Squarespace Email Hosting Pricing & Features 2024

April 7, 2024
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April 7, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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One of the biggest website builders and email marketing tools available today is Squarespace, which allows almost everyone to create a website without using any coding. The platform's characteristics are award-winning designs, an easy-to-use site editor, and affordable prices.

Besides being a website-building platform, Squarespace allows businesses to send emails using an email address that matches their domain. You can use Squarespace or a third-party domain to set up a custom email address on Squarespace. If you don't have a custom email address, you can create one using Squarespace's integration with Google Workplace.

Squarespace email offers four pricing plans, from about $15.82 to approximately $64.28 monthly. Let’s look into more details regarding Squarespace email hosting features and learn about its features. 

What is Squarespace?

Users can create, manage, and host websites using Squarespace, a website-building and hosting platform, without having much technical knowledge. It makes it simpler for people and companies to create professional-looking websites, portfolios, blogs, and online stores by offering pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop tools.

It provides a wide range of features, including email marketing, domain registration, blogging, analytics, eCommerce, and even an SSL certificate, making it a complete solution for people wishing to create or improve their online presence. 

Squarespace email is the best option for people who want to build an online store that is both profitable and engaging. It is easy to add your custom email address if your custom domain is linked with the Squarespace site. 

For example, if your domain is www.meetsandgreets.com, you can create your email campaign using a custom email address that matches your domain, like daisy@meetsandgreets.com. 

There is common confusion about Squarespace providing email hosting, but it is not like that. The email is hosted externally, and Squarespace hosts the website. If you utilize the Squarespace integration with Google Workplace, you will manage Google Workplace billing through Squarespace, but Google will host your email address. 

Key Features of Squarespace

As a feature-rich website building and email campaign platform, Squarespace email offers a wide range of tools and features that enable users to design, manage, and maximize their online presence. The features are as follows:

1. Squarespace Integration

The best part about Squarespace email campaigns is that they’re built directly into your Squarespace site. That’s why it is so easy to use. All you have to do is select your email template and add your text. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to send your emails.

You’ll be able to sign up new email subscribers, manage campaigns, and view granular analytics all in one convenient place.

2. Customizable Emails Templates 

When creating eye-catching emails, there’s no better place than Squarespace. And when it comes to email campaigns, Squarespace’s Email Campaigns are no exception. There’s no shortage of eye-catching template designs available, and you can make sure your brand is consistent across your site and the emails you’re sending out.

3. Automate Your Email Campaign

For higher pricing plans, you can also use automation to send personalized emails to your customers. For instance, if you run an eCommerce site and a customer makes a purchase but does not complete the transaction, you can send them an automated email to encourage them to return to your website and complete the purchase.

How To Set Up Your Email For Business In Squarespace? 

To set up a custom email domain, you must do the following:

Step 1. Select an Email Host.

Compare prices and consider convenience – using your existing email client or bundling your custom email with your current website hosting plan will be easier.

Step 2. Connect or Transfer Your Website Domain.

If the companies you’re working with differ, you may need to transfer or connect to your email host. The hosting providers must match for web security.

Step 3. Choose Email Addresses.

You may need to set up multiple email addresses for your business. For example, you may want to set up one for general inquiries, like customersupport@businessdomain.com, and one for FAQs, like yourqueries@businessdomain.com

Step 4. Set up forwarding.

Managing multiple email accounts can be difficult for a small business owner. To keep things organized, set up email forwarding between your general business email and your business email.

When your website’s domain name and email address hosting provider are the same or are integrated, you can easily set up a new email address for each new domain transfer.

If you purchase your Squarespace domain and use Google Workspace as your business email address provider, there is no need for new domain transfers. In addition, Google Workspaces are included in the pricing of every Squarespace Business and Commerce plan.

Squarespace Email Pricing Plans

Squarespace email pricing offers four distinct pricing plans that they market as being easy to understand and uncomplicated. Customers can modify or terminate their chosen plan whenever they want, and prorated refunds and additional fees will apply. Whether you're looking for a basic website for blogging or you want to build an entire online store, there is a choice for everyone. Let’s have a look:


The monthly cost is approximately $22.74 if you pay as you go or approximately $15.82 if you pay for the entire year at once. This plan is ideal for freelancers or solopreneurs who want to start a blog, share pertinent content, or exhibit their portfolio.

The lack of eCommerce options in the personal plan is arguably its biggest drawback. This will not be the best plan for you if your objective is to open an online store.

Best For: The Squarespace Personal plan is a great option for customers who want to create their first website but don't require a lot of extra features.

What’s missing? 

  1. Professional email from Google
  2. Premium integrations
  3. Advanced analytics


Squarespace Business is an upgraded version of the Personal plan that includes eCommerce features like gift card functionality, donation acceptance, selling, and discount codes. Business pricing is approximately $22.74 per month if you pay yearly, or approximately $32.63 monthly, a 30% savings. However, it charges 3% as transaction fees. 

You can use Google Workspace to create a business email address if you connect a custom domain. Although there is an additional annual charge, you can test it out for free for the first year.

Best For: This plan is an excellent choice for companies that don't anticipate having a large sales volume and only provide basic online transactions.

What’s missing?

  1. Physical point of sale
  2. Product reviews

Basic Commerce

With the Basic Commerce plan, you will receive merchandising tools and point-of-sale (POS) features for in-person sales, in addition to access to advanced analytics. For instance, customers can register and post reviews on items they have bought.

Basic Commerce costs approximately USD 35.60 per month, or approximately USD 27.69 per month if paid annually. This plan differs from the business plan in that it gives away all transaction fees and allows users to cross-promote their inventory on Instagram and products labeled as "limited availability."

