, Canary Mail uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from your behavior and evolve to give you the best email experience possible with the least effort. It’s packed with cutting-edge features that will revolutionize your workflow from top to bottom. New users call it “life-changing” if you’re not convinced that an app can completely transform and organize your workflow. 

Features of Canary Mail

Here is the list of some unique features of canary mail:

1. Custom Thread Actions

Email threads can be tricky to organize, especially when multiple subjects or people are involved. Canary Mail's Custom Thread Actions feature lets you set specific actions for your email threads.

2. Inbox Prioritization

Maintaining an inbox packed with emails in control can be a challenging task. That’s where Sidekick AI comes in. Sidekick automatically organizes your emails into categories or tabs based on their importance to you.

3. Email Summarization

Canary Mail's Sidekick AI does a great job of summarizing emails. It analyzes the content of long emails and summarizes them, highlighting important information and key points.

4. Cross-Device Sync

In today's multi-device world, accessing your emails from anywhere is essential. Canary Mail's Cross-Device Sync feature ensures all your devices have the same emails, settings, and customizations.

5. Email Templates

Creating emails with similar content may require a lot of time and effort. You have the option to save particular email formats that you use regularly using the Email Templates feature. These templates make predefined text, subject lines, and even attachments possible.

6. PGP

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a program that offers cryptographic privacy and authentication through data encryption and decryption. Canary Mail's "PGP Support" feature ensures this level of security is directly linked to the email client and secures your emails.

7. Secure Send

Canary Email provides an additional feature called SecureSend that enables encrypted email sending without requiring a complicated setup. This is in addition to PGP. This is especially helpful for users who need a secure way to send sensitive data but may not be familiar with encryption protocols.

8. Unified Inbox

It can be challenging to manage multiple email accounts if you have several. Canary Mail's Unified Inbox feature brings all your email accounts together in one interface.

9. Gray Mail Cleaner

Your inbox is often cluttered with newsletters, promotional emails, non-urgent messages, etc. The Gray Mail Cleaner feature detects these messages and provides options to delete or archive them in bulk. 

How to Utilize Canary Mail to Organize and Improve Workflow?

Let’s look at some of Canary Mail’s top features and how they can help you optimize your workflow.

1. AI Email Writing Copilot

Canary Mail’s AI email writing feature, Copilot, is one of the company’s most innovative and eye-catching features. This Copilot is more than just a text editor and an error checker; it’s an entire assistant who can write all your emails using your writing style.

All you need to do is ask a few simple questions, like “question from the client about new orders,” and maybe a few guidelines on the tone "write the email positively and creatively.” It’ll write and send your email on your behalf.

Moreover, the AI learns how you write and imitates you more accurately so that no one can tell you didn’t write it! Now, you don’t have to spend your day searching for the right words for each email and then typing it out with all the formalities. You can sit back and let the AI copilot do all the work for you while you focus on more important tasks and deliver them faster, more efficiently, and more often.

2. Conversational AI Assistant 

Canary Mail’s other AI feature is its conversational AI assistant, Sidekick. This conversational bot serves as your email assistant and can answer any question related to your emails. For example, if you type “What time is Emma’s dinner?”, the assistant will review your emails to find the answer.

This AI assistant does all the hard work for you by searching through hundreds or even thousands of emails. This saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent searching, which you can now spend on more important things.

3. Smart Prioritization

The Canary Mail AI isn’t limited to assistants; it also works behind the scenes to help you streamline your workflow. Over time, Canary Mail learns to prioritize the emails or contacts you’d like to see first and automatically prioritizes them so you never miss an important email again.

4. Read Receipts

One of the favorite things about Canary Mail is the ability to add read receipts to emails. As they do on messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp, you can be sure that the email has been read, even if you haven’t received a response yet. No more wasting time and energy re-sending emails or worrying about whether or not they were sent right. With Read Receipts, you can see whether the client sees the email, and you can strategize accordingly to connect with the client. 

5. Pin Emails

With Canary Email, you can pin important emails to the top of your inbox to attend to them later without interrupting your workflow or worrying about forgetting them. It’s as easy as pressing a button and helps you be more productive by better organizing your inbox.

6. One-Click Unsubscribe 

People hate getting multiple emails a week from a website that used to require their email addresses. They want those annoying emails to stop anyway. This may lead to a willingness to save themselves from figuring out how to unsubscribe. That’s where Canary Mail’s user-favored One-Click Unsubscribe button comes in. Just press that button below that annoying email, and Canary Mail will take care of the unsubscribing behind the scenes, so you have fewer distractions and more focus.

How to Create Canary Email For Business?  

The Canary Mail Admin Console offers an intuitive interface for managing important organizational elements, such as groups, users, administrator access, and encryption keys.

Use any email address to create an account on Canary Mail. When you connect to the CanaryMail Admin Console, you first see the Admin Console Dashboard. It facilitates the management of several organizations. From here, you can move between your various organizations. 

Additionally, you can create a new organization by providing the Organization Name under Create Organization. 


Canary Mail allows the administrator to control the email provider settings for a hassle-free user experience. Here’s what you can do after creating your new organization: 

Step 1. Add Your Account

Click on Configuration in the panel, select Email Setup, and then click on the + option beside Email Setup. It allows you to customize the email provider settings and add a new email service account. 


Step 2. Select the Email Service Provider.

You will come across four options that reflect different types of email servers. Choose the one that is utilized by your email service provider whose account you want to add to Canary Mail.


Step 3. Add Your Desired Account.

After selecting the email provider, you can see a list of providers. You can choose any of them whose account you want to add to Canary Mail. 


Step 4. Delete the Email Provider in Bulk (Optional). 

You can easily delete the accounts from Canary Mail by checking the tickboxes and clicking the Delete button. 


