20 Best AI Email Writers [Free & Paid] For Rapid and Effective Email Writing

February 16, 2024
Modified on:
February 16, 2024
Written by:
Manali Kulkrani
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Businesses constantly look for tools to make their operations more efficient. As communication remains a fundamental pillar of any successful business, the tools we use to communicate must evolve in tandem with our growing needs. Enter AI email writers – the groundbreaking technology reshaping our message craft. Designed to enhance precision, boost productivity, and add that personalized touch without manual effort, AI email writers are becoming indispensable assets for professionals across the globe.

Why AI Email Writers?

Imagine being able to draft an email that sounds professional, precise, and personalized in seconds. That is the promise of AI email generators. Here is why these tools are creating such a buzz:

Enhancing Productivity: Gone are the days when you would spend minutes, if not hours, trying to find the right words for an email. With AI email writers, pre-drafted templates and suggestions come to your aid, helping you craft emails much faster. This means you can focus on other pressing tasks, leaving the art of perfect email writing to artificial intelligence.
Reducing Manual Errors: Typos, incorrect names, or even wrong dates can sometimes sneak into our emails, especially when we're in a hurry. AI email writers reduce the chances of such errors. They provide suggestions based on context and ensure the details align with the intended message, leading to more precise and accurate communication.
Personalization at Scale: One of the challenges of email marketing or bulk communication is adding a personalized touch to each email. AI-powered tools can analyze recipient data and craft messages that resonate individually, making each receiver feel valued.
Quick Turnaround Times: Time is of the essence in the business world. Quick email responses can make all the difference, whether responding to client queries or sending out important updates. With the assistance of AI email generators, you can ensure timely communication, fostering better relationships and trust with stakeholders.

Features to Look for in AI Email Generators

If you are considering integrating an AI email writer into your communication toolbox, here are some key features you should be on the lookout for:

Intuitive User Interface: A tool is only as good as its usability. Ensure that the AI email writer you choose has a user-friendly interface, making navigating and utilizing its features easy for you and your team.
Integration Capabilities: The best AI email tools can seamlessly integrate with popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, or any other email service provider you use. This ensures a smooth workflow without constantly switching between applications.
Customization Options: While AI suggestions are invaluable, every business has its unique tone and style. Opt for tools that allow you to customize templates, add specific phrases or jargon, and tailor the AI's responses to fit your brand voice.
Security and Data Privacy Features: Your emails contain sensitive information, personal data, or business secrets. Choosing an AI email writer that prioritizes security is crucial, ensuring your data remains private and always protected.

20 Best AI Email Writers [Free & Paid] For Rapid and Effective Email Writing

1. Neo AI

Neo revolutionizes email communication for modern businesses, blending reliability with innovative features tailored for today's digital landscape. Imagine not having to move to a different site for AI email writing assistance; instead, doing all of that from within the email. You can write smartly using Neo’s AI email writing assistant right from within the client while typing the email, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

Key AI features

Neo integrates advanced AI capabilities, like "Smart Write," for personalized email crafting and an upcoming AI-enabled HTML Composer, simplifying template creation without coding knowledge. Neo’s Smart Write handles all your cold emails, pitches, negotiations, and inquiries effortlessly.

Pricing: Start with as low as $ 1.99 per mailbox per month

2. Grammarly

Key Features

Writing Assistance: Enhance grammar, style, and tone.

Comprehensive Checks: Detect plagiarism, punctuation errors, and vocabulary suggestions.

Style Optimization: Ensure clarity, engagement, conciseness, and appropriate tone.

Pricing: Free basic version. Premium starts at $12/month.

3. Flowrite

Key Features

AIPowered Writing: Improve grammar, style, tone, and word choice.

Email Templates: Customizable for different requirements.

Personalization: Modify emails using recipient-specific data.

Email Automation: Streamlined email campaigns.

Pricing: Free plan available. Advanced plans begin at $19/month.

