How to Generate Leads using a Website | 9 Effective Tips

May 31, 2024
13 Minutes
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May 31, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Lead generation is one of the concerns of any emerging or well-established business. Digital marketing is crucial in generating leads through different channels, like email marketing and social media marketing. Besides, the website is another fundamental tool businesses, especially small-sized startups, can use to attract and generate leads. 

Launching a dedicated website for your business is an essential digital marketing step to establish your brand in the virtual world. Around 76% of customers prefer to look at the brand's online presence before physically visiting the store. Moreover, it takes around 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for visitors to decide whether to stay on or leave the website. 

So, your website becomes a critical factor in creating leads for the sales pipeline. How do you utilize your website as a lead-generation tool? First, it is essential to update your website with a trendy layout, as customers stop engaging with a website with outdated content and an unattractive layout. 

Does this all sound confusing? Well, this guide offers effective tips that you can implement in your website to improve its potential and generate high-quality leads

How Websites Can Help Businesses to Attract Potential Leads?

Businesses increasingly shift to online lead-generation strategies to increase sales and broaden their customer base. Businesses can use the digital platform to reach a larger audience and precisely target specific demographics worldwide. 

Many marketers concentrate on obtaining business leads, as producing quality leads becomes sales. Your company will generate more income and better leads by concentrating on lead generation.

Numerous benefits are associated with lead generation through websites like 

  1. Tap into new markets that you wouldn't have considered expanding your business to, 
  2. Improve online visibility by writing helpful blogs and guides, 
  3. Enhance lead quality as you will focus on your target audience, 
  4. Generate business opportunities by collaborating with other businesses in partnership.   

Strategies to Generate Leads Using a Website 

If you are wondering how to get leads for my business, then here are some effective strategies that you can implement to improve your website and convert it into a tool to generate leads:  

How to Generate Leads using a Website | 9 Effective Tips

1. Make Your Website Optimized For Search Engine.

Optimizing your website as per search engine means conducting keyword research and adding appropriate keywords to the content of your website. By targeting the right keywords, you can boost organic traffic to your website and increase the chances of converting visitors into leads and customers. 

There are two main components to consider while optimizing your website to become SEO-friendly: 

  1. On-page SEO: involves optimizing individual web pages to improve their performance on search engines. Tactics include keyword optimization, internal linking, publishing high-quality, authoritative content, improvising URL structure, and creating meta title tags and descriptions. 
  2. Off-Page SEO: includes optimizing the factors outside the website to build credibility and reputation of your website. Tactics include backlink building, managing online reviews, and engaging with your audience through social media platforms. 
  3. Technical SEO involves optimizing your website's technical aspects to become crawlable, indexable, and technically sound for search engines. Tactics include creating a logical site structure, improving website speed, ensuring mobile friendliness, and implementing structured data markup. 

2. Add Forms on the Pages that Receive the Most Traffic.

Integrating forms to collect your visitors' information on the web pages that receive the most traffic effectively generates leads

Most businesses must know that some web pages could be great lead generators. It is best to utilize the analytics to see which page receives the highest traffic. For some businesses, it could be blog posts; for some, it could be FAQ pages. Whatever the web page, integrating a form can help your target audience reach out directly to you. 

A landing page can also become a source for collecting leads. Lead generation landing pages are designed to collect visitor information, such as name, email address, and phone number, in exchange for a free offer or a resource. 


3. Construct an Intuitive Navigation System. 

If you are wondering how to get leads for my business, ensuring that your website has an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-navigate user interface is essential. According to WebFX, 94% of people agree that the most important feature of a website is its ease of use.

It is best to place your service pages or product pages in your primary navigation to make it easier for visitors to find your most valuable products and services. Ensure that visitors can access the information they require with just a few clicks. This will improve the average time spent on your website and facilitate the navigation and classification of your pages by search engine crawlers.

