Leadpages Landing Page: Pricing, Setup, Features and Review

April 11, 2024
14 Minutes
Modified on:
April 11, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Leadpages Landing Page: Pricing, Setup, Features and Review

If you've been searching for a quick and simple means to build high-converting landing pages, you may have heard of Leadpages. One of the most well-known (and reasonably priced) landing page builders available, it's popular among small and medium-sized companies looking to generate more leads. 

We'll examine Leadpages' comprehensive feature set, evaluate its benefits and drawbacks, and ultimately decide whether or not it lives up to its claim as "the single greatest tool to transform clicks into customers" in this in-depth Leadpages review.

After reading this blog, you'll know what Leadpages can do for you and whether it's the right choice for your business.

What is Leadpages?


Leadpages is a landing page tool and conversion marketing platform developed for small businesses. In addition to a fresh landing page, the platform offers resources for creating websites, interacting with audiences, and completing transactions.

Users can quickly build landing pages with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a library of more than 200 templates. They can also approach prospects by SMS, email, and social media and set up and monitor alert bars, pop-ups, and A/B tests with many of the tools and integrations offered by Leadpages.

Leadpages Features

Achieving marketing objectives and increasing conversions depend heavily on creating compelling landing pages. The well-known Leadpage builder offers marketers various powerful features that make it easier to create effective landing pages. Here is the list of Leadpages features:

1. Drag and Drop Builder

With the help of the drag-and-drop page builder, you can alter any Leadpages template or your landing page. On the right, it shows a preview of the page, and on the left, it offers options like:

  • Page layout: It is used to build the basic rows and columns grid layout for your page
  • Widgets: The widgets are the page's structural components, including buttons and opt-in forms.
  • Page tracking: Page tracking includes basic SEO settings like the meta title, tracking, and analytics code.
  • Page styles: Customizable elements like background images and fonts are included in page styles.

2. Landing Pages Hosting

Leadpages offers landing page hosting, although it's not one of its best features. You can download the HTML codes for your pages from the landing page builder or host using your existing host's cPanel.

3. Leadpages Templates

You receive over 200 landing page templates with only minor variations. They are responsive on mobile devices, offering business owners another advantage. Templates are available in two formats: standard and drag-and-drop. Standard templates are quicker and easier to use but offer fewer customization options than drag-and-drop templates.

4. Alert Bars

The Alert Bars on Leadpages function similarly to pop-up windows, causing minimal user experience disruption. You can easily add CTAs to pages without taking up much of the user's screen space because the alert bars are non-intrusive and responsive to mobile devices.

5. Pop-Ups

Leadpages pop-ups, or Leadboxes, take over the user's screen and attract individuals to purchase with offers and prompts. You can make your exit intent pop-up appear when users move their mouse away from the page (i.e., toward the upper right corner of the browser window) or in any other direction that suggests they want to leave the page.

6. Website Integrations

The pages and conversion elements you create with Leadpages can be integrated with about 40 platforms. These categories include A/B testing, live chat, CRM, email marketing, payments, video, scheduling, webinars, and analytics tools.

7. LeadDigits

An SMS tool called LeadDigits can assist you in texting potential customers. This feature lets you provide compelling content or opt-in requests to your existing and new customers.

8. LeadLinks

Leadlinks is meant for email marketing, but it functions similarly to LeadDigits. Its ability to instantly create a link that enables users to sign up for a webinar or sublist with just one click makes it a time-saving feature.

Additionally, you can use this feature to send email blasts to specific groups and categorize subscribers.

How to Set up Leadpages?

The first step in using Leadpages Builder is a simple signup process that needs an email address and payment details. After that, you sign into your account, select a landing page template, or create a blank canvas and utilize the drag-and-drop tool. 

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Enter your email address to register for an account. Enter your password or sign in with your linked Google account. You must first decide on a pricing strategy.

Step 2. Create a PayPal or credit card payment account.

Step 3. Create a landing page to start your free trial. To create a new landing page, navigate to the Landing Pages section of your navigation menu and click the button in the upper-right corner.

Step 4. After selecting a template, give your page a name and click Continue.

Step 5. Each template has sections that are pre-built with placeholder widgets. You may edit, rearrange, remove, and add new content to personalize your page.