4. Copy.ai

Key Features

AIDriven Writing: Enhanced grammar, style, and tone.

Templates: For emails, blogs, social media, landing pages, product descriptions, etc.

Personalization: Emails tailored using the recipient's data.

Email Automation: Efficient email marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Free tier with limitations. Upgraded plans start at $35/month.

5. Nanonets

Key Features

AI Driven Document Management: Efficient documents, emails, and contract handling.

Data Features: Extraction, classification, and routing

Compliance: Risk detection and recognition

Pricing: Free basic tier. Premium plans from $19/month.

6. Jasper AI

Key Features

Writing Assistance: Enhanced grammar, style, tone, and vocabulary.

Varied Templates: For emails, blogs, social media, and more.

Content Personalization: Adjust content using specific details.

Email Automation: Manage email campaigns.

Pricing: The basic version is free. Advanced starts at $29/month.

7. Rytr

Key Features

Multilingual Content Creation: Supports 30+ languages and 20+ styles.

Built-in Templates: For various content needs.

Plagiarism Checker: Ensure content originality.

Image Generation: AI-based image creation.

Pricing: Free version available. Premium begins at $9/month.

8. SmartWriter

Key Features

AI Personalization: Tailor emails using AI based on the recipient's details.

Dynamic Templates: Modify content dynamically

Product Suggestions: Propose items to users.

Automation: Schedule and manage emails.

Pricing: Starts free. Advanced features at $49/month.

9. Lyne

Key Features

AIPowered Writing: Enhanced grammar, style, and tone.

Email Templates: Customizable for various purposes.

Personalization: Modify emails using the recipient's details.

Automation: Efficient email marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Basic is free; advanced begins at $49/month.

10. Ellie

Key Features

Sales Email AI: Content tailored using the recipient's info.

Email Templates: Customizable layouts for sales emails.

Tracking & Analytics: Monitor email actions.

Pricing: Starts free. Premium from $49/month.

11. Remail

Key Features

AI for Followups: Create emails based on previous interactions.

Templates: For tailored follow-up emails.

Tracking & Analytics: Detailed insights on email actions.

Pricing: Basic version is free; advanced from $49/month.

12. Hyperwrite

Key Features

AI-enhanced grammar and style suggestions, customizable email and blog templates, creative writing assistance.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $29/month.

13. Writesonic

Key Features

Grammar and style checks, personalized email templates, content creation for blogs and social media.

Pricing: Free plan available. Premium starts at $12.67/month.

14. Peppertype

Key Features

AI-powered writing guidance, content research, and customizable templates for multiple platforms.

Pricing: Free plan with limitations. Paid subscriptions start at $25/month.

15. Wordtune

Key Features

Grammar and style improvement, clarity and conciseness suggestions, tone adjustments.

Pricing: Basic free version. Premium versions from $9.99/month.

16. Frase

Key Features

Content research and optimization, content planning and writing assistance, keyword discovery.

Pricing: The basic version is free. Advanced plans begin at $149/month.

17. Narrator

Key Features

Text-to-speech in multiple languages, audio and video editing, personal voice recordings.

Pricing: Free tier is available. Paid options from $9/month.

18. WordAI

Key Features

AI-driven content creation, content optimization, in-depth content research and planning.

Pricing: Free basic tier. Premium offers from $27/month.

19. NLG Cloud

Key Features

AI-generated text, customizable email templates, multilingual support, and popular tool integrations.

Pricing: Free version with caps. Upgraded plans from $19/month.

20. Ghostwrite.rip

Key features

AI-powered email writing

Email templates & personalization

Email tracking

Multilingual support

Pricing: Free version with caps on features. Upgraded plans from $30/month.

Bonus : Explore free ai email writers which allows you to craft email without logging in.


AI email writers are invaluable for crafting rapid and efficient emails. Exploring email writers can significantly enhance your email communication, making it more effective and tailored to your audience. Embrace these innovations to stay ahead in the realm of digital communication.

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