Besides, highlight the high-value web pages, such as your product and service pages. Avoid the need to combine everything into a single, huge navigation bar. Place calls to action (CTAs) buttons in easy-to-access places so users can directly connect with you instead of wandering the entire website to ask queries. CTAs are an important part of simple navigation as they direct the customer directly to take action, increasing bottom-of-the-funnel conversions and enhancing engagement.

Here are the four elements that an easily navigable website should have: 

  1. Clear Menu Structure


Organize the menu logically, highlighting only the main categories that are clearly labeled. Provide only a few options, as it can distract visitors. Use clear and concise words to describe the section. 

  1. Intuitive Navigable Controls


Navigation controls include buttons and links that should be consistent throughout the website. The main motive should be that users can easily navigate between the pages and know where they are within the site hierarchy. 

  1. Search Functionality


Ensure that you include a search bar so that it is easy for users to search for what they are looking for directly. Add autocomplete options and relatable suggestions features to make it convenient for users. You can even include voice search functionality, gaining attention as it simplifies the search process. 

  1. Visual Hierarchy


Utilize the visual hierarchy in your website to guide the user's attention and emphasize important elements within the navigation interface. Use contrasting colors, font sizes, and white spaces to highlight menu items and call-to-action buttons. 

4. Start your Homepage with a Simple Call to Action.

People who visit your homepage by its design will stay engaged by the call to action. However, refrain from bombarding your visitors with requests to view your most extended or complex content sections to get leads for your business.

Since your homepage is the first point of contact with potential customers, it should provide a free trial or a subscription to a constant campaign. Think about placing one of the following call-to-action buttons at the top of your website to generate leads.

  1. Subscribe to updates

Customers generally want their browsing to be as discreet as their purchasing experience. Frequently, when customers visit your website for the first time, they will first explore your products and then decide to buy. You can ask them to sign up for an email service that informs them about product updates and industry trends in exchange for a discount code or anything. In case they don’t interact with your brand for the first time, you will have their information, and you can convert them into prospective leads at any time in the future. 

  1. Start the free trial.

Free trials and product demos to generate leads are the lifeline of a developing business. They will help you build a contact list of leads testing your product and creating demand for your company.

Use a call to action and a form on your homepage to offer your product to users for free for a limited period in exchange for their names and email addresses.

5. Create Effective Landing Pages.

A landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor lands on after clicking through from an ad, email, or other source. Every content strategy should utilize a landing page, as it can increase traffic and generate leads. 

Most people think that a landing page and a home page are similar, but they are different. The landing page encourages users to take a specific action, like joining the email list or buying your products. A landing page has few links, but a homepage has more than 10 links (navigational menu at the top and links in the footer). 

Landing should have a clear visual hierarchy and value proposition. It should be tested for the best conversion optimization. There are two types of landing pages: 

  1. Lead Generation Landing Page

As the name suggests, a lead generation landing page captures leads in exchange for a free product, discount code, or service. This information can help you build your contact list, and you can contact them to convert them into leads. Besides, the data help you analyze your target audience and gather other insights that can be utilized to refine the marketing strategy. 


  1. Click-Through Landing Page 

The main motive of the lead generation landing page is to generate leads and collect information, but the main focus of the click-through landing page is CTA buttons. The button directs the customers to a page to take a desired action. For example, the Schedule a Demo Now button will take the user to the Scheduling an Appointment page. 


6. Provide Live Chat Services on your Website.

Live chat services are not just becoming more advanced, but more consumers are looking for them when researching potential suppliers. It means passing up a significant source to generate leads.

Examine your website to determine which pages visitors spend the most time on to generate leads through live chat. Installing a live chat tool on the pages where customers need the most help or information is possible if you have the necessary development resources.

As you respond to their inquiries, you can accidentally collect and save information about their product requirements.

7. Conduct A/B Testing.

One effective method for improving your website and increasing leads is A/B testing. It entails testing two versions of a webpage or element to determine which converts more effectively.


Choose a particular element to test (such as a headline, CTA button, or page layout) before beginning A/B testing. Make two versions of the element and randomly display each to distinct visitors. To determine which version produces higher conversion rates, monitor and evaluate the outcomes.

