AI Secrets to Master Cold Emailing

Cold Emailing and sending quality Cold Emails is still the number one way to Generate Leads. In this video, we show you the most effective method of Cold Email Outreach using AI.

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Welcome to our guide on using AI to craft personalized sales emails. Are your sales emails often ignored? Today, we'll teach you how to create AI-generated emails to encourage prospects to schedule meetings with you.

Understanding Your Goal

Sales emails aim to engage customers and lead to concrete actions. AI tools, like Neo’s built-in AI composer, can transform your email strategy. Sign up for Neo’s free trial at, or explore other AI chatbot tools linked below.

Crafting Your Prompt

To write effective emails using AI, you need a detailed prompt. Start with the context of your industry and the relationship with your recipient. Include specifics about your product and personal touches like recent achievements of the recipient to establish a connection. Finally, define a clear desired outcome, like suggesting specific times for a meeting, to make it easy for the recipient to respond.

Sample Prompt

"Create a personalized sales email for a SaaS company specializing in project management tools for medium-sized marketing teams. Highlight collaborative features and unique benefits. Reflect on our recent discussion at the industry meet-up and congratulate the recipient on their insightful panel contribution. Propose a meeting to explore how our tools can address their specific needs, suggesting time slots for a call next Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning."


AI can help you draft emails that engage and convert by using detailed prompts. Remember, personalized touches make your emails stand out.

Happy emailing, and here's to successful meetings!