InMotion Hosting Email Services: Plans, Pricing, and Review | 2024

April 27, 2024
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April 27, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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InMotion Hosting is one of the leading providers of web hosting services. It aims to offer the fastest, secure, and reliable web hosting services for any website with additional benefits, like a free SSL certificate, WordPress website builder, free professional email services, and 24x7 US customer support. 

However, there is a difference between email hosting and website hosting. Web hosting is a service where the provider offers a physical computer or server space to launch your website on the World Wide Web. However, email hosting is a service where the provider rents out server space dedicated only to email data. 

Now, InMotion Hosting offers web hosting along with email hosting services. You can easily get your custom domain and build as many addresses as you want using the custom domain. Let's learn more about InMotion email hosting and its features. 

InMotion Hosting Email Services Features

InMotion Hosting's email service is incorporated into its shared hosting plans. These email services support spam protection and SSL encryption, guaranteeing safe business communication. Furthermore, you can easily manage these email solutions from InMotion Hosting's cPanel. To access advanced collaborative tools, you can integrate InMotion Hosting email services with Google Workspace.

1. Personalized email addresses for the domain

InMotion Hosting’s solution allows you to create a professional email inbox tailored to your domain. For example, you can create a professional email with the format This functionality improves brand reliability and facilitates a more professional medium of communication with customers and clients. Regardless of your hosting plan, you can create multiple email addresses. Hence, InMotion Hosting suits different business sizes and caters to varied business requirements.

2. Free Business Emails 

Business emails are crucial to establishing a connection with your website’s visitors. Customers may not prefer interacting with a generic email ID; using business emails increases conversion rates. With InMotion Hosting, you can access unlimited business email accounts for your account.

3. Storage And Ease Of Access For Emails

Each plan provides a unique storage capacity per inbox. You get 1GB storage capacity per inbox if you choose its Core plan. The Pro plan offers up to 20GB storage capacity per inbox, giving you enough space for email service and attachments. The storage capacities ranging from 1GB to 20GB for each inbox suggest that InMotion enables scalability as email communication requirements surge.

You can conveniently access email accounts on any device. So, you get flexibility and are ensured with constant connectivity that streamlines your business activities. The ease of accessibility facilitates cross-device compatibility that ultimately enhances business communication.

4. Web Hosting Plans’ Integration

InMotion Hosting price varies for each plan based on the features provided. After determining the plan, you can seamlessly integrate it with the email services. You can directly manage your created email accounts from cPanel. The centralized management by InMotion Hosting streamlines organizational tasks like creating new accounts, handling storage, and configuring email settings. Managing email accounts via cPanel significantly benefits non-technical users. It also provides cutting-edge features to tech-savvy users.

 5. Email Security

With security as a top priority, InMotion Hosting ensures spam protection. The feature filters out unnecessary emails and thus curtails the threat of phishing attacks. Moreover, its hosting email service also provides SSL encryption to encrypt data sent/received between the client and the email service. Hence, your sensitive data will always remain confidential.

6. Unlimited Bandwidth

The plans offer different bandwidths based on the specific features and InMotion Hosting price. Most of the plans provide unlimited bandwidth. This ensures that data transfer restrictions do not compromise its email solutions. The provision of unlimited bandwidth benefits those businesses that deal with huge volumes of email traffic.

7. Improved Performance

The reliable server infrastructure of InMotion Hosting ensures robust performance. The high server speeds guarantee swift email delivery and reception. Hence, business communications happen timely.

8. Professional Customer Support

InMotion Hosting’s email services are renowned for providing 24/7/365 customer support. The support helps you solve your queries about the following aspects:

  • Creating email accounts
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Optimization of email settings for improved performance

You can approach its customer support team via different modes of communication. For instance, you can contact them via email, live chat, or phone calls. You are assured of timely solutions to your web hosting or email service queries.

9. Google Workspace Integration

InMotion Hosting email services provide integration with Google Workspace. This functionality is especially suitable for those businesses that require more advanced email solutions. Furthermore, this integration offers easy access to professional email communication via Gmail. It also provides access to various collaborative tools like Google Drive and Google Meet. Consequently, the integration enhances team collaboration and overall business productivity.

Alternatives of InMotion Hosting Email Services

Here is a list of all InMotion Hosting alternatives that provide services as good as or better than InMotion Hosting in some cases. 

1. Neo

Neo's email platform offers professional email addresses that help businesses strengthen their brand. It contains powerful features and functionality to build custom email addresses that streamline business communication. Neo also offers custom domains that help make your business’ credibility with customers.

