14 Best Apps for Freelancers - Comprehensive List for 2024

March 22, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
March 22, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Success in the hectic world of freelancing depends on maintaining productivity, organization, and connections. Using the appropriate tools may make a big difference for freelancers in terms of project management, effective communication, financial management, and unlocking creativity. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the different apps for freelancers and examine the top apps designed specifically to fulfill the demands of independent contractors in 2024. 

List of Best Apps for Freelancers

Freelancers are self-employed individuals and require different apps to meet their different demands. Some freelancers struggle with managing different projects, and some might be looking for an app to approach more clients. We have covered all your needs and made a comprehensive list of apps that can simplify all aspects of freelancing work. 

Client Acquisition Apps

Finding your first freelancing job might be quite difficult. In addition, now that you are in charge of your money and taxes, you might need assistance managing your finances. Here are some freelancer apps that can make your daily life easier when you start your freelance profession.

1. Upwork 

Undoubtedly, Upwork is one of the biggest freelancer sites. This website is excellent for business owners who are just starting freelancing because it posts more than three million jobs annually.

There's bound to be a job on Upwork for you, no matter your area of expertise—project management, social media marketing, graphic design, copywriting, or something else completely.

The ability to bill by the project or the hour gives you great flexibility regarding the number of hours you work and the amount you can charge.

The issue with Upwork is that it uses a system known as "Connects." You may use these relationships as credits when you apply for jobs.

Eighty of these contacts are free when you sign up for a new account on Upwork. After that, connections are available for $0.15 each in bundles of ten.

Upwork is among the best platforms for novice and experienced freelancers. Although these contracts are often project-by-project, it is feasible to establish a lasting rapport with clients.

Also, you won't ever be underpaid for the laborious effort you've put in since your project payments are safeguarded.

2. Fiverr 

Fiverr is one of the largest freelance platforms for getting freelancing work on demand. Freelancers can post gigs according to their talent, and clients can explore the posts and find out what service they require to get their job done. However, getting started on Fiverr is difficult because of high competition. Freelancers will have to offer their services at lower prices, but with time and top-quality service, freelancers can earn high profits. 

Time Management Apps

Time management is essential for independent contractors to manage business and personal obligations successfully. Many time management applications available in 2024 are designed to increase efficiency and productivity. For freelancers, these are a few of the best time management apps:

3. Toggl

Although project management systems can be very helpful in organizing and guiding workflows, they may only sometimes provide information on job productivity. Do you enjoy working late into the night and skipping sleep to complete projects on time? Some might like working at night on projects, but improper time management, which forces you to skip sleep and work lately, is not a risk a freelancer would take. 

You should allocate your efforts by using time monitoring tools, which can provide more information about how much time you spend on a job. This is where the Toogl app comes in.

With a time tracking program like Toggl Track, you can record your productivity by measuring your time using a mobile app or, even better, a browser extension that follows you to your online apps. You may start or stop tracking time by just closing a window. In addition, Toggl Track offers summaries of your monitored entries in a grid or calendar style, as well as idle detection, which allows you to cease monitoring when you stop working. Time tracking is revolutionary, whether you're keeping yourself organized or gathering billable hours for a customer. 

4. HourStack


HourStack is a project time tracker that works with your preferred project management software to assist your team in scheduling and monitoring work.

HourStack is a stylish and user-friendly calendar and time tracker. It is natively integrated with popular project management apps like Asana, Google Tasks, Trello, Todoist, and even Google Calendar. After connecting to one of these applications, you can schedule your or your team's workload by dragging and dropping tasks straight into your HourStack calendar from a sidebar within HourStack.

What's the finest thing, then? Because of the two-way connectivity, you may mark jobs as done in HourStack, and your project management will update accordingly. This feature thrilled and delighted me as a productivity tool geek.

