Corporate Email Services: Top 7 Providers That Boost Business Productivity

May 23, 2024
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May 23, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Effective communication is essential for all organizations to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace and keep their communication channels seamless. Most free and personal email service providers do not offer all the necessary features to support your scaling business. Hence, a reliable corporate email service is essential for any company's success in this modern digital era. 

Businesses can use a corporate email to establish legitimacy and help their branding efforts. Corporate email services also ensure that your email is not flagged as spam. In addition to providing you with a custom email address, corporate email services offer an array of tools designed to boost productivity, enhance security, and streamline your workflow and team collaborations. 

Are you ready to know more? Let's look at the 7 best providers of corporate email service to help you stay ahead. 

What is a Corporate Email Account?

Corporate email accounts typically contain your brand or business name, such as They may also be referred to as a custom email address or domain email address. 

It is called corporate email because, in contrast to personal emails, which are typically personal email accounts provided by various companies with their domain names, such as, corporate mail has its own domain corresponding with a company's name, brand, or business name. It is meant to be used for business purposes only. 

Corporate emails are assigned to all company employees and are used to create email aliases for different company operations, e.g.,,, etc. This practice helps create uniformity and easy management. 

Top 7 Providers for Corporate Email Service 

Various factors must be considered before you choose an email service provider for your business. Some of the features you should keep in mind are your budget, basic requirements, IT infrastructure, and the technological savviness of your personnel. 

To help you make an informed decision, here is the list of the 7 best corporate email providers:

1. Neo

Neo is a business email hosting platform that is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs to help streamline their communications. It also offers a free one-page website and a domain name on any of its plans, allowing you to establish a distinct online identity and reputation. However, if you own a domain, you can integrate it easily with any of Neo’s plans.

Furthermore, Neo helps small businesses grow and become more productive with useful features like email campaigning tools, creating several contact groups for automation while sending mass emails, inbox sorting rules inbox, and appointment scheduling features. 

Core Features 

  • It offers a free domain name and helps to create custom email addresses and aliases.
  • Neo’s read receipts feature lets you track when your emails are opened and read.
  • The AI-assisted writing assistant tool, Smart Write, crafts personalized email messages based on the situation. 
  • Priority inbox for putting important emails in order and pushing aside less important ones.
  • A free one-page website with social media integration and contact forms that match the user's domain.


The business plan starts from $1.99/ user/month, billed yearly.

2. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a feature-rich email service provider that also functions as one of the best email marketing platforms. It comes with accessible pre-made templates, making it simple to create and send AMP-powered interactive emails in bulk. Furthermore, Mailmodo’s simple drag-and-drop editor makes creating emails easy without requiring any coding knowledge.

Besides allowing you to use your custom domain to create email addresses, Mailmodo’s API allows easy integration with third-party apps and contact migration. You can also create contact segments with Mailmodo's feature-rich contact management system based on user characteristics, campaign engagement, platform interactions, and custom events for seamless email marketing campaigns.

Core Features 

  • API Integrations with various marketing, content management, and customer relationship management tools.
  • Real-time analytics are used to track campaign performance and effectiveness.
  • Workflows can be dropped and moved to automate time-based drip series to help increase the conversion rate.
  • It has interactive elements, such as forms, polls, and quizzes, as well as carousels for easy data display.
  • Allows you to create unlimited marketing campaigns.


There is a free trial available for 21 days and paid plans starting from $74 per month for upto 10,000 contacts.

3. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is one of the best digital marketing platforms for small businesses. With a wide range of fully customizable templates and a user-friendly interface, it enables businesses to quickly create visually appealing and captivating emails for their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Additionally, they provide businesses with proficient management tools to help them assess the efficacy of their campaigns, such as comprehensive analytics, reports, and an advertisement management infrastructure. Constant Contact’s automation features, like autoresponders, scheduled emails, and plug-in templates, allow you to focus on your core business completely.

Core Features 

  • You can create drip campaigns with automation to nurture leads and keep them engaged.
  • Constant Contact gives you the tools to classify your subscribers easily.
  • The platform designs your brand kit and gives SEO-based recommendations.
  • Constant Contact offers comprehensive analytics that shows who clicked on your emails, who opened them, and how well your campaigns are performing.


The basic plan is starting from $12 per month.

4. Titan 

Titan is a corporate email hosting service that offers a unified online presence and communication with greater productivity. Additionally, Titan enables you to create email addresses branded with your distinct domain name, enhancing the memorability and brand recognition of your business.

Besides being a great email platform, it provides several thoughtful features, including rich email formatting, a single space for multi-account management, and smart inbox filtration rules. It also allows easy calendar sync and integration with email providers like Gmail and Outlook.

Core Features 

  • Supports email templates to help you save time.
  • You can use the schedule send feature to deliver emails to maximize impact.
  • Read receipts and follow-up reminders for greater lead conversion.
  • High-tier security for data protection 


Titan offers its features at two different pricing tiers: $2.00/per/month and $2.45/per/month

5. Hostgator

HostGator not only offers a website and WordPress hosting solution but also lets you use your custom email domain with some of its plans. It provides a Google Workspace basic plan, which you can upgrade as your business grows. 

