20 Salary Negotiation Email Examples & Templates for Every Scenario

July 5, 2024
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July 5, 2024
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Salary negotiation is essential to securing a new job or promotion. Yet, it's a process that many find challenging. How do you communicate your value confidently without seeming arrogant? How do you request more without offending your potential employer? This guide provides 20 Salary Negotiation Email Examples for Every Scenario to help you navigate this complex terrain.

Understanding Your Worth

Before diving into the art of negotiation, you must know your worth. Research the industry standards, understand your role's value, and consider your unique skills and experiences. Knowing your worth gives you a foundation to build upon, ensuring your requests are reasonable and justified.

The Anatomy of a Salary Negotiation Email

A well-crafted salary negotiation email consists of the following elements:

20 Salary Negotiation Email Examples for HR - Department

Here are twenty examples tailored to various scenarios you might encounter:

Salary Negotiation Email After The Job Offer

1. Positive response:

Subject: Acceptance of Offer - [Position Name]

2. Counteroffer response:

Subject: Regarding the Offer for [Position Name]

Salary Negotiation Email After a Low Offer

3. Respectful inquiry:

Subject: Clarification on Offer for [Position Name]

4. Suggesting alternatives:

Subject: Discussion of Additional Benefits for [Position Name]

Follow Up Email After Salary Negotiations

5. Gentle reminder:

Subject: Follow-up on Salary Discussion for [Position Name]

6. Stronger push:

Subject: Urgent: Finalizing Salary Package for [Position Name]

Negotiating Benefits and Perks

7. Specific request:

Subject: Inquiry About Additional Benefits for [Position Name]

8. Broad inquiry:

Subject: Discussion of Comprehensive Compensation Package for [Position Name]

Dealing with a Final Offer

9. Acceptance with gratitude:

Subject: Acceptance of Final Offer for [Position Name]

10. Gracious decline:

Subject: Declination of Final Offer for [Position Name]

Other Scenarios

11. Remote work negotiation:

Subject: Remote Work Possibility for [Position Name]

12. Relocation package:

​​Subject: Discussion of Relocation Package for [Position Name]

13. Negotiating after a promotion:

Subject: Salary Adjustment Post-Promotion

14. Negotiating with multiple offers:

Subject: Comparison of Job Offers - Request for Improvement

15. Addressing other benefits after accepting salary:

Subject: Discussion on Additional Benefits for [Position Name]

16. Inquiring about future raises:

Subject: Inquiry about Salary Progression for [Position Name]

17. Negotiating part-time salary:

Subject: Salary Discussion for Part-Time [Position Name]

18. Declining due to salary:

Subject: Declining Offer for [Position Name] - Salary

19. Re-negotiating current salary:

Subject: Request for Salary Adjustment

20. Salary negotiation after probation:

Subject: Salary Discussion Post-Probation

These business email examples cover various business scenarios, providing business email templates tailored to your unique situation. Always maintain a respectful, confident tone aligned with your professional brand. Additionally here are a few job application email examples which will help you get better responses. If you have decided to resign, it is important to do so professionally. Here are a few resignation email templates that you can look at.


Salary negotiation is a skill that can significantly impact your career growth. With these 20 examples and insights into personal branding, you now have a roadmap to approach your next negotiation confidently.

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