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May 13, 2024
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May 13, 2024
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Offering various services to meet the needs of people and organizations, ( has become a major participant in the ever-changing web hosting market. Besides providing reasonably priced hosting options, has an intuitive user interface, an extensive feature set, and AI-driven technologies. 

With a straightforward email, website, and WordPress hosting platform, you can find an easy solution to all your problems. This comprehensive guide of explores its features, pricing options, setup procedures, and customer reviews. Excited to know more about this platform? Let’s get started on understanding and its features. Overview

Since 2002, ( has been a reputable hosting services provider. It enjoys a wide clientele of individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. With its headquarters in Denmark, is well-known throughout Europe and has been extending its reach internationally. provides various solutions, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and shared hosting, among other web hosting services. The company also offers domain registration facilities, website-building tools, email hosting services, and virtual shop setup, making it a one-stop destination. 

People with little technical know-how will find's user-friendly control panel and easy-to-use website builder intriguing. Additionally, the company provides online marketing services by partnering with various industry leaders, like Marketgoo and Google Ads.

Services Offered By has several useful features designed to make your brand scalable and optimize operations. Here are some of its most noteworthy features:

1. Website Hosting Plans offers a selection of web and email hosting services to suit various requirements and budgets. With dependable performance and necessary features, including an SSL certificate and user-friendly cPanel, at a reasonable price, any of’s hosting services are perfect. It is also in the process of providing scalable VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server solutions shortly.

2. Website Builder

Among's best features is its easy-to-use website builder. With this tool, anyone can easily build professional websites, even without technical knowledge. Furthermore, with over 40 editable templates, this complimentary tool provides drag-and-drop website creation options that are also mobile-friendly. 

3. Performance Optimization prioritizes its website's performance by using various optimization strategies. These include server-level improvements to guarantee seamless operations during busy times, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for effective content distribution with some of its WordPress plans, and caching systems to shorten page loads.

4. Security Features

Every hosting plan includes a free SSL certificate, allowing safe data transmission between the website and its users. provides routine backups, virus scanning, and other security procedures to shield websites from attacks and data loss.

5. Email Hosting and Management offers email hosting services in addition to web and WordPress hosting so customers can build professional email accounts linked to their domain. The email management interface is simple and provides webmail access, email forwarding, and spam screening.

6. Domain Management and Privacy Protection

By letting consumers register, transfer, and renew domains directly through their platform, streamlines domain management. Furthermore, domain privacy protection, which protects personal data from being visible in public WHOIS databases, is also available to users.

7. Developer Tools and Resources provides several information and tools for developers and sophisticated users. This covers access to programming languages like PHP, MySQL, and MariaDB. Depending on your plan, it also provides SSD storage between 50 GB and 750 GB. Moreover, if you purchase’s e-shop plan, you can access Google E-commerce Analytics and Meta Pixel analysis of your shop.

8. Trial Period

Trial periods are essential to help you ensure that your chosen plan and services meet all your needs before you are ready to commit to a paid version. Most web and email hosting companies only provide a month's trial period. However, upon purchase of, you are allowed three months to test various features and gauge their long-term usability so you can make an informed decision. Set Up Process for Website Hosting offers a simple and intuitive setup process that is understandable to new and seasoned website owners. Whether it's a basic website for personal use or a more complex option for a business, users can select from a range of hosting plans catered to their particular requirements. Follow the below procedure to create your account:

Step 1. Sign-up and Account Creation

Visit the official website


Choose the appropriate plan. Before you add the plan to your cart, carefully compare them and ensure your chosen plan has all the necessary tools for your business.

Step 2. Domain Registration or Transfer

You can move an existing domain to or register a new one. also provides an easy-to-use domain search engine if you need to purchase a new domain. Ideally, you should set your business’s name as your domain or something similar. The domain search tool also finds alternative and related names with different extensions and prices. 


Once you pick your name, add it to the cart and click Continue. You will also have the option of including add-ons with your plans or more domains. 


Fill in your personal information and payment details, and confirm your order. Then, pay for your plan and enjoy all its benefits. 

Things To Note

Along with your plan, you can also take advantage of several other features, including:

1. Website Builder or Manual Installation

Upon obtaining the domain, customers can manually install a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or use's user-friendly website creator. The website builder provides a range of editable templates and drag-and-drop capability, is a popular option for people looking for a fast and simple approach to creating an online presence.

2. Control Panel and Management Interface

The control panel at acts as the main center for administering and managing the domain, email account, website, and other hosted services. The panel's simple and understandable design facilitates easy navigation for required configurations.

Additionally, website file management, database management, email account setup, and access to sophisticated security and speed optimization features are some of the capabilities of's control panel. The control panel also offers insights into website traffic to help users properly monitor and optimize their online presence. Pricing Plans

Here's an overview of's pricing plans for its web hosting service, including Guru, Pro, Enthusiast, Explorer, Beginner, and Best for Small Projects, with details on pricing and what's included:

Features Guru Enthusiast Explorer Beginner
Price (after 3 month free trial period) $26.99/ month $17.99 /mo $12.99 /mo $6.99 /mo
Website supported 10 website 10 websites 1 website 1 website
Data transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of domains supported 10 5 1 1
SSD Storage 750 GB 200 GB 100 GB 50 GB
SEO optimizer Integrated with the plan Available as an add-on Available as an add-on Available as an add-on
Data backup Daily Daily Daily Daily
Ideal for Mid-sized to large-sized businesses Small business or solo entrepreneurs Independent bloggers Beginners exploring their options and for small projects's pricing plans offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets, from small personal projects to larger business websites. The plans vary regarding the number of websites allowed, data transfer, email accounts, storage, and advanced features like daily backups and performance optimizations. Email Hosting Features

While offers resilient web hosting plans and features, it also offers email hosting. Let’s look at some of the features of email hosting plans: 

  1. Send emails and organize meetings with webmail and calendar services 
  2. The service is completely ad-free, supporting excellent spam filters and built-in security features to avoid cyber attacks. 
  3. Allows creation of personalized email addresses to create a good and professional impression at low-cost domain registration. 
  4. Supports an in-built import tool, you ensure seamless data migration from external email service providers, like Gmail and Outlook. 
  5. Allows hosting integration with third-party email clients, like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. 
  6. The webmail comes with a user-friendly interface and an organized inbox. 
  7. Provides an AI assistant powered by ChatGPT to write professional email messages, save time, and overcome writer’s block. 
  8. Offers myriad customization options, like dark mode, color themes, and a reading pane. 
  9. It also offers storage add-ons, backup and restore functionality, synchronization on all devices, and 24/7 customer support. Process to Set Up Email Hosting

Here is how you can get started with email hosting plans: 

Step 1. Select one of the plans that meets your business requirements. 

Step 2. Click on Get Started and enter your domain name. If you don’t have one, you search for your desired domain name and complete the purchase. 

Step 3. Select the add-ons that you require to meet your business needs. You can choose between a web hosting plan and an email unlimited plan. However, you can skip this step if you don’t require anything else. 


Step 4. Add your billing details and then complete the payment procedure.

Step 5. That’s it. Once the registration and payment are completed, the service provider will email your registered email address to set up an email address for your email hosting account. Email Hosting Plans offers two email hosting plans: Email Unlimited and Email Essential. Let’s look at the features offered