The Complete Guide to Every Feature in The Neo Business Email and Marketing suite

July 8, 2024
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July 8, 2024
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What makes Neo different from traditional email services?

Email is more than just a tool; it's the lifeline for small and growing companies, and we’ve built Neo to fit what today's businesses use email for the most - connecting and working with clients, customers, and partners.

Neo is on a foundation of a rock-solid email service that is highly reliable and ensures your messages reach their recipients every single time. On top of that foundation, Neo includes features that help you market to, connect with, and schedule time with your clients and prospects.

Email that means business

Neo levels up your business emailing experience with the best emailing experience for small businesses. Here are six email features in Neo that help you make a bigger impact with email.

Read Receipts: Know when someone opens your email with Neo's Read Receipts. This handy feature takes the guesswork out of waiting for a response, helping you plan your next steps. You can time your follow-ups or feel reassured that your email has been seen.

Priority Inbox: Automatically organize your most important emails in a separate tab to ensure they receive immediate attention. Customize your inbox to identify critical communications, separating them from the rest. Manage your time effectively by focusing on what's essential and checking the others later.

Flexible storage for everyone: With up to 100GB for every mailbox, storage has never been more accommodating. Whether you're a small business owner managing multiple accounts or an individual looking to keep everything in one place, this flexible storage solution ensures everyone has the space they need.

Blazing fast apps: With Webmail and apps optimized for both desktop and mobile, experience a seamless connection that's always at your fingertips. Stay connected no matter where you are, enjoying lightning-fast responsiveness that effortlessly keeps you in the loop.

Turbo Search: Neo's advanced search functionality gets your search results 10x faster

Rules: Organize your inbox with configurable rules. Conversations can be grouped into folders, keeping related messages together for easy access, while unwanted emails are meticulously filtered out based on your personalized settings. Set up rules to move your emails to specific folders, star them, mark them as read, or forward them.

Undo Send: Made a typo or miss an attachment?  Save face with Undo Send, which lets you unsend emails before it reaches your recipient’s inbox. What’s more, you can configure Neo’s Undo Send from anywhere from 5 seconds to up to 2 minutes from hitting send to cancel that outgoing email.

Multiple-account Support: Neo allows you to manage multiple accounts seamlessly in one place, so you don’t have to toggle around to get to your other inboxes.

Calendar: Neo's built-in calendar is designed to simplify your scheduling. Share your calendar with teammates, view it by day, week, or month, and stay ahead of deadlines.

Crafting with Panache: Personalizing Emails with Neo

Neo's user-friendly interface and tools help create compelling content that speaks to your customers.

Rich Formatting Options: Creating professional and attractive emails is a breeze with Neo’s rich formatting options. Select from various fonts, colors, and styles to craft emails that resonate with your audience. Whether a formal proposal or a creative marketing message, Neo provides the tools to make your emails stand out.

Signature Designer: Create custom signatures with Neo that reflect your business's brand and personality. Pick from our beautiful templates, add vital details such as contact information, important links, a picture, or your company logo, and effortlessly infuse each communication with your unique identity.

Email Templates: Neo has preloaded email templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can also save your most frequently sent emails as templates and reuse them in the future, thus saving you plenty of time. 

HTML Composer: HTML allows more comprehensive options for formatting and adding elements to any content. On Neo, you can insert HTML in Composer and customize your communication to make it more visually engaging and professional. 

Supercharge email with Neo AI

Smart Write 

In our ongoing pursuit to make your email experience more efficient and personalized, we are developing Smart Write, powered by Titan AI. Smart Write gives you ready-to-use emails tailored to suit your requirements, which reflect your communication style, and help you save plenty of time. 

Reach more customers with the Neo marketing suite

Simplify email marketing with Email Campaigns.

We understand that reaching your audience is a top priority for your business. And to make that even simpler and richer, we'll soon be rolling out Email Campaigns. Email Campaigns allow you to target multiple recipients simultaneously with personalized communication. You can even monitor who opened your email.

Enable people to book time with you with Neo Bookings.

Simply share your meeting link with people who can find time on your calendar and book meetings. No more back-and-forth email threads or missed meeting opportunities - with Neo Bookings, you can organize your schedule, confirm appointments, and manage your time directly within your email interface.

Build your online presence with the Neo's one-page site.

Neo offers a one-page website that matches your domain name and complements your professional email address. It further solidifies your online presence, offering a concise yet comprehensive view of your business. It's more than a website; it's a connection point enhancing how customers interact with your brand. 

Simple One-Page Template

Benefit from Neo's simple, intuitive one-page website that requires no expertise. It's designed to get you started effortlessly. Streamline your email management without the need for technical know-how.

Mail-Integrated Forms

Never miss a message with Neo's mail-integrated forms. Get all contact form submissions in your inbox with zero configuration required. It's a seamless way to stay connected with your audience without additional setup or complications.

WhatsApp & Social Integration

Neo enhances your reach with WhatsApp and social media integration. Chat with customers directly on WhatsApp, or share your Facebook & Instagram links to foster community engagement. It's about being where your audience is, and Neo makes that connection more straightforward than ever.

Built to keep you safe

Webmail and Mobile Apps: Never miss a beat, no matter where you are. Access your emails even when you’re on the go. 

Advanced Security Measures: Utilizing advanced security measures like advanced anti-spam, advanced anti-virus, and Two-factor authentication, Neo safeguards your accounts from potential threats.

Guaranteed Email Delivery and Unbeatable Uptime: Neo guarantees 100% email delivery and zero data loss. With Neo, your emails will always find their way, and your data remains intact.


Neo is more than a platform; it's a partner in your success. From crafting engaging emails to the innovative one-page website to promising upcoming innovations, Neo offers a robust platform for all your business needs which helps you benefit from building strong customer relations. Explore Neo today, transform your email communication, and make an intelligent choice for your business. In a world where email remains a cornerstone of business communication, Neo is a beacon of efficiency, security, and innovation. Don't just stay in the game; lead it with Neo.

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