10-Minute Mail & 5-Minute Mail: Generator & Account Creation Process

May 13, 2024
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May 13, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Email marketing is the cheapest and most effective marketing mode. Hence, tech journals, research paper publishers, eCommerce websites, blog sites, and free stock photo sites ask for an email-based registration. Though we understand that responsible website publishers and businesses respect personal privacy and choice for promotional emails, not all app or website owners have a secure server or adhere to privacy policies.

These eCommerce sites, websites, and cloud apps are hot targets for hackers. This, in turn, makes your personal or business email vulnerable, too. Besides, sometimes you even want to test your email campaigns and check how they will look to your clients. 

This is where disposable email addresses come to the rescue. For instance, 10-Minute Mail is a free instant email address that is self-destructed within 10 minutes. Do you want to know more about this email platform to enhance your email marketing? Let’s dive in below.

Understanding 10-Minute Mail 

10 Minute Mail is a free and disposable email service provider. You do not need to punch in personal information to access these instant throwaway emails. However, you must remember that temporary emails created using the 10-Minute Mail platform usually last only 10 minutes, hence the name.

While you may get a temporary inbox on the site, which will allow you to open links and read the emails, you cannot reply to them. The emails you receive on this disposable address will also automatically get deleted with the address, and you will not be able to access them ever again. Moreover, the platform deletes the address and inbox, the IP, cookies, and any other data. So, make sure to copy any necessary emails.

10 Minute-Mail: Features

While 10-minute mail may seem like a basic platform, it is backed by several noteworthy features. These include:

  • Dedicated temporary addresses to ensure privacy and information security.
  • ‘Give me 10 more minutes’ option for an extended email expiry period.
  • Simple and beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Creation of temporary email addresses at zero cost.
  • An extended period of up to 100 minutes to delete emails.
  • Responsive and functional mobile version.
  • Allows anonymity and destroys IP and other data once the time is up.

10-Minute Mail: Set Up

Setting up the 10-Minute Mail is a straightforward process. Follow all the steps accurately for a hassle-free experience. These important steps include:

Step 1. Open the 10-Minute Mail. 

Visit the official 10-Minute Mail Website. 

Step 2. Find the Temporary Email Address. 

When you open the homepage, you will find a randomly generated email address.

Step 3. Copy the Email Address and Use it. 

Copy the displayed email address and use the same address to sign up on different websites or services. For example, you can use this email to register on sites like Wattpad. 

Step 4. Check the Inbox Option.

The temporary email address also has an additional inbox section. You can receive messages sent to the same address and click on any attached links. 

Step 5. A countdown timer will also be displayed on the homepage. It indicates the total time remaining until the address self-destructs and all emails are deleted. 


10-Minute Mail: Pricing Plans

10-Minute Mail provides temporary emails 100% free forever. You must not pay subscription or licensing fees to use their service. You will also be able to utilize all the available features at no cost. Moreover, you also do not need to create an account to use it. This makes the 10-Minute Mail an attractive option for those who value privacy. 

However, you can donate to the 10-Minute Mail team to support their project. All you need to do is click the Support 10-Minute Mail button at the bottom of the homepage. Through the same, you can donate. 

10-Minute Mail: Disadvantages 

This temporary mailing service offers a convenient option for getting a temporary email address. It allows you to maintain anonymity, reduce spam, and test your emails. However, the platform also has a few disadvantages.

1. Security Risks

The temporary email addresses provided by 10-Minute Mail are displayed publicly on the website, meaning anyone can use them maliciously. Moreover, the emails sent through this platform are not encrypted, allowing third parties to intercept the content of the email. Moreover, if someone else has access to a temporary email account, they can use it, too. 

2. Limited Functionalities

One of the biggest drawbacks of 10-Minute Mail is that it does not allow you to respond to emails. You can only view them and click or download any attachments. This could be a disadvantage if you want to respond to emails with disposable email.  

3. Inaccessible Inbox Content

Once the 10 minutes for your temporary email are up, you will lose access to all the messages in the inbox. You must copy and save any links, documents, or content you want access to later. All the data will be lost if you forget this step.

4. Inability to Customize the Email Address

10-Minute Mail doesn’t allow the creation of a personalized email address with a custom domain. This feature might affect businesses that send an important email draft with their custom domain. 

10-Minute Mail: Alternatives 

Considering the disadvantages of 10-Minute Mail, individuals and entities must consider alternatives to the platform. Fortunately, there are quite a few temporary email providers. 

1. 5 Min Mail

The 5-Min Mail or 5-Minute Temporary Email is a Chrome extension designed to transform the way you interact with online registrations. The platform helps you get rid of spam, promotional emails, and inbox clutter with its efficient temporary email service. With 5 Min Mail, you can sign up for any website or promotional event in seconds. Just like 10-Minute Mail, it protects your personal information and also keeps your primary inbox clean.

The features of 5 Min Mail include:

  • One-click email generation
  • Direct access to the inbox
  • Automatic clean-up process for data security
  • Global accessibility

2. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another great alternative to 10-Minute Mail, which gives you a temporary email address that expires in an hour. You can choose your own email address on Guerrilla or have one randomly generated. The best part about this platform is that it is free, and you can even send emails or reply to any in your inbox within the provided time frame. 

