Create an Instagram Business Account (Instagram Business Page) in 8 Easy Steps

June 28, 2024
13 Minutes
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June 28, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Most of the most successful brands use Instagram for business nowadays. These organizations have solid Instagram marketing strategies to engage with existing customers and reach new audiences. They run ad campaigns, create engaging content regularly, and frequently partner with influencers. 

As a result of these efforts, the brands have achieved more on Instagram and built a strong online presence on the platform. They witness an increase in revenue and, in return, gain relevant business growth. This is significant because users often use Instagram to research brands and plan their purchases. The latest Instagram stats also state that 70% of shoppers visit the platform for their next purchase. So, what’s stopping you from starting your business on Instagram too?

In this guide, we have curated the steps to create a business Instagram account and other relevant details for your assistance. 

What is an Instagram Business Account?

An Instagram business account is a professional account on the platform designed for use by various online brands and businesses. While it operates similarly to a personal account—allowing users to post content and engage with others—the distinction lies in the specific features available to business users.

Instagram business accounts have access to various insights, an ad platform, and other relevant shopping features. Additionally, there are creator accounts, which are another type of professional or business account. These accounts are specifically for artists and influencers and come with their own suite of features, like Instagram Subscriptions.

Benefits of Having an Instagram Business Account 

An Instagram business account offers several features and tools not available to individual users. Its essential benefits include:

1. Boost Credibility

The business profile on Instagram includes additional buttons for sending emails or viewing the online shop. Users can also access industry information displayed under the business name. These features give an Instagram business page a more professional look and provide more ways for the audience to engage with the business, instantly adding credibility.

2. Access to Relevant Analytics

Instagram offers relevant analytics to users who have a business account. The platform provides these accounts with a comprehensive look at their profile performance. Account Insights helps users track their reach, social media engagement, and follower data. It offers a detailed breakdown of the target audience demographics and follower growth over time.

The best part about Instagram Insights is that they provide users with post-specific performance data. This helps businesses understand how people respond to their content and what resonates with them.

3. Use of Instagram Ad Options

A business Instagram account is essential if users plan to leverage Instagram advertising. The Meta Ads Manager enables users to create and run ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger simultaneously. Users need to connect it to their Instagram business account to take advantage of the tools and features for all Instagram ads.

This allows users to run ads in various formats and create highly targeted campaigns. Dynamic creativity can improve ad performance. Additionally, users will have access to real-time insights and A/B testing tools, helping them fine-tune different aspects of their Instagram ad campaigns.

4. Access to Business Account features

Instagram business account users have access to several features that help them connect with their audience efficiently. Besides the contact button, there are several other action buttons that are included in a business profile. Depending on the business or industry, users can choose a button for customers to make a reservation, order food, or make an appointment.

These action buttons are available as stickers in Instagram Stories for business accounts. Users can also access analytics insights when they switch to a business account, including comprehensive insights into their business account and content performance.

Businesses can also sell directly on the platform. Instagram allows them to set up a shop within the app, enabling customers to buy products without switching to a different website or app. Instagram can use Linktree in their profiles to share more than one link in your bio

5. Better Visibility

Business accounts can provide users with their contact information through a contact button on their business profile on Instagram. This makes it easy for users to email, call, or even send a message. Business account users can add relevant hashtags related to their brand, which makes it even easier for the brand to show up in specific search results when any users want to find or learn more about the brand.

6. Link Sharing

Brands can always add links to their respective Instagram profiles and stories. They can add links that will drive traffic to their online store, blog, or website if they have 10,000 or more followers on their business Instagram account

7. Scheduled Posts

The ability to schedule posts is one of the best things about having an Instagram business account. Users can use a third-party provider to batch their respective posts. They can also use the Facebook scheduler to schedule static posts, stories, videos, and reels. 

This means anyone can set up their respective posts for the entire month and, hence, do not have to worry about it. This is highly effective for influencers as all the posts are scheduled and will be posted automatically. The saved time can be used to prepare content for the next month's calendar or connect with followers. 

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram is an efficient social media platform that emphasizes photo and video content to boost online visibility. This can seem like a golden opportunity for brands with a visual product. This means all kinds of B2B businesses and service-based brands can benefit from this network.

Currently, users cannot set up a business Instagram account directly. They must create a personal account first and then switch to a business profile. The steps below outline how to create an Instagram business page: 

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the “Edit Profile” button near your profile picture.
  2. Click on the option with the section called “Switch to Professional Account.”


  1. Tap on “Continue” and select the category that suits your business requirements and goals.
  2. Choose whether to display the category on your profile, then click on “Done.”


  1. Select “Business” instead of a “Creator” account on the next page, and click on “Next.” However, you can choose the category based on your business requirements or business profile. Like, an artist should choose the artist option, and a rising entrepreneur should choose the entrepreneur option. 
  2. Review your contact info. Ensure you include your official business email and contact details. Add an address if you have a physical location. Include a phone number if you want to enable a “Call” button for your business.


  1. Tap on “Next” and start working on your new Instagram business account to promote your business.
  2. Add a bio link, product information, and other relevant details to enhance your Instagram business page.