Project Management Apps

A freelancer works on different projects at the same time. Now, to keep track of all the projects, different freelancers utilize different approaches. Some use the inbox to keep track of all the projects, some prefer writing in a diary, and some may even prefer working on a Kanban board. However, a project management app is a better option if you are a freelancer with your team. Here's the list of freelancer apps that you can consider to manage projects effectively:

5. Trello 

You frequently need to catch up on the bigger picture when you get bogged down in a project's minutiae. A task management application can be useful in this situation. Project management tools can help you stay on course when no one else is watching you closely. 

Trello is one of the recommended self-employed apps to simplify project management tasks. It breaks down your project pieces graphically into Kanban boards so you can easily see what is done, backlogged, and work-in-progress. You can make checklists, put deadlines on them, name them, attach files, leave comments, and more. Trello's user-friendly design and template collection facilitate speedy onboarding while offering an overview of your project through the activity menu.

6. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that helps freelancers divide work into parts and sub-lists and view progress on dashboards. It is like a to-do list software; you can add, rearrange, and finish things similarly in Asana, but with the teamwork and organizing capabilities you require.

You may create additional lists in Asana that are shared with only particular individuals for tasks that are personal or pertain to your job but don't neatly fit into a project. Your allocated chores will also appear on your My Chores page so you can quickly see what needs to be done.

With Asana's Zapier connectors, you can automate Asana and link project data to other applications, whether you're working alone or in a team. 

Invoicing and Electronic Signature Apps

Invoicing and electronic signature tools are critical for freelancers looking to optimize their billing operations and ensure safe document transmission. Here are some of the best invoicing and electronic signature applications for freelancers in 2024:

7. Wave

Invoicing entails more than merely printing a Google Docs template with a dollar figure written at the top. Once your solo business takes off, you'll also have to deal with periodic payments, expense reports, and taxes. 

Invoicing software may help you manage your project's dry, time-consuming, yet critical financial components. Wave is one of the apps for freelancers that links directly to bank accounts and analyzes transactions. You can also produce invoices and expenditure reports using pre-designed templates. You may even balance your accounts and use the optional payroll and tax filing capabilities. Once the money begins coming, an app like Wave can help you keep track of your finances without carrying receipts in a folder to your local accountant. 

8. DocuSign

With contracts flying back and forth across your email, an electronic signature tool can quickly summarize where each document went and where it is now.

DocuSign is a popular option for sending updates on documents at various stages of the signing process. The single dashboard allows you to follow the progress of your papers, whether they have been delivered, received, or just written. DocuSign also offers template creation tools and reporting capabilities to help you keep track of your recurring documents. 

Payment and Accounting Apps

To effectively manage your money in 2024, you can choose from various accounting and payment applications. Some of the best self-employed apps in this category for freelancers are: 

9. Freshbooks

As a freelancer, you take on a lot of hats. One of the last things you want to do is add a green accountant's visor. Even while adding up numbers in countless spreadsheet columns might be tiresome, it's crucial labor that, if done incorrectly, can have dire repercussions. 

Then, you have three options: either hire an expert and deplete your valuable profit margins; attempt to solve it on your own and deplete your time, energy, and knowledge; or utilize self-employed accounting software and treat yourself to a nice lunch to reward yourself for making such a wise choice.

FreshBooks is one of the apps with a user-friendly UI that comes with integrated advice and extra help via chat or ticket, making it worth subscribing to even without a free tier. You can manage tasks, keep track of time, make bills and costs, and take care of their accounting while looking at a calendar view to get a broad overview. 

Additionally, you may provide your clients with a convenient online payment site and post receipts simply by taking a picture. This method requires much less office space and is as valuable as having a full-time accountant on staff. 

10. Stripe

Setting up your fees is crucial for freelancers, but it's also crucial to consider how clients will pay you. Stripe is an application that facilitates payment processing by giving you access to almost all your needs at your fingertips.

One of the top applications for small company payments is Stripe. Do you know that major companies like Lyft, Amazon, Google, and Expedia use it? Furthermore, the fees are fair. They charge $0.30 plus 2.9% for each successful transaction, and the maximum cost for ACH debits is $5. 

