Free Email Hosting Custom Domain : Step by Step Guide

Manali K
August 18, 2023
7 Minutes
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What, Who, Why and How: The 4 Pillars of Email Hosting on a Custom Domain

What is Email Hosting?

What makes email unique is that it remains a truly decentralized technology where anyone connected to the internet can theoretically own and manage their email, rather than closed ecosystem-based products that we have gotten used to in the last two decades; of course, for convenience, security, and reliability, most of us today choose a reputable service provider like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to host our emails. This service is commonly referred to as email hosting.

With email hosting, businesses or individuals can have a unique email address that matches their domain (e.g., It provides a more professional look, which is especially critical for businesses establishing trust and credibility. Moreover, these hosted services often have enhanced security features, storage capabilities, and advanced tools that personal email services might not offer. Think of it as the difference between renting a room in a shared house and having your apartment – both provide shelter, but one gives you more control and customization.

Why Set up Email Hosting On a Custom Domain Name?

Professional Image: Using a custom domain for your email, like, simply looks more professional than a generic email address. It shows that you take your business or brand seriously, which can give your clients or customers more confidence in working with you.

Control Over Addresses: When you have your domain, you can decide what email addresses you want to use. For example, you can have different addresses for different parts of your business, like or This can help you organize your emails and ensure the right messages get to the right people.

Better Security: Email hosting on a custom domain often has extra security features. These can include strong spam filters, virus scanning, and encryption to keep your emails safe. Plus, having your domain can help protect you from phishing attempts, as it's harder for scammers to fake your email address.

Customization and Branding: You can tailor your email communications to fit your brand with a custom domain. You might add a custom email signature, use branded email templates, or even customize the look of your webmail page. These touches can help make your brand more memorable and consistent.

Who Benefits from Email Hosting?

Ever thought about why Joe, the freelance writer next door, hands over a business card with an email address ending in ''? Or why Sarah's cozy bookstore sends you newsletters from ''? Here's a peek into the world of email hosting and why different folks are hopping on board:

  1. Freelancers like Joe: A customized email is more than just a fancy addition for freelancers. It's their way of saying, "I take my work seriously." Just as Joe has his writing style, he wants his email to have its unique touch. Plus, when pitching to clients, an email from his domain can be the edge he needs to look uber-professional.
  1. Solopreneurs: Think of Sarah and her bookstore. She's not a tech guru, but she understands the value of a personal touch. When she sends you an update about the latest thriller novel, she wants it to feel like a message from a friend, not a generic brand. Her store's custom email helps achieve that.
  1. Small businesses: These growing businesses, with a team expanding faster than you'd think, need their operations smooth. As they transition from that small team, they feel a professional email system ensures everyone's on the same page, literally and figuratively.
  1. The Big Leagues: With their large teams and myriad departments, the industry giants cannot afford slip ups. For them, robust email hosting ensures that every communication is secure as a vault, and their brand game is always on point.

So, the next time you see a custom email address, know there's a story behind it. It's about putting their best foot forward in the digital world, from freelancers to big corporations.

How to set up Free Email Hosting with Custom Domain: Step-by-step guide.

1: Neo

[recommended for users who don’t already own a domain]

Neo provides an easy solution for those looking to set up email hosting on a custom domain. With Neo, you can set up your email on an existing domain or use a new web domain that you can access via Neo. space. It's user-friendly and secure, with a strong focus on data protection. Neo also offers robust customer support and is compatible with iOS and Android. On top of that, it comes with useful features like spam filtering and email forwarding. In short, Neo has everything you need for a professional and streamlined email experience.

Price: Starting at $1.99 per user per month.
Storage Capacity: 10 to 50 GB for emails.
Free Trial Period: 1-month free trial
Set up-process
  1. Head over to
  1. Click on the button to start your free trial. If you don’t already have a domain name, Neo will give you a free domain name to get started along with a paid subscription easily.
  1. Choose from the options below based on whether you already own a domain name.
Step 3 image
  1. Setup your account
  1. Pick the plan that works best for you, and check out to get started with the Neo experience.

2: Google Workspace

[professional collaboration for larger teams if you own a domain name already]

Google Workspace is a solid choice if you're looking for a good email hosting solution. It's like using Gmail but with your custom domain. So, it's dependable and professional. Plus, it works on both Android and Apple devices, so you're covered no matter what you use. It also has some really good spam filters, and it's packed with cool email features that are great for businesses. 

Price: Starts at $6
Storage Capacity: G0 GB
Free Trial Period: 15 Days
Set-up Process
  1. Visit the Official Google Workspace Website:(
  1. Hit the "Free Trial" button.
  1. Choose a domain for yourself.
  1. Add your business information.
  1. Set up your Google Workspace account after selecting a suitable plan.

3: Outlook

[Complex set-up, suitable for large-scale organizations]

Outlook combines the strength of Microsoft with the uniqueness of a custom domain, creating a powerful tool for businesses. And if you're worried about compatibility, don't be - it works great on Windows, iOS, and Android. Look a little closer and find top-notch spam protection and advanced features made just for businesses.

Price: It starts at a quite reasonable $5 per user per month.
Storage Capacity: 50 GB mailbox and 1 TB of OneDrive storage.
Free Trial Period: 1-month free trial.
Set up process
  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 website & Choose the suitable plan.
  1. Purchase a subscription

3. Set up the domain and email

4. Access your email account


Picking the right email hosting service, especially one that lets you flaunt a custom domain, is more than just sending emails—it's about stamping your brand's identity and professionalism on every message you shoot out. Whether you're vibing with Neo's user-friendly vibes, digging Google Workspace's hefty toolbox, or feeling secure with the tried-and-true Outlook by Microsoft, it's all about what feels right for your business. So, take a breather, think about what you need, and remember: it's not just about now but where you see your business in the future. Cheers to clearer, classier communications!

Quick Heads-up!

All these providers tweak their offerings occasionally—be it features, pricing, you name it. So, if you plan on diving in, do yourself a favor and hop over to their official websites to get the latest scoop. Happy emailing!

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