Step 6. All of the content on your page, including buttons, images, and text, is stored in widgets. To modify the content and access its settings, click on any widget.

Step 7. You can further edit your page by customizing each template's sections, columns, and rows.

Step 8. You'll need at least one form widget to get opt-ins on your page. Most templates come with an opt-in form by default, which is typically shown as an on-page pop-up. Providing a quality lead magnet will attract visitors to fill in your form. Once a visitor submits a form on your landing page, Leadpages will redirect them to a common thank-you page.

Step 9. Click the Preview button to see your page in action before publishing it. You can even check to see if it displays properly on mobile devices.

Leadpages Pricing

Now, let's examine Leadpages pricing tiers and plans to help you choose the best fit for your requirements. The price tiers are as follows:

1. Standard Plan - $37 per month (when billed annually)

This plan includes:

  • Generate an infinite number of landing pages to enhance your marketing campaigns.
  • Access to Leadpages' extensive library of templates, designed to give an exact user interface on different devices.
  • It also has pop-up forms to generate leads, which you can use to collect visitor data and generate leads.
  • Leadpages offers a free hosting service for your landing pages to help you save money on third-party hosting.
  • Get an opportunity to run ads from Leadpages, which will streamline your ad processes.

2. Pro Plan - $74 per month (billed annually) 

Along with all the features of the Standard Plan, this plan also provides additional benefits like:

  • Employ your landing pages to execute and monitor online sales services to facilitate eCommerce transactions.
  • Try different versions of your landing pages through A/B testing for the best conversion rate and performance optimization.
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates by automating email delivery triggered by user activities.
  • Use live chat to get priority customer service and quickly resolve issues.

3. Advanced Plan 

Apart from the features included in the Pro Plan, the Advanced Plan provides:

  • Integration of innovative software and technologies to improve your operational processes and marketing systems.
  • To facilitate teamwork on landing pages and campaigns, create and manage sub-accounts for clients or team members.
  • It provides a specific conversation with a Leadpages specialist to help you begin and maximize your use.

Pros and Cons 

Leadpage­s is a popular marketing tool that many businesses use­. To help you decide if it's the­ right choice for your needs, le­t us examine what customers have said about its pros and cons.


Let us look at the pros of Leadpages:

1. User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of the Leadpages website is intuitive and responsive, making it simple for anyone to put together and customize the ideal landing page. It is also compatible with all devices, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones.

2. Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Popular marketing tools like Stripe, Google AdWords, Salesforce, Paypal, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Analytics, Marketo, and others are also easily integrated with lead page generators.

3. Beginner-friendly

Furthermore, the drag-and-drop system makes it easy to use, even for beginners who lack the resources, knowledge, or time to invest in creating a new site.

4. Easy Sorting

Another advantage of using a lead page builder is sorting landing page templates according to conversion rate. This enables users to select a winning design quickly.

5. Quick Optimization

Leadpages offers an additional benefit as a real-time optimization tool integrated into the template editor. With real-time tracking, users can optimize the performance of their page.


Below are the cons of Leadpages:

1. Lack of Flexibility

Leadpages does not allow you to make the desired changes to a few templates. Some users without official training for the tool consider the editing functions slightly complicated.

2. Limited Styling Options

Few users find creating a landing page consistent with their branding difficult using this landing page builder and lead generation tool.

3. High Pricing

You don't get a complete package for the money you desire. This is where Leadpages significantly lags behind its competitors.

Leadpages Alternative

Here is the comprehensive list of the best Leadpages alternatives to help you choose for your business purpose:

1. Neo

Neo provides a one-page website that matches your business email address and domain name. This includes creating captivating emails, building creative one-page websites, and other features suitable for small businesses. 

Neo provides video demos to guide viewers on how to use the one-page website builder. By providing a simple but thorough overview of your company, Neo significantly strengthens your internet presence. Moreover, it provides a strong platform for all your business needs, enabling you to gain by creating strong client relationships.