Let's take an example with two landing pages, A and B. Suppose 1,000 visitors visit landing page A and 10 of those visitors fill out the form and become leads. You would have a 1% conversion rate for Landing Page A. Suppose Landing Page B receives the same 1000 visits and gets 50 leads. That represents an amazing 5% conversion rate.

Next, compare Landing Page A and B and adjust Landing Page A accordingly.

You can make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance the functionality of your website by using A/B testing. It assists you in determining what appeals to your audience the most so that you can customize your lead-generation strategies appropriately.

8. Nurture your Leads.

Remember that no lead will ever appear in your sales pipeline by magic. The quality of leads depends on your nurturing operations after you successfully generate leads.

After a lead fills out a form on your landing page, put them into a workflow so they don't forget about you. You can send them interesting and informative content to entice them to try your services or products. 

The first step in lead nurturing should be important email follow-ups with excellent content. This way, you can learn everything about your visitors and adjust future messages appropriately.

9. Show Pricing Details. 

Most businesses shy away from displaying pricing details because they fear customers might not avail themselves of the services after seeing the prices or competitors might catch up and gain too much information about your services. 

However, that's not the case. Providing your website's pricing details builds visitors' trust and helps them make better choices. Knowing the prices is the number one priority of most customers, especially B2B customers. So, being transparent with your prices helps generate leads. 

The best way to display prices is to provide different pricing tiers that meet the needs of different clients. 

Provide a sample or base price if you have more complex pricing models. Add a CTA button so visitors can contact you to get personalized quotes. 

Create Your One-Page Website Using Neo

A one-page website provides a concise yet powerful overview of small businesses' offerings, optimally combining elegance and efficiency. Neo recognizes the potential of such simplicity and provides the resources you need to create a free one-page website quickly.

A one-page website is an effective online storytelling tool for entrepreneurs, small companies, or creatives seeking to present their work or product in a simplified and accessible manner. A one-page website prioritizes quality over quantity by providing users with all the required information with minimal or no navigation.

Engaging visitors to take action is just as important to the success of a one-page website as generating traffic. Here are the benefits of creating a one-page website with Neo:

  • Preset themes are available, so you can build your website by selecting one and customizing it according to your brand. 
  • You do not require a custom domain name for your website. You can use the business email address provided by Neo as your website domain.  
  • It supports email-integrated forms features where users can fill out a form, and businesses can receive inquiries in their inboxes. 
  • Businesses can add their social media handles to the website and increase engagement. Besides, you can add your website link to your social media account and increase the organic traffic. 

Wrapping Up

Creating a website for lead generation is only the beginning. After building the website, your attention must be directed toward attracting and optimizing visitors to turn them into leads. If you get each of the elements correctly, your website will not only generate leads but also become a high-performing marketing tool that will keep bringing in new customers. 

Neo is one of the effective platforms for building a one-page website and establishing your digital presence. It is a perfect solution for small businesses and solopreneurs to build up their online presence and reach a broad audience. You can choose one of the plans offered by Neo, and with a single plan, you can build your website and utilize email marketing to promote your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I generate website leads?

Businesses can use a variety of channels, such as search engines, email, paid advertisements, and social media, to generate leads. You can utilize prominent calls-to-action and lead-generation forms to direct the visitors to take specific actions.

2. How can we follow up on sales leads further?

One of the best ways to follow up with prospective clients is to send personalized emails. Send follow-up emails to "hot leads" and use effective marketing strategies to nurture your other sales leads.

3. What makes sales leads important?

Sales leads keep your sales representatives active and motivated, ultimately bringing in money for your company. Maintaining an effective lead management procedure is essential to the success of both your company and the sales team.

4. Is it possible to obtain free sales leads?

Yes, you can obtain free sales leads. There are different tactics that one can utilize to get free sales leads: 

  1. Use SEO to get leads from your website,
  2. Utilize social media marketing to reach a wide audience through posts and short videos,
  3. Use email marketing to send promotional emails to your target audience.

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