If you are a freelancer struggling to get payment on time, you can send an email invoice composed in a calm tone to your clients and ask them to pay the invoice. 

Design and Creativity Apps

For freelancing jobs that mostly require creativity, like content-writing and designing, it is essential to get your hands on tools that act as your assistance to give you ideas and assist them in making them a reality. Here is a list of apps for freelancers to give ideas to get them out of the creativity block: 

11. Canva

With the help of the well-known design tool Canva, independent contractors may produce persuasive marketing materials for their clients and themselves. Canva's vast library of royalty-free components, dozens of configurable free templates, and drag-and-drop user interface (UX) make creating powerful social media posts, branding packages, print materials, and everything incredibly simple. Freelancers can easily make their resume in any format they require by choosing one of the templates from the library. 

Besides, if you are considering starting a small business, you can use Canva to make branded images, Instagram story templates, and more to promote your business. It is a great app for graphic designers and agencies to offer clients a great service. 

12. ChatGPT

You've undoubtedly heard about artificial intelligence by now, as it's doubtful that you're reading this article under a rock. ChatGPT is an excellent alternative—and it's free. It can expedite many activities, like writing sales letters, summarizing articles, conducting market research, and creating marketing copy. Getting a head start on the AI revolution can be beneficial. All you need to do is enter a prompt, and you will get the knowledge or inspiration to start your project work. 

However, it is essential to note that relying entirely on ChatGPT will not be a wise move, especially for content writers. Search engines like Google can easily detect AI-generated content, and it goes against Google's guidelines if content is generated to manipulate search rankings. You can use apps like ChatGPT to create content and follow Google's EEAT (Experienced, Expertise, Authoritative, and Trust) to create user-friendly content. 

Website Building and Email Marketing Apps

Website and email marketing are essential to building your online presence and approaching different clients. Freelancers can build a one-page website to display all their work and add an email-integrated form to make it easy for clients to contact them. Besides, you can utilize email marketing to reach your clients using your professional domain. Let's look at some of the apps for freelancers that help to build your online presence: 

13. Neo

Neo is an integrated platform through which freelancers or small businesses can build a one-page website for themselves and utilize email marketing services to connect with prospective clients. 

You select one of the pre-loaded website design templates, add your details, social handles, and email-integrated form, and you're done. The one-page website builder comes with drag-and-drop functionality to customize the webpage. Using Linktree, you can add your website to your Instagram profile and gain organic traffic from there. 

Neo even offers Smart Write, an AI assistant that composes emails on your behalf according to the required tonality and purpose. It comes with priority inbox, track email, and other features at super-affordable yearly plans. 

14. Squarespace 

Squarespace is a website builder recognized for its slick, professionally designed templates and easy-to-use interface (even for the least creative freelancers out there!). Professionals stand out in the competitive freelancing sector by having a dedicated space to offer their services, present work, highlight customer testimonials, and create leads. Any freelancer may establish a legitimate online presence thanks to Squarespace's wide selection of portfolio layouts, which cater to various specializations and aesthetics.

Summing up, 

The top apps for freelancers can streamline the processes you currently oversee as a freelancer. By streamlining tasks like bookkeeping, work tracking, website design, and calendar blocking, you'll have more time to concentrate on the real jobs and take on new clients. Since going it alone might be difficult, it's critical to utilize the resources available to help make self-employment easier and more prosperous. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right time management app for my freelance business?

When selecting a time management app that meets your business needs, consider factors such as ease of use, integration capabilities, and pricing.

2. What are the key features of project management apps for freelancers?

Project management apps for freelancers typically offer features like task management, project planning, and team collaboration.

3. How do communication apps help freelancers collaborate effectively?

Communication apps facilitate real-time collaboration, file sharing, and instant messaging, enabling freelancers to work efficiently with clients and team members.

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