Deactivate Apple Account: Delete iPhone iCloud Account Quickly

June 17, 2024
14 Minutes
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June 17, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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The best way to have an efficient experience when using Apple services is to have a unique Apple ID. This particular account acts as a storehouse for different data types in iCloud. 

However, there may be situations when you decide to deactivate Apple accounts or delete them permanently. This may be because of privacy concerns, organizational changes, and other significant reasons. 

It does not matter if you want to switch to a new device, sell your iPhone, or start over with a different email ID. This guide will help you deactivate your account and answer the question, ‘How do you delete your Apple ID?’ 

What is Apple Email?

Apple Email is a free email service provided by Apple and part of the iCloud suite. You can use iCloud Email for several purposes if you have an Apple ID. These include email hosting and cloud storage and managing various data types like photos, documents, and backups. Apple Email integrates with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices efficiently. This ensures emails, contacts, and calendars stay up-to-date across all your Apple devices.

Key Features

  • Efficient Integration Across Different Platforms: iCloud Email integrates with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices. This finally helps provide a unified experience across different devices.
  • Security and Privacy: Apple ensures user privacy and security with features like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, and it protects accounts and emails against cyber attacks
  • Storage and Accessibility: You can receive up to 5GB of free storage for emails, documents, and backups. Upgrade options are often available.
  • User-friendly Interface: An efficient and intuitive interface makes managing various emails, contacts, and calendars easy.
  • Cloud-based Service: You can access your cloud-based email from any device with internet connectivity. This ensures constant access to important communications.

What Happens if I Delete my Apple ID?

Your Apple ID is integral to your communication and usage of devices like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, or iPhone. While you can remove it as needed, be aware that deleting your Apple ID has significant implications:

  • Anything stored in iCloud, including your photos, videos, and other important documents, will be deleted.
  • You will lose access to FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, and Apple Pay.
  • You can no longer use ‘Find My iPhone’ to locate your phone.
  • You won't be able to access services like iTunes and Apple Books. However, content previously stored on other devices may still be accessible, provided it is not protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • All Apple Store appointments and AppleCare support cases will be canceled.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Deleting an Apple Account

You need to keep several things in mind before deleting your Apple email account. These include: 

  • Back up anything you have stored in your iCloud. Save all the data to your Mac, iOS devices, or desktop computer or laptop. Use an external hard drive if necessary, ensuring the device does not rely on your Apple ID for access.
  • Download any specific content from your Apple email account. This can include your favorite apps, films, TV programs, games, music, books, or audiobooks. Make sure to store them somewhere you will be able to access them again. 
  • Check all your active subscriptions to be canceled at the end of the billing cycle. This applies to cases when you have deleted your account.
  • Save copies, including all the other Apple-related information. 
  • Sign out of all your devices that work with your Apple ID or iCloud account. Afterward, you will not be able to sign out of iCloud. Also, turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’s Activation Lock’ feature. 

How to Deactivate an Apple Account?

The steps to deactivate your Apple account are straightforward. These include:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click on ‘Request to deactivate your account’ under the ‘Temporarily deactivate your account section.’


  1. Choose a reason for deactivating your Apple or iCloud account and click ‘Continue.’
  1. Read through the next page, and click ‘Continue.’ 
  1. Read the terms and conditions, confirm you have read them, and click ‘Continue.’

After you make the request, you will receive a unique code. Keep this code safe; you will need it to reactivate your Apple ID later.

How to Delete iPhone iCloud Account?

Deleting your iCloud account means wiping all your iCloud files, links, and attachments. This account is already linked to your Apple ID automatically. Hence, you must also delete your Apple ID to proceed further. 

However, an Apple ID is crucial for using all Apple services. It means you will lose access to all Apple features by deleting them. This will also remove all stored data, contacts, and even settings.

If this is what you want, follow these steps to learn how do you delete your Apple ID on your iPhone: 

  1. Go to the Apple Privacy Homepage and sign in with your official Apple ID.


  1. Select ‘Delete your account’ under ‘Manage your data.’
  1. Choose a reason for deciding to delete your account and click ‘Continue.’
  1. Provide a specific contact method through which Apple can send you the deletion information. This contact must also be able to provide you with the access code for the deletion request.
  2. Select the ‘delete account’ option. The process will take around 7 days.
  3. Delete your Apple ID from all devices and sign out of ‘iTunes & App Store’ in settings.