Optimizing an Instagram Business Profile

Creating an Instagram business account is just the first step. The profile should reflect that the brand is serious about using Instagram for business. Here are some tips for optimizing Instagram business pages:

  • Profile Photo: Use the official company logo as the profile photo so the target audience can easily identify the brand.
  • Name: The business name should be identical to the brand’s other social profiles.
  • Username: This should match the business name. Note that the username cannot contain spaces. Also, avoid creativity with your username since it is a professional and business account. Keep it simple as possible. 
  • Pronouns: Use this option if you are the face of the business. This is highly optional, and it depends upon your preferences. 
  • Links: It is best if you add clickable URLs in your bio. For instance, two or three links would suffice; do not add more links, as the visitors might be confused about which link to click. Most businesses use their official website or links to promotional pages. A link-in-bio tool can be used to link more than five pages if necessary.
  • Bio: Use the Instagram bio to describe what the business does, promote the official website, or add the brand’s slogan.
  • Page: Connect the Instagram business profile to a Facebook business page to further engage the audience.
  • Category: Select the relevant category that best describes the brand’s industry or product and service offerings.
  • Contact Options: Provide the best ways for customers to contact you, like an email address, phone number, or physical address.
  • Action Buttons: Add a call-to-action button to the business' Instagram profile. Examples include “Order Food,” “Book Now,” or “Reserve.”
  • Instagram Story Highlights: Create Story Highlights to help people find relevant information easily. Businesses can categorize their Highlights based on the types of stories their brand typically creates.

Boost Your Instagram Business Page with a Bio Link

A bio link is a crucial aspect of your business Instagram account because it showcases what you are selling. You can use Neo to create a catchy and engaging bio link for your business account on Instagram. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Purchase a Neo Plan

Neo offers a free domain extension that allows budding entrepreneurs and business owners to create custom business email addresses and inboxes. So, you will have to purchase one of Neo's plans (it offers a link in a bio tool complementary to all plans) and register your domain name. 

Click on I need a new domain name, type in a domain name that resembles your brand (like, and then complete the rest of the process to set up your Neo account and business inbox. The best part is Neo comes with a limited period free trial, so you have ample time to understand whether it is perfectly meeting your needs or not. 

Step 2. Access as an Admin

Once you have created your account, log in to Neo using your brand-new business email address. As an admin privilege, you will have access to the site editor and the ability to publish the business site.

Step 3. Set up the Environment

There are three ways to open the site editor and get started with building your link in the bio: 

Method 1. Through Neo Admin Panel 

Visit the Neo Admin Panel. Go to the "Neo Site" section on the left navigation bar. Click on "Setup Now!" to start the site editor.

Method 2. Through Neo Webmail

Head to your Neo webmail interface as an admin. Click on the "Site" option from the app switcher at the top left corner of your screen. This will launch the official Neo Site editor in a new browser tab.

Method 3. Through the Neo Mobile App

Open the Neo mobile app on any device. Tap on the icon at the top left corner to reveal the side menu bar. Select "Neo Site" from the menu options to access the site editor.

Step 4. Build and Deploy 

Once you have access to Neo website builder, you can personalize the link in the bio website by selecting one of the preferred templates, adding personalized content, defining a site title and description, and integrating an email-integrated form, external link, and social media handles. You can even add a Whatsapp chat function so the visitor can directly interact with you. Once you are done, publish it. 

Step 5. Add the Link to Your Instagram Business Account. 

Open the instagram app, visit your profile, click on the edit your profile button, the paste the website or bio-link’s URL address in the website link column. Click on Save Changes and test whether the link is working perfectly or not.


With your business Instagram account set up and a plan to move forward, consider the bigger picture. How will you grow your business account to meet future goals? This involves monitoring your insights and adjusting your content strategy accordingly.

Most importantly, keep your Instagram business page updated to ensure users see something new each time they visit. Add a catchy bio link to make the audience aware of your products and services. You can use Neo’s help to create the bio link following the steps outlined above.


1. How do you use Instagram for business, especially for beginners?

Start by switching to a business Instagram account. Add business information to your bio and connect your product catalog to the page. Turn on the Instagram shopping feature. Research your audience to determine the best content for them. Tag your products, schedule content in advance, and start your business.

2. How do I share my first Instagram business post?

Begin with your business name to differentiate it from other brands. Add the products and services you offer, considering your target audience and main purpose. Include a proper CTA to encourage visits to your Instagram store.

3. Is Instagram a good option for small businesses?

Yes, Instagram is an efficient option for small businesses to enhance their online presence. The ability to access powerful analytics is one of the biggest perks of working with an Instagram business page. Instagram provides business accounts with a comprehensive look into their profile performance. Moreover, it also offers account insights to help businesses keep track of their reach, social media engagement, and follower data.

4. Is the Instagram Business page free?

Yes, an Instagram business account is free to create and use. The only fees you will incur are for running Instagram ads and for using Commerce Manager to allow your customers to check out and complete their purchases within the Meta platform.

5. How do I introduce my business on Instagram?

If you are just starting to create content for your business, the first step is creating an Instagram account. Incorporate the business logo as your profile picture on the page. Make sure not to forget the bio section when setting up the account, as creativity can be key here. Then, brands could post high-quality content when they please. Be sure to show your followers some love and ensure that they respond by taking an opportunity to patronize the customers.

6. Can I create another Instagram account for my business?

Indeed, you can open another Instagram account for your business with equal ease. All that is needed is to create a new Instagram business account, introduce related content, label items, and start merchandising in your store right now.

7. Can I have two business pages on my Instagram?

Most importantly, having and managing multiple Instagram accounts for your business is possible. The native Instagram app allows users to have up to 5 accounts for every user. The Mister Printer will not differentiate between users with personal or business accounts.

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