Front Email Client: Pricing, Set-up Process, Pros & Cons - A Detailed Review

March 28, 2024
10 Minutes
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March 28, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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In a fast-paced business landscape, the key to success lies in efficient communication. Small businesses and large enterprises alike, confronted with the challenge of managing myriad tasks, seek tools that streamline their operations and encourage enhanced collaboration among team members. This is where Front steps in. It is more than just an email platform.  Front is a collaborative powerhouse meticulously crafted to revolutionize how teams manage communication channels.

In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through the benefits that Front email brings to the table. Beyond the conventional email experience, it offers a dynamic approach to reshaping team interactions. The platform is a game-changer in collaborative communication with standout features that integrate seamlessly with your business operations.

How can Front benefit your business?

Front email brings numerous benefits to businesses. 

  1. Teamwork made easy.

Front email is built to make teamwork easier for businesses. Think of it as your shared workspace, a hub where your team can collaborate seamlessly. With a shared inbox, everyone can work together, discuss, and respond to emails, creating a smooth and efficient working environment. The shared space reduces the chance of misunderstandings. It ensures that everyone stays on the same page to boost team productivity.

  1. All-in-one data hub

The Front email goes beyond just handling emails. It brings all your data together in one place. Imagine having information from different systems at your fingertips without switching between apps. This integration streamlines your workflow, helping your team make quicker decisions. By consolidating data, Front simplifies how your business operates, creating a unified and holistic approach to communication.

  1. Everyday tasks automated

Front email is not just about emails. It also saves time. The platform comes with nifty automation features, perfect for businesses looking to simplify their day-to-day tasks. For instance, automating responses is particularly useful for handling routine or frequently asked questions. It saves time and keeps your communication consistent, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks boosting efficiency and productivity.

  1. Insights are at your fingertips.

Front email is not just a messenger. It is a tool that shares insights on your team's performance and customer interactions. It helps users track response times, monitor customer satisfaction, and spot trends in their communication patterns. These analytics empower you to make informed decisions, refine your communication strategies, and enhance customer relationships. It is like having a personal assistant who understands what's working and what can be improved.

  1. Your one-stop omnichannel inbox

Front email provides an omnichannel inbox that combines all your messages – emails, chats, or social media – into one easy-to-manage interface. No more jumping between different places to respond to messages. This unified approach simplifies how you manage your communication channels and ensures that your team can respond promptly to messages from various sources. It's the ultimate solution to keep all your communications in one place.

Stand-out features of Front: Beyond Basics

Front email's standout features can redefine how you manage your inbox. Find some of the best Front features listed below.

  1. Prioritize with a star.

Front email empowers you to mark important emails with a star, ensuring they grab your attention when sifting through your inbox. This feature acts as your highlighter, making it easier to spot and promptly handle critical messages.

  1. Simple message templates:

Save time and effort with Front's message templates. You can preview and draft templates while composing emails, streamlining your communication process. These templates serve as pre-designed formats for commonly used messages, enabling swift responses without sacrificing personalization.

  1. Snooze on your schedule.

You can defer responding to emails to a more suitable time. This feature ensures you address them only when you're ready and focused. With Front, you can regain control over your schedule and deal with emails at times that align with your productivity.

  1. Anywhere to work with offline mode:

Experience the freedom of working from any location, even without an internet connection, thanks to Front's offline mode. Whether on a flight or in an area with limited connectivity, you can draft, read, and respond to emails seamlessly. Once back online, your changes sync automatically, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Pros and Cons of Front Email Client


  1. Effective Team Collaboration: Front's interface is user-friendly, facilitating easy management of personal and group emails, and allowing for efficient team collaboration.
  2. Efficient Email Management: It offers features like snoozing emails, tagging, and sharing capabilities, which help in keeping the inbox organized and prioritized.
  3. Customization and Integration: Front provides various options like organized templates, tags, and alerts, and it integrates well with other software tools, enhancing its utility for businesses.
  4. Shared Inboxes: The platform allows for the management of shared mailboxes, which helps in maintaining effective customer communication and internal team coordination.


  1. Cost: Front is considered expensive, especially for smaller businesses or individual users, making it more suitable for larger companies.
  2. Dashboard and Interface Issues: Some users have found the dashboard to be bulky and less intuitive, potentially leading to missed important messages.
  3. Mobile App Limitations: The mobile application is not as comprehensive as the web application, and some users have suggested that it could benefit from further development.
  4. Lack of Certain Features: Some users noted the absence of newer templates and the lack of certain functionalities like email recall or advanced integration features.
  5. No Pro-Rated Refunds: Front does not offer pro-rated refunds for annual plans, which can be a financial drawback for businesses that decide to discontinue the service.