Best For This plan best suits individuals who have advanced to higher sales and have a successful online store.

What’s missing?

  1. Abandoned cart recovery
  2. Advanced discounts
  3. Subscriptions

Advanced Commerce

The Advanced Commerce plan includes all of the features of the Basic Commerce plan, along with the ability to sell weekly or monthly subscriptions, generate real-time shipping quotes from the postal company, and apply advanced discount codes automatically to qualifying orders. 

If you wish to integrate third-party software, you will require this plan to gain access to the platform's API. You will pay approximately USD 64.28 per month for Advanced Commerce or approximately USD 48.46 per month if you choose to make an annual payment. 

Additionally, it's the only Squarespace email pricing plan with the abandoned cart recovery feature, which many companies believe is crucial for boosting eCommerce sales.

Best for: The best candidates for this plan are those who run a high-volume online store and require advanced capabilities to increase revenue.

What’s missing

Nothing! Everything that Squarespace offers is included in this plan. These include abandoned cart recovery, selling subscription products, advanced shipping, advanced discounts, and commerce APIs.

Comparative Summary of Squarespace Pricing Tier

Here is a comparative analysis of Squarespace email pricing plans to help you choose the right plan as per the services you need:

Personal Business Basic commerce Advanced commerce
Monthly Price (If Paid Annually) $15.82 $22.74 $26.69 $48.46
Monthly Price (If Paid Monthly) $22.74 $32.63 $35.60 $64.28
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Free Domain Name With annual plan With annual plan With annual plan With annual plan
Free SSL Certificate
Free Themes
Number of Contributors Two Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Accept Online Payments X
Sell Unlimited Products X
Transaction Fee X 3% 0% 0%
Checkout On Your Domain X X
Abandoned Cart Recovery X X X
Sell Subscriptions X X X
Customize With CSS and JavaScript X
24/7 Customer Support

Pros and Cons of Using Squarespace 

Before considering Squarespace as an email hosting provider, you must look at the review remarks, which highlight their pros and cons:


  1. Stunning themes that are suitable for tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
  2. Outstanding marketing tools, such as support for social media and email, are ideal for business expansion.
  3. The builder with the greatest value for the money.
  4. An excellent customer support platform offering weekly live chat and email support around the clock.


  1. Its basic editor doesn't offer complete customization; you can only make changes to your template's preset rows.
  2. The editor may be a bit too manual at times. For instance, it will always ask you to save your work after making changes; it does not automatically save.

Consider Neo: Your Email Hosting Provider 

Neo's platform offers a comprehensive suite of integrated business tools to improve efficiency and customer engagement. It also helps you create a stylish one-page website. Neo is a partner in the expansion of your company and goes beyond just a tool for creating a free one-page website. 

Here are the features that set Neo apart:

  • If you have a business email service connected to your domain, you can communicate with clients using a consistent and reliable brand image. 
  • Neo makes your scheduling easier with the integrated calendar feature, and Neo Bookings makes it simple for customers to make appointments straight through your website, saving them time and increasing productivity.
  • By streamlining processes for both you and your customers, utilizing these tools can completely change the way your business operates. 
  • This synergy transforms your one-page website into a dynamic tool that propels business growth by enhancing operational efficiency and empowering marketing strategies
  • Your company can offer outstanding service and scalability if it uses professional email to communicate with clients, an integrated calendar for seamless coordination, and Neo Bookings to streamline appointments.
  • By streamlining your administrative duties and improving the customer experience, the integrated tools allow you to concentrate on the larger picture of business development. 

With Neo, take a step into the future of business management and establish a comprehensive, growth-oriented online presence. 

Final Words

In the industry, Squarespace's email pricing is competitive, given the wide range of features and tools available to enhance your website's appearance and functionality. Although Squarespace is an excellent email hosting provider that can accommodate most needs, it isn't as robust as other options for eCommerce companies. Squarespace email may not be the best option if you require advanced eCommerce settings or options. Neo, on the other hand, offers an introductory Business plan for $1.75 per month. 

Any freelancer, creative, or entrepreneur can use Neo's easy-to-use process to craft an engaging email website. It's a free strategy referred to to make your company memorable and accessible on the internet. Create a free, effective one-page website for your business by registering with Neo today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Squarespace price plan for you?

To develop a website, you will require either a Personal or Business plan. Either the basic commerce plan or the Advanced Commerce plan is better if you want to sell online.

2. How to sign up for email campaigns at Squarespace?

Simply follow these steps to modify your pricing plan or sign up for Squarespace email marketing:

  1. To browse or upgrade plans, open the email campaigns dashboard and select Upgrade.
  2. Choose whether you would like to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
  3. Select the email pricing plan that you want.
  4. Click to confirm your payment. Squarespace will charge the credit card you use to pay for your website. 

3. Is there any cost associated with Squarespace?

You must pay a monthly or yearly fee to use Squarespace; it is not free. However, if you're just looking to see if it's a good fit for you, the company does offer a 14-day free trial. You can use the majority of the premium features during the trial period.

4. How can I receive an email with a Squarespace domain?

Using Google Workspace is the simplest way to obtain a Squarespace domain email address for your marketing campaign. This gives you a domain-specific email address that you can use with the Gmail interface. In addition, there are a ton of other awesome features, like extra file storage space on the cloud.

5. Are Squarespace email campaigns right for me?

With Squarespace, creating attractive emails to advertise your business and the goods and services you offer is simple and effective. If it's appropriate for your company's needs, it's worth investigating. If you want to switch to another alternative, Neo is the best option, as it is reliable and has effective engagement.

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