Canary Email Pricing Plans

There’s a Canary Mail plan for everyone! Whether you’re a student looking for basic features or a large business looking for advanced features, you’ll find something right.

There are a variety of Canary Email pricing plans to choose from, with plans starting at just $0 per user per year and going all the way up to $100 per user per year. Let's look at the different plans offered by Canary Mail: 

1. Free Plan: $0

Best for Students and Personal Use


  1. Sidekick AI Lite
  2. Inbox Hero Toolkit
  3. Security Lite
  4. Basic Customization
  5. Unlimited Email Accounts

2. Pro Plan: $20/year ($1.67 per month)

Best for Professionals and Small Teams


  1. Sidekick AI Pro
  2. Inbox Hero Toolkit
  3. Security Pro with PGP & SecureSend
  4. Laser Focus Suite
  5. Smart Sending Suite
  6. Pro Customization
  7. Unlimited Email Accounts

3. Enterprise Plan: $100/user/year

Best for: Large enterprises


  1. Powerful Administration
  2. Enterprise Security
  3. SSO & Directory Sync
  4. Centralized Licensing

Here are some additional information concerning Canary Mail pricing:

  • It offers a 28-day free trial with no credit card requirement.
  • There are unlimited email accounts supported on all plans.
  • There are no storage limits on all plans.

Canary Mail Pricing Comparison: Free Vs Pro Plan

Here is the comparison table to help you evaluate the best option between free trial and pro plan for your usage:

Features Free ($0) Pro Plan ($49 per year)
Sidekick AI for Compose (Writing & Replying) X
Sidekick AI for Reading (Summarization) X
Sidekick AI for Inbox (Prioritization - Tabs)
Pinned Emails X
Favorites X
Attachments Browser X
Push Notifications X
Email Snooze
Read Receipts X
Email Templates X
Contact Profiles X
Delay Send by 5s
Custom Thread Actions X
Custom Snooze Times X
Custom Alerts (Notifications) X
Cross-Device Sync
Light/Dark Theme
Default Browser
Message Preview (# of Lines)
SecureSend Beta Beta
Unified Inbox
Gray Mail Cleaner
1-Click Unsubscribe
Newsletter Management

Pros and Cons of Canary Mail 

A particular email client that stands out for putting efficiency and security before anything else is Canary Mail. With support from numerous email providers and platforms, it provides a flexible and user-friendly unified inbox experience. However, it is necessary to understand its pros and cons:


  • AI-powered features, like built-in AI, can compose responses and summarize emails to streamline email management.
  • Strong Security features encrypt emails (with or without PGP) to improve the security of your communication.
  • Multi-platform support makes Canary Mail work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more to ensure a consistent device experience.
  • Unified Inbox supports all email services so that you can manage multiple accounts simultaneously.


  • Some users report bugs, which can be problematic if you want a smooth experience.
  • Although it has a calendar function, it's not as robust as some users would like.

Introducing Neo: Your One-Stop Email Service Provider

Neo sets itself above other email clients with extensive features designed to improve productivity and connectivity for businesses. Here is how Neo is distinctive:

  • All-in-One Growth Suite

Neo was developed with businesses in mind, providing all the essential tools, like Smart Write and One-Page Website, to help with marketing and communication.

The ability to track when emails are opened while getting read receipts is a valuable feature for timely follow-ups

  • Email Campaigns 

Neo's feature makes email marketing simple, making it simple for companies to draft and distribute audience-specific messages. Businesses may successfully engage customers, monitor campaign performance, and adjust their strategies for better results with the help of an easy-to-use design interface, adaptable templates, and comprehensive analytics

  • One-Page Website

Neo's One-Page Website feature makes it quick and easy for businesses to create an online presence. You can quickly create an attractive website with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates. You can also easily add your social media accounts to the website and attach an email-integrated form to increase audience engagement and create a lead-generation website. 

  • Priority Inbox

This feature helps you to emphasize the most crucial emails and facilitates more effective email management. 

  • Flexible Storage

It provides up to 100 GB of storage per mailbox, meeting the needs of both individuals and small businesses.

Faster and more user-friendly email finding is possible with Advanced Search (Turbo Search).

  • Security

Neo prioritizes the security of your communications with features such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, and AWS hosting.

  • Smart Write

Smart Write is an AI email writing assistant that helps you draft emails quickly and in the style of your choice, saving you time.

Wrapping Up, 

With top-of-the-line security, an elegant design, and an unwavering commitment to keeping your messages out of the reach of prying eyes, Canary Email is the perfect email client. Its intuitive interface, robust email management features, and unwavering commitment to privacy make Canary Mail more than just an email client; it is the best option for securing communications. 

Canary Mail's pricing plans benefit students, professionals, and corporate warriors. However, many other alternatives, like Neo, are better. 

Neo combines innovative capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of modern businesses with the dependability of traditional email. Because of its focus on effectiveness, security, and user-friendliness, especially for professional use —it is a strong choice for anyone wishing to open a new business email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Canary Mail's AI improve email management?

Sidekick AI helps you compose your emails with predictive text, sentence completion, and categorization based on email importance. It can also summarize long emails for easy reading.

2. Is Canary Mail safe?

Canary Mail emphasizes security. It offers end-to-end encryption via PGP and a SecureSend feature for sending encrypted emails.

3. Can I manage multiple email accounts?

Yes, Canary Mail allows you to manage multiple email accounts. Its unified inbox feature allows you to manage emails from multiple accounts and services simultaneously.

4. How does Canary Mail handle attachments?

With Canary Mail's Attachments Browser, you can easily browse, preview, and download all your email attachments.

5. How can I customize notifications?

Canary Mail lets you set up custom notifications for important emails, so you only receive notifications about the emails that matter most to you.

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