Create a Front Business Email Account: A step-by-step guide

  1. Visit Front's official website.
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button.
  3. Fill in your details, including your first name, last name, email address, job title, company, industry, size, and mobile number. Then, click Submit.
Enter your details.
  1. Choose a suitable date and time for your call with Front.
Select date and time.
  1. Your meeting is now scheduled.
View your meeting details.
  1. You will receive an email with all your meeting details. Connect and get Front for your business.

Front Email Pricing

Front has four plans designed to cater to different business requirements.

  1. Starter plan - USD 19/seat/per month (2-10 seats).

This plan is ideal for smaller teams dealing with many messages from various sources. It helps you manage your messages quickly in one place. The plan includes features such as messaging across different channels, teamwork on customer messages, easy scheduling with calendars, and access to many other apps.

  1. Growth plan - USD 59/seat/per month (minimum 2 seats)

This plan is excellent for teams that want to effortlessly provide a top-notch customer experience. It offers valuable templates that automatically handle routine tasks, enable communication across all channels, provide a collaborative inbox for your team, and integrate with almost a hundred other tools. You also benefit from detailed reports to track your team’s performance, monitor customer satisfaction, and more.

  1. Scale plan - USD 99/seat/per month (minimum 20 seats).

The Scale plan is tailored for teams that require more flexibility and security. It includes everything from the Growth plan and adds features like custom rules, in-depth analytics for each customer's experience, enterprise-level security, and better team management tools. The plan ensures that you can customize workflows and keeps your data secure.

  1. Premier plan - USD 229/seat/per month (minimum 50 seats).

This plan is designed for larger teams looking for extensive support and services. It includes everything from the Scale plan with a few more perks. Enjoy higher usage limits across all features, exclusive services like Premier Onboarding, dedicated hours for creating custom solutions, and additional support for all your video conferencing requirements.

Beyond Front: Exploring Alternative Email Service Providers for Small Businesses

Several alternatives to Front email client exist in the market, and Neo is one of them. It provides a diverse array of features to elevate your email experience. Let's dive into its pricing and critical features for a better overview.

Key Features

  1. Smart Write: Smart Write is a prompt-led AI email writer that simplifies your writing needs. It formulates and responds to emails in the tone and length of your preference. Smart Write assesses the context, generating drafts and allowing you to focus on the core of your business - expanding your brand.
  2. Read receipts: Keep track of your email status with Neo's read receipts feature. Eliminating uncertainty, this valuable function delivers accurate notifications upon email opening an email. Users can use it strategically for timely follow-ups or simply to ensure their messages are acknowledged.
  3. Priority inbox: This feature is designed to automatically categorize and segregate your most critical emails into a dedicated tab. Users can apply this feature to recognize and separate important communications. So, focusing on addressing essential matters becomes convenient.
  4. Flexible storage: For those needing additional space, Neospace offers up to 100GB for every mailbox for those needing additional space. Whether you are a multitasking business owner with multiple accounts or an individual user, Neo’s flexible storage solution ensures that everyone has enough storage to meet their storage requirements seamlessly.
  5. Webmail and mobile apps: Neospace provides access to emails on the go through webmail and feature-rich mobile apps. For clients constantly on the go, jetting between meetings, or working remotely, Neo's platform guarantees that their communication is always within reach.
  6. Turbo search: This feature delivers search results at an impressive pace. The advanced search functionality not only enhances the efficiency of locating specific emails and underscores Neo's commitment to providing a swift, sophisticated, and comprehensive email management experience.


Plans Pricing Storage Features
Business Starter $1.75/mailbox/per month B Anti-virus protection
Advanced anti-spam
Shareable calendar
Built-in calendar and contacts
One-click import of existing emails and contacts
Business Plus $3.49/mailbox/per month 50 GB This plan offers additional features like
Send later option
Undo send option
Priority inbox
Two-factor authentication
Signature builder

Wrapping up

Navigating the realm of email management for enterprises becomes a streamlined process with Front email. The Front email is a powerful ally in enhancing communication efficiency, from its comprehensive benefits to businesses, such as team collaboration and sophisticated analytics, to its standout features, like automatic send options and priority tags. However, it's always valuable to explore alternatives tailored to different requirements. Neo presents a suitable option for enterprises seeking an email platform that seamlessly aligns with their business operations and goals. The platform's intuitive interface and commitment to seamless accessibility position it as a robust email solution for all businesses. 

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