What Makes Neo a Better Alternative to Apple Email? 

Once you deactivate Apple account or decide to delete it, you may not want to open another account with the same service provider. So, why not try working with another email service provider that offers you more advanced features? 

Neo is one of the leading business email platforms that streamlines business communication and email management. This platform helps you build your brand with a custom domain and offers several powerful features like read receipts and a built-in calendar to enhance your email experience.

Here are some excellent features that set Neo apart:

  1. Custom Domain

You don’t need to stress if you do not have a custom domain. Neo provides a free domain ( instantly to create a business email address. You can also link your email account with your existing domain.

  1. One-Page Site

Neo offers a free onе-page website to enhance your digital presence. This page always corresponds with your company email address.

  1. Shared Calendar

Neo’s built-in calendar can be shared with your colleagues, enabling effective schedule management.

  1. Book an Appointment 

With a built-in calendar and Neo Bookings, users can easily schedule and set up appointments. 

  1. Read Rеceipt

Neo’s ‘read receipt’ feature notifies you when someone opens your emails or attachments, so you no longer need to wonder if your emails have been read.

  1. Pre-Built Email Templates

Save time with various preloaded email templates. Neo also saves frequently sent emails as custom templates for later reuse.

  1. Follow-Up Reminder

This feature helps you connect with your customers without delay if you do not receive a response.

  1. Signature Designer 

With the most beautiful templates, your email signature will stand out among the crowd. You can also add your links, photos, and contact details. 

  1. Undo Send 

Avoid typos or missing attachments by using Neo’s ‘undo send’ feature. Simply remove the email address and make the necessary changes.

  1. Email Alias 

Create a specific email alias with Neo to hide your real email address. This option is useful when you do not want to share it on other sites. 

Comparison Table: Apple Mail Vs. Neo

Now that we understand the specificities of Neo and Apple mail, let's compare them in the table below.

Provider Our Rating Our Reviews Key Features
Apple 3.9/5 stars Limited storage, lacks advanced features Third-party email support, Quick search, Unified inbox, Connectivity with all Apple services
Neo 4.7/5 stars One of the best business email platforms that allows domain registration. Backed with top-notch security features, it offers its iOS and Android apps. It can be easily accessed through its webmail. Efficient email management, Snooze, Integrations with other apps, Read receipts


As discussed in this guide, the steps to deactivate Apple account or delete it are straightforward and permanent. It might be an excellent option for you when leaving your older account and creating a new one. 

Having knowledge of how do you delete your Apple ID ensures you do not need help from third parties to proceed with the process. 

However, it often makes more sense to deactivate your account unless you never plan to access it again. Make sure to back up your iCloud data before proceeding with either step. Meanwhile, consider switching to Neo for more advanced email features and the ability to create business emails with custom domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I deactivate my Apple account?

Deactivating your Apple account is easy. All you need to do is sign in to your Apple ID at on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Then, select ‘Request to delete your account.’ Remember, this process is permanent and cannot be undone.

2. Can Apple disable my account?

You can deactivate Apple account, but Apple cannot do this on your behalf. However, Apple can temporarily disable your account automatically for security reasons. During this time, you won’t be able to sign in to any Apple services.

3. How can I delete my old Apple ID and create a new one?

Go to the official Apple store online and tap the ‘ My Account’ option. Select ‘Create New Apple ID.’ If you don’t see this option, check if you are already signed out of iCloud. Enter your payment method and billing information before proceeding.

4. How can I unlink my Apple account?

To unlink your Apple account, go to Settings, tap your name, then select ‘Media & Purchases.’ Tap ‘View Account’ and sign in if needed. Scroll down to find the option to remove the device.

5. Do Apple IDs get terminated?

Yes, certain Apple IDs can be terminated. Failure to provide current, complete, and accurate service registration data may result in suspension or termination of your Apple ID.

6. What are the alternatives to Apple cloud storage?

Choosing a cloud storage provider can be challenging due to the many options available. Besides price, consider other important features. If you want to combine data security and privacy with flexible pricing and storage plans, consider switching to Neo.

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