How to Block an Email Address in Gmail on All Devices (Phone and Desktop) - 2023

January 15, 2024
7 Minutes
Modified on:
January 15, 2024
Written by:
Swati B
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Every day, countless emails flood our inboxes. Your inbox is a magnet for innumerable brands, from monthly newsletters to promotional deals. Managing this digital influx can be overwhelming.

However, Gmail, a popular email platform, offers features to streamline and manage these incoming emails, one of which is blocking specific email addresses.

Let's go through this article to guide you through the steps to do just that.

Why Would You Block an Email Address?

Before diving into the how-to, it is necessary to understand why you might want to block an email address.

The Spam Barrage: Some senders relentlessly desire to fill your inbox with spam.
The Unwanted Pen Pal: Regrettably, some might use emails as their tool of harassment or inappropriate messages.
The Never-Ending Newsletters: Remember that one time you shopped online? Now, they send you a 'weekly newsletter' that's more daily than weekly.
Personal Boundaries: Every so often, we should set clear digital boundaries with specific individuals for personal or professional reasons.

Gmail Features Explained: Block, Report Spam, and Unsubscribe

Experience a clutter-free inbox with Gmail's three tools: block, report spam, and unsubscribe. Each feature has a distinct role to ensure your inbox remains tidy and secure. Here's a breakdown:

Block: You can redirect emails to your spam folder to prevent receiving emails from a particular sender.
Report Spam: Flagging an email as spam shifts it to your spam folder and shares a copy with Google, improving its ability to recognize similar spam messages. However, without blocking the sender, their future emails might still appear in your primary inbox.
Unsubscribe: This tool stops unwanted newsletters from arriving in your inbox. It's not for harmful content but for regular emails you wish to opt out of.

How to Block an Email Address on Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using a Desktop Browser

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Open the email from the sender you wish to block.

Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots (More) in the email's top right corner.

Step 4: Select 'Block [Sender's Name] from the dropdown menu.

Using the Gmail App on Mobile Phone

Step 1: Open the Gmail app.

Step 2: Navigate to the email from the sender you want to block.

Step 3: Tap the three vertical dots (More) in the top right corner.

Step 4: Choose 'Block [Sender's Name] from the options.

Opt-out of Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Do you have an abundance of unread emails from mailing lists? Instead of blocking them on Gmail, unsubscribe to maintain a tidy inbox. To do this in Gmail, open an email from the list you wish to leave. Click on 'Unsubscribe' beside the sender's name. Be patient, as the emails might take a few days to cease.

Reporting Unwanted Emails: Spam and Phishing 

If blocking a sender on Gmail doesn't filter out unwanted messages, consider reporting them as spam or phishing directly to Google. Doing so shifts the bothersome email to your Spam folder, and Google also gets notified. This feedback aids.

Google is enhancing its spam and phishing filters for all Gmail users. 

To proceed with a report:

  1. Access your Gmail account.
  2. Locate and open the unwanted message.
  3. For spam emails: Hit the exclamation mark icon in the toolbar and choose "Report spam" from the subsequent menu.
  4. For phishing emails: Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the email, then pick "Report phishing," followed by "Report Phishing Message."

Automatically Trash Emails from Specific Senders Without Reading Them

Avoid the discomfort of being caught reading an unwelcome email or the risks of potential malware. Here's how to send messages from particular senders straight to the trash:

  1. Move your cursor over the sender's name to reveal their email address.
  2. Right-click and copy the email address.
  3. Navigate to the Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Select "See all settings."
  5. Go to the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" section.
  6. Choose "Create a new filter."
  7. Paste the email address into the "From" field.
  8. Proceed with "Create filter."
  9. Tick the "Delete it" option.
  10. Finalize by clicking "Create filter." Any incoming emails from this sender will bypass your inbox and go straight to the trash.

The Aftermath of Blocking

So, what happens post-block?

  • Emails from the blocked individual will now take a direct detour to the Spam folder.
  • The blocked sender will continue to live in oblivion; they won't know they have been blocked.
  • Are you curious about who is on your blocked list? Dive into Gmail's settings to uncover the list.

Why do emails from blocked addresses on Gmail still appear?

If it has only been a while since you blocked an email address on Gmail, it might take a few days for the change to reflect fully.

A Change of Heart: How to Unblock

Sometimes, everyone deserves a second chance:

  • On your computer, stroll to 'Settings'> 'See all settings> 'Filters and Blocked Addresses.' Spot the name? Hit 'Unblock'.
  • On mobile, venture into the Spam folder, tap the three dots when viewing the blocked email, and select 'Unblock [Sender's Name].'

Considerations Before the Block Button

If 'blocking' sounds too final, remember Gmail's got a quiver full of tools:

Filters: Customize how certain emails are treated. Want them labeled? Archived? It is your call.
Report as Spam: Let Gmail know this email's fishy without blocking the sender. With time, Gmail becomes a better guardian of your inbox.
Mute: Part of an email thread that's becoming background noise? Mute ensures its future echoes don't disturb your peace.

Winding Down

Maintaining a clutter-free and manageable inbox is crucial in today's digital age. Thankfully, Gmail offers multiple features to assist users in this endeavor. Whether you block, filter, or mute, knowing that Gmail prioritizes users' needs and privacy is reassuring.

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