Furthermore, the email support comes with anti-spam protection and advanced features, including setting up an autoresponder and multiple email protocol support. 

Core Features 

  • Rich and easy-to-use webmail 
  • Inbox security comes with built-in virus protection.
  • Email accounts can be accessed on any device.
  • Strong spam filters are used to avoid fraudulent emails.
  • Integration of the calendar and contacts for easier meeting and email scheduling.


Offered as an add-on feature with other HostGator hosting plans.

6. Zoho Email

Zoho Email is one of the most versatile email hosting platforms, offering a variety of integrative enterprise suite options. Its paid plans come with useful features such as white labeling services, support for multiple domains, sub-domains, email aliases, and team collaboration tools. 

Moreover, one of Zoho Mail’s unique offerings is its forever-free plan. This email plan is designed for small businesses or teams with minimal requirements. It offers a free domain, 5GB storage for 5 mailboxes, and a 25 MB attachment size limit. 

Core Features

  • Provides free domains and custom email addresses for small teams.
  • Advanced email scheduling and routing options
  • Safeguards emails even when in transition with a SecurePass code. 
  • Appointment scheduling and calendar sharing feature for team collaborations. 
  • Easy email annotation with virtual sticky notes and drag-and-drop email elements.  


Free plan with limited features. The paid plan starts at $1/user/month, and it includes annual billing.

7. Tuta

Tutanota, now called Tuta, is renowned for providing businesses with one of the most secure email platforms on the market. It is open-sourced with GDRP-complaint Germany-based data servers powered by 100% sustainable energy. 

Furthermore, each of its paid plans lets you create custom domain email addresses and multiple email aliases. One of its biggest advantages is its military-grade encryption, which protects the emails you receive or send and your contact book, calendar, and subject lines. 

Core Features

  • Open-source clients for transparency
  • Easy admin control navigation for account management
  • Ad-free platform and highest data protection standards
  • Offers offline and multi-platform support
  • Email filtration rules and catch-all-email features for easy management


The corporate email hosting plan starts at €6 per user per month with annual billing.

Neo Ratings: Comparison and Our Ratings

Let’s quickly compare all the platforms and understand their top features. We will also rate each of them based on user-friendliness, features, effectiveness, and pricing.

Providers Our Ratings Our Reviews Top Features
Neo 4.7/5 Neo offers email hosting services at a reasonable price. Corporate users benefited from having assistance at every stage, from configuring email to linking it to the website. Free custom email addresses for atleast 1 year if you purchase an annual plan and supports features like email read receipts, priority inbox, calendar, appointment booking, one-page website, and app for iOS, Android
Mailmodo 4.3/5 Mailmodo offers several email marketing tools. Their AMP mailings are great and increase the customer's interaction. Seamless third-party app integration, real-time analytics, drag-and-drop workflows
Constant Contact 4.5/5 Constant Contact's feature set is primarily targeted at small businesses. It is user-friendly and easily integrates with other internet services. Customizable templates, drag & drop editor, A/B testing, email automation, social media integration, surveys and polls
Titan 4.7/5 Simple, effective, and professional email. Titan offers a single workspace for business communications that is streamlined and equipped with all the necessary features. Email Scheduling, read receipts, email templates, priority inbox, signature builder, and follow-up reminders
Hostgator 4.0/5 Hostgator offers email as a free feature in addition to its other hosting plans. It offers a seamless Google Workspace account for easy usability. Inbuilt virus protection, calendar and contacts integration, strong spam filters, and user-friendly interface
Zoho Email 4.1/5 Zoho Email offers many rich features, one of the best and most cost-effective email hosting solutions. It provides developer space, email annotations, and offline support. Free plan, custom email domains, calendar and address book syncing, team collaboration capabilities, and large email attachment
Tuta 4.0/5 Tuta is the best option for businesses looking for high security and complete data privacy. It provides complete email and calendar encryption. Clean and intuitive interface, GDRP-compliance, and custom email addresses with domain names


With the wide range of email providers on the market, it's important to determine your organization's requirements and goals before choosing. Every email provider listed in this blog is a great option; they're all different in terms of features and advantages. Go through our curated list and pick the best option to create your corporate email!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will corporate emails benefit employees?

Businesses can hire and manage a remote workforce using corporate email. Companies may find it more convenient for employees to communicate digitally and securely via email as it creates an official trail and allows streamlined communications.

2. How do you select a provider of corporate email services?

When examining corporate email service providers, consider security, scalability, pricing, features, and setup procedures. This might help you choose the best supplier for your organization's requirements. 

3. Can your corporate email account be upgraded?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your email plan as your business needs grow. This scalability helps you operate smoothly without any interruptions in your communication channel.

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