Furthermore, it lets you create a master passcode that allows you to enter websites with the same domain even if you forget the password you set at the time of registering for the individual website. 

 Its features include:

  • Keeps inbox safe and clean
  • 24x7 customer support for further help
  • Forget Me option for changing or destroying temporary email addresses
  • Allows you to compose emails and reply 

3. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a great option when you need a temporary email address to sign up for a particular product or service on a website while protecting your privacy. While this platform is also free to use, it may occasionally display ads. 

Furthermore, with its premium plan, you can select from a range of domain names to get an address that suits your needs. Connecting your custom domain to Temp Mail is also an option. The premium costs $10 per month only. 

Its features include:

  • Google Play and iOS support
  • Open inbox for viewing all messages
  • Scanner option to get the temporary email addresses directly
  • Premium version with 100 MB of storage, ability to add up to 10 accounts, and no ads. 

4. ThrowAway Mail

If you want some extra time to use your temporary or disposable email address, then consider using ThrowAway Mail. It lets you use the randomly generated address for 48 hours before the self-destruction process.

Its additional features include:

  • ‘How it works’ section for guiding users to avail the email addresses
  • Verification process to ensure zero spam
  • Available mailbox for 48 hours
  • Multi-language support

5. Neo

Neo is an email hosting platform with many features. While it is not truly temporary, you can avail of a limited trial period and temporarily use its services. You can cancel the plan when your respective project is over. You can also get Neo for free for the first month if you already own a domain name. Besides, it offers robust tools and features, like Smart Write (AI-powered writing assistant), signature designer, email campaign management, a one-page website, and email templates. 

Here is how you can get started by using Neo’s temporary emails:

Step 1. Visit the official Neo website and open the pricing page. Select the monthly or yearly plan as per your choice. 

Step 2. Click on any of the plans. 

Step 3: Enter your existing domain name if you have one already, or choose a new one. 

Step 4: Enter your desired domain name to check for its availability; if you have clicked on I need a new domain name option. Otherwise, if you have chosen the former option, you will have to enter your custom domain and check its registration. 

Step 5: Once your domain gets approved, create your customer account on Neo and enter your desired email address. Your temporary email address will be ready to use after you make the payment.

Neo’s Opinion: Comparison Table

The following table showcases the major differences between all the alternatives of 10-Minute Mail. This will help you decide which one among them is perfect for obtaining temporary email addresses.

Aspects 10 Minute Mail Neo 5 Min Mail Guerrilla Mail Temp Mail ThrowAway Mail
Pricing Free Paid Plan with a limited period free trial Free Free Free Free with premium plan available
Customizable Email Address No Yes No No No No
Mailbox Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App No Yes No No No No
Email Expiry Time 10 minutes + an additional 90 minutes As long as the user wants 5 Minutes 1 hour Customizable for up to 1 hour Expandable for up to 48 hours
Compose email/ reply No Yes No Yes No No
Our Ratings 4/5 4.5/5 3.8/5 4.3/5 3.6/5 3.7/5

Note: We have created a list of alternatives and rated the service providers based on the different functionalities and features offered by the platforms. 

Final Thoughts

The essence of a temporary business or brand email lies in its adaptability. While there is no denying that it might never replace the trusty permanent business email, temporary addresses offer a flexibility that is hard to ignore. Hence, understanding the power of a temporary business email can be a game-changer for your brand. 

Neo is one of the best platforms for customizable, temporary email addresses. With its free trial option and domain, it's worth trying. So, why wait? Visit Neo to send your next disposable email now, or create a temporary email with any of the options on this list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of the 10 Minute Mail?

10-Minute Mail is a free, instant temporary email address provider that can help you register for sites without using your personal or business email. The best part about this instant email address is that it self-destructs and deletes all emails within ten minutes. You can also access the inbox temporarily. 

2. Is the 10-Minute Mail safe?

You remain anonymous by using 10-Minutes Mail. The IP address and other personal data associated with the temporary mail are destroyed forever. All inbox mails would also be deleted by the service. Your personal or professional details will not leave any digital print on the internet by using 10-Minute Mail.

3. Can I send emails using the 10-Minute Mail?

No, you can’t send emails or reply to them through 10-Minute Mail. However, you can open links and download attachments. 

4. How long do the temporary emails usually last?

Temporary emails usually last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the service provider. Some providers, like Neo, may offer longer retention times for paid versions of their services. However, you must note that temporary emails are not intended for long-term use.

5. What is the best alternative to a 10-Minute Mail or 5-Min Mail?

The 10 Minute Mail is a basic and efficient disposable email platform. Yes, it has its share of disadvantages. The same applies to its competitor, the 5 Min Mail. That is why it is recommended that they use alternatives like Neo. It lets you create a temporary email address using a custom domain that matches your business or brand. Unlike the other two platforms, Neo has no lock-in period. This is because it comes with a monthly subscription you can stop using once your project ends.

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