Yahoo Mail (India) (Turbify): Features, Plans and Benefits

May 17, 2024
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May 17, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Emails are an important means of communication, and no one can deny this fact in today’s world. Staying connected with people near or far becomes much more convenient through emails. There are several email providers in the market, but the most widely used is Yahoo Mail India

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest emailing platforms in India. However, with the advent of many new platforms, Yahoo has been adding new features every year. So, does that mean Yahoo is the only platform for efficient email services? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the platform, its features, plans, and benefits, along with some of its competitors.

What is Yahoo Mail India?

Yahoo Mail India is a web-based email app that can be accessed on desktops and mobile devices. The platform includes several features for document and image storage, package delivery tracking, travel confirmations, and more. Users can also access contrast themes, text resizing, and screen reader support with the platform’s app. The best part about Yahoo Mail is that it is accessible across several devices. 

Yahoo Mail India allows users to stay connected to their email with one-tap access to their inbox. They also get multiple Yahoo account support and instant email alerts from any Android or iOS device. 

Features of Yahoo Mail India

Yahoo Mail India offers several features for its users, which keep getting upgraded every year. Its current features include:

  1. Numerous email domain options 

Earlier, Yahoo Mail India gave users many options for selecting their email domain extension, such as,,, and many more. However, now only and are available.

  1. Generous storage

Yahoo Mail India offers substantial storage space to alleviate the need to archive or delete valuable correspondences subsequently.

  1. Robust security

The platform ensures your confidential business communications are safeguarded with encryption, anti-phishing, and malware protection. 

  1. Mobile access

Yahoo also offers intuitive mobile features so that the users are connected and in sync wherever they are.

  1. Advanced search with precision

The platform enables you to use advanced search to pinpoint exact emails. Most of them are based on content, sender, date, or attachment.

  1. Collaboration

Coordinate with team members through the integrated calendar of the same platform. It enables you to schedule, set agendas, or even assign tasks without ever leaving your inbox.

  1. Spam Protection

Yahoo Mail India offers advanced filtering techniques for additional spam protection. This ensures that distractions are minimized for businesses and focus is maintained.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail India

Yahoo has been around for the longest possible time and the best reason behind its popularity is the benefits it provides to the users. These include:

  1. High Professionalism

Yahoo Mail India offers you a custom domain email that strengthens your business's professional outlook. It also conveys your seriousness, commitment, and the value you place on your respective brand image.

  1. Reliability

The reliable infrastructure is what makes Yahoo a trusted platform. You can always experience optimal uptimes on the platform, which ensures that business communications never face any unnecessary lags.

  1. Integration

You can effortlessly integrate with any Yahoo tools or third-party applications. Yahoo works with all kinds of project management tools and CRM integrations, to name a few.

  1. Customer Support

Dedicated customer support from the platform quickly addresses all the minor and major hiccups. This is especially important for those businesses where email communication is the backbone of all operations.

Disadvantages of Yahoo Mail India

Yahoo Mail India is a decent email provider for personal use. It also offers 1TB storage on its free plan. You can sync other email addresses, customize your inbox designs, and even create several burner emails. Yet, the platform has certain disadvantages that we cannot ignore. These include:

  1. Security Concerns

Yahoo Mail has been subject to security breaches in the past. The most common ones compromised user data and raised concerns about privacy and account security among users. 

  1. Advertisements

The free version of Yahoo Mail India includes advertisements. This can be distracting for individuals and may clutter the user interface.

  1. Interface Complexity

Some users find Yahoo Mail India's interface to be cluttered and complex. This makes it challenging to explore and customize to their preferences.

  1. Spam Filtering

Yahoo Mail's spam filtering may not be as effective as other email providers. This may lead to a higher incidence of unwanted emails reaching the inbox.

Pricing Plan of Yahoo Mail India

Yahoo is free to use for all individuals and entities. However, the platform does have separate pricing plans for those looking for some additional features to enhance their business operations.

The platform offers two important plans - Yahoo Mail Plus and Yahoo Fantasy Plus.

Yahoo Mail

This particular plan offers an ad-free inbox, including other advanced productivity and security features. The pricing for this plan is $5 (₹417.56) per month with 14 days trial period. Some of its additional offerings include:

  • Ad-free emails
  • 24/7 account support
  • 5 TB email storage
  • Temporary email addresses
  • Auto forwarding
  • Emails to myself
  • Hide deal summaries

Yahoo Fantasy

This plan offers upgraded services and functionalities as compared to the basic plans. The pricing plan is $2.92 (₹243.84) per month with a 7-day trial period. Its features include:

  • Player comparison tool
  • Draft expert ranks
  • Trade partner identification
  • Increased team capacity
  • 24/7 account support

Alternatives to Yahoo Mail India

As we already discussed above, Yahoo Mail India has its set of disadvantages. So, which email service should you use for your business requirements? Here are the alternatives!

1. Neo

Neo is considered one of the best alternatives to Yahoo Mail for several businesses and solopreneurs. The platform resonates with users who want a custom email address that must include a domain name for their small business.

 The best part about Neo is that it offers a free domain and a one-page website. This proves helpful for users who do not have their own business domain, enabling them to create their brand identity and establish credibility.