2. Instapage

Instapage's powerful landing page creator can be used to generate leads and transform your digital marketing campaigns. It helps you easily create, implement, test, and enhance your business's pages for better conversions and increased lead generation without the assistance of a third party. Like Leadpages, Instapage offers more than 200 templates, split testing, multiple integrations, and a drag-and-drop editor. With its basic plan, Instapage offers unlimited A/B testing. In addition, Leadpages integrates a heat mapping tool for you.

3. Unbounce

Companies looking to give their marketing teams the tools to develop, oversee, and refine their campaigns efficiently should look into Unbounce. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, mobile responsive design, A/B testing, customizable templates, and heat maps. Unbounce's newest offering is its Smart Builder, which utilizes AI-powered features to make landing page creation even quicker and more effective. The Smart Copy AI feature from Unbounce is revolutionary for copywriting.

4. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a multi-functional WordPress marketing plugin. It provides several tools for split testing, workflows, sales funnels, opt-in campaigns, landing pages, and more. It has 2000+ integrated icons with access to the Unsplash photo library. It features two-step PPT-in forms and boxes to capture leads. It also provides optimized page templates for conversions. OptimizePress helps you to customize everything on your pages.

Here is a comparative analysis of Leadpages and its alternatives:

Rating Pricing Free trial
Leadpages 4.6/5 Starting from $49 per month; $37 per month (when billed annually) It provides a 14 days free trial
Instapage 4.3/5 A basic landing page software plan typically costs $19 a month. Instapage's monthly pricing is $199. It provides a 14 days free trial
Unbounce 4.5/5 The Unbounce Launch Plan costs $90 per month It provides a 14 days free trial
Neo 4.8/5 Free access to landing page creation is provided, with upgrade options available if necessary. It provides a 14 days free trial
OptimizePress 4.6/5 For a single-site license, the starting price for Optimizepress is $99 per year. Optimizepress does not offer a free trial

Introducing Neo: For an Effective Landing Page 

A landing page is one of the most essential elements of a website or marketing campaign. It's the webpage that a user "lands on" after clicking an advertisement, email, or other link. A landing page's design and content greatly influence its ability to convert visitors into leads or customers. 

Neo is an all-in-one business communications platform that stands out for its simple, targeted landing page that explains the value proposition. Its landing page is exceptional because it clearly states, above the fold, what the product is and why users should use it. By emphasizing the essential details, the page makes decision-making easier.

Here’s what sets Neo apart:

  • Ease of Use: The website creation tools are built with basic user-friendliness in mind. This will prevent you from dealing with the difficulties presented by the code narrative for non-programmers and enable you to create landing pages even more quickly.
  • Themes and Templates: Without having to start from scratch, creating a landing page can be facilitated by pre-made templates and themes with the help of Neo. 
  • Drag-and-drop functionality: Neo's one-page website builder allows you to easily customize elements on your landing page with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Neo offers a free plan with limited features. A landing page is an excellent place to start email marketing on a limited budget if you've never done it before.
  • World-Class Email Marketing Tools: When you subscribe to Neo's plan, you can create your landing page for free. You can use extra features like Smart Write, Read Receipts, Email Campaign Management, Appointment Scheduler, and much more to increase the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns. 


Leadpages gives marketers the tools they need to optimize their campaigns efficiently. Before committing to the platform, it's essential to consider the limited customization options, the cost structure, and the sporadic performance problems. By weighing the benefits and drawbacks, you can decide whether a lead page builder is the best option for your company's landing page needs.

With affordable tools and platforms like Neo, individuals, and businesses can create a strong online presence. So go ahead and switch to Neo right away!


1. Is Leadpages suitable for website creation?

In technical terms, Leadpages is a website builder. Although Leadpages and its supported plugins can be used to build any website, they focus on creating landing pages that convert properly.

2. Is Leadpages free?

After registering, Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial. It is not a free tool.

3. How are email marketing tools and Leadpages integrated?

Leadpages can be integrated with email marketing platforms in various ways. If you experience any issues, contact your email marketing provider.

4. Are large or small businesses more successful using Leadpages?

For small businesses trying to connect with customers effectively, gather leads, and close deals, Leadpages is the best option. They can receive 500k visits per month with the software.

5. Is Leadpages easy to use?

Yes, using Leadpages is incredibly simple. It's perfect for beginners thanks to its ready-made templates, clear, simple interface, and user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder.

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