It offers different email templates to draft professional emails and even Smart Write, an AI-writing assistant, to write the emails according to the tonality or format required. Moreover, Neo’s service prevents specific email senders or whole domains from landing in your inbox. Its security features advanced anti-spam and secures your emails under lock and key with Two-Factor Authentication. Gmail sync ensures incoming emails directly reach your Neo inbox. All these features enhance your business communication and strengthen customer relationships.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost’s email service is compatible with any domain name you have. It is irrespective of whether it’s hosted, registered, or parked somewhere else. Offering affordable web hosting solutions makes DreamHost an outstanding choice for people on a tight budget. It provides reliable hosting, easy setup, and security features (including free SSL certificates). The email services also include unlimited bandwidth benefits. 

It caters to personal websites, startups, and small businesses seeking cost-effective hosting options. Its user-friendly portal makes it easy to access all features in one place. Its straightforward platform enhances day-to-day business communication. The quick and all-inclusive migration efficiently handles website transfers. 

3. SiteGround

You benefit from unlimited free email accounts for your domain name in all SiteGround hosting plans. It provides reliable hosting, robust security, and a hassle-free WordPress setup. If you want premium hosting email services at affordable prices, SiteGround is a suitable option. 

Its support team quickly fixes technical issues. The all-inclusive Site Migration support assists users in rapidly migrating their websites from other hosts. Features like free SSL and daily backups keep your website safe. Moreover, high server uptime and exceptional reliability keep your websites running smoothly.

4. Bluehost

Like InMotion Hosting, Bluehost provides professional email addresses matching your domain to boost your business’ credibility. You get a professional email and a free domain for one year. It gives easily manageable, trustworthy web hosting that ensures steady performance. Its plans streamline your website’s growth and let it run smoothly. The security features like daily backups and wildcard SSL ensure exceptional security. 

Other remarkable features include an integrated calendar, task management, address book, WordPress Integration, quick setup, and 24/7 support.

5. WPX

WPX hosting is preferred whether running a business website or a personal blog. It offers professional email solutions that suit your business requirements. It provides unlimited email boxes for each website you own.

Its speed and support make it an excellent choice for websites witnessing high traffic. With robust performance, easy-to-use features, and quick customer support, it helps your website easily manage heavy traffic. WPX offers free CDN for worldwide reach, malware removal, automated updates, SSL, and daily backups to ensure your site’s safety. Professional migration services simplify migrating websites without delays. 

6. Hostinger

Hostinger offers innovative security measures to protect your email against phishing attacks, malware, and spam. The hosting email services are set up quickly, operate fast, and ensure reliability. The scalable plans provide solutions regardless of your hosting needs. Hostinger’s services are suitable for all users, and they have easy WordPress installations, free SSL certificates, intuitive tools, and 24/7 support.


All IONOS email hosting plans have a robust spam filter and virus scanner. The company offers various hosting options for businesses with different requirements and budgets.

With data protection, scalable options, and 24/7 expert support, IONOS fulfills all web hosting needs. The hosting packages include SSL certificates, free domain registration, email accounts, and domain transfers. Hence, IONOS is a comprehensive choice for expanding your online presence and enhancing business communication. The reliable uptime assures that websites stay up and accessible.

Comparison Of Alternatives of Inmotion Hosting Email Services

Sr. No. Hosting services Unique feature(s)
1 Neo Enhances brand’s reputation, simple interface, exceptional security
2 DreamHost Affordable web hosting solutions, easy setup, quick website migration
3 SiteGround Robust security, high server uptime, unlimited free email accounts
4 Bluehost Easy WordPress Integration, quick setup, exceptional security
5 WPX Unlimited email boxes for each website, quick customer support, heavy traffic website handling
6 Hostinger Innovative security features, intuitive tools, robust security
7 IONOS Reliable uptime, add-free, free domain registration


InMotion Hosting fulfills the need for professional and reliable email solutions with its all-inclusive features. These features cater to businesses of different sizes. It boasts ample storage, powerful security, domain-specific email addresses, Google Workspace integration, and professional support. These aspects improve business communication and productivity. All the technical facets managed by InMotion Hosting’s email solutions focus on user accessibility and functionality. The affordable InMotion Hosting price makes the most of your investment. However, if you require different email services powered by AI at affordable rates, you should try Neo. Your business can experience outstanding growth and enhanced communication by obtaining professional email services from Neo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to access your email account from InMotion Hosting?

Before configuring your email account, you must finalize how to access it. Specifically, you can access it via a Desktop Program like Mac Mail/Outlook/Thunderbird. You can access your email account from any location via your web browser, using browser-based programs like Round Cube or Horde.  

2. Who can benefit the most from the InMotion shared hosting?

InMotion Hosting shared hosting is usually the best choice for users who require a single website or manage a small business that doesn’t need dedicated resources. When you opt for shared hosting, InMotion provides access to cPanel for straightforward account management and free email. Since the domain is free with your InMotion hosting plan, you would save on additional expenses.

3. How do you set up your account on InMotion Hosting?

To set up your account, you can use the cPanel dashboard to install your SSL certificate. Subsequently, you must begin creating and managing email accounts for team members.

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