Important Features

  1. It offers a free email domain name and an efficient one-page website.
  2. The platform works on any device: mobile (Android or iOS) or desktop. 
  3. Neo provides several tools and features to simplify email marketing. Examples include read receipts, priority inbox, turbo search, appointment scheduler, email templates, and others.
  4. The platform comes with Smart Write, a smart AI-assistant tool that helps you write impactful email messages.
  5. It also supports Signature Designer to build a professional email signature and helps send bulk emails, too.

2. Zoho Mail 

Zoho Mail is another free email alternative to Yahoo Mail India that offers efficient email services. The platform focuses on all businesses and offers a professional email with calendars, tasks, and bookmarks, to name a few. 

Zoho Mail also makes it easier for users to get a custom domain email. This applies to large and small businesses that want their customers to recognize their emails instantly. Hence, this platform works well for most businesses catering to several products and services. 

Important Features

  1. Zoho Mail offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  2. The platform provides up to 1 TB storage
  3. It also ensures zero ads for a better user experience
  4. Zoho further supports features that make it suitable for different business-oriented activities.

3. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is excellent for all email service users who want to transfer their messages on a safe and secure platform. It acts as an important assist tool for transferring calendar events, emails, and contacts from other alternative emails to several platforms. 

Protonmail is a trusted platform that further bridges different desktop email apps. The most common examples include Outlook and Apple Mail. This is useful for professionals and businesses that want email access from anywhere, including their respective mobile phones or a laptop. 

Important Features 

  1. The platform meets all the stringent local data privacy regulations. 
  2. Tech experts have verified the security claims made on the platform. 
  3. Business organizations can get custom email addresses for all their respective employees. 
  4. It offers automatically encrypted emails without adding any add-ins or plugins. 
  5. The platform further offers forward and auto-reply, email, and event searches, filters, and signatures. 

4. Tutanota

Email privacy has become an issue, especially when someone is using services like Yahoo Mail India. That is why several users are looking for alternatives to these platforms that are often called out for sharing their data with third parties. This makes Yahoo alternatives like Tutanota (Tuta) a must-have platform. It is a secure platform for businesses and individual users who want to create an email domain and require unlimited email addresses for various purposes. 

Important Features

  1. Tuta offers unlimited calendars at cost-affordable rates.
  2. It enables businesses to create their email domain name and build unlimited email addresses.
  3. Users can also access 15 Tuta email addresses as aliases to manage from the inbox. 
  4. The platform further offers 1 TB of data storage to its users. 
  5. Tuta is an open-source platform, unlike Yahoo Mail India, which is a closed-source provider.

Neo’s Rating: Comparison Analysis

Now that we know about the important features of all the platforms, let us draw a comparison between them in the table below.

Provider Our Rating Our Review Key Features
Yahoo Mail India 4.0/5 stars Limited customization and outdated interface Free email service and Large storage space
Neo 4.8/5 stars Simple and user-friendly interface. Free trial options and custom domain for business emails Free domain and one-page website, Works on any operating system, Smart Write AI-assistant tool
Zoho Mail 4.3/5 stars Limited storage and overwhelming interface for some users 99.9% uptime guarantee and Professional email with calendars and tasks
Protonmail 4.4/5 stars It may not integrate well with other apps and has limited customer support options Strong data privacy regulations and custom email addresses for employees
Tutanota 3.6/5 stars A few features may be complex for certain users Unlimited email addresses and an open-source platform


A dedicated professional email is important for all businesses in today’s world. It helps you connect, correspond, and converse openly with others about your brand’s requirements with a commitment to professionalism. Hence, selecting the right email service becomes paramount for any business, be it large or small. 

Yahoo Mail India is a reliable platform that helps you establish trust and a distinguished presence in the digital world. Yet, as we discussed above, this platform has its disadvantages. For your upgraded needs, you require an updated platform, and choosing from Yahoo Mail India alternatives is the best option. 

One of the best alternatives to Yahoo Mail India is Neo. The platform offers efficient email services with additional features that help enhance business operations. So, why wait? Visit Neo now and upgrade to a whole new set of business email services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Yahoo Mail India completely free?

Yes, Yahoo Mail India is completely free. You can enjoy all the benefits of the email service by signing up for an account and using the inbox to communicate with anyone instantly. Yet, Yahoo does offer some additional features with its other plans, such as Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy.

2. How to create a Yahoo Mail account?

Creating a Yahoo mail account is very easy in India. All you need to do is visit the platform's sign-up page and enter all your information in the required fields. Once you are done, select' Continue' and then follow the onscreen prompts to verify your contact number.

4. Is Yahoo Mail India secure?

Yahoo Mail India is committed to your online security. That is why it contains the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. It helps protect the Yahoo Mail account from hackers and ensures the security of private data, like credit cards and passwords.

5. Can I recover my Yahoo Mails?

You do not have to worry if you have accidentally deleted any of your Yahoo emails. If something of that sort has happened, all you need to do is click on ‘help’ (the question mark symbol) after visiting your inbox. It will redirect you to a topics list where you have to select the option ‘recover lost or deleted emails.’ Next, click on ‘send a restore request’, and you will have the mail in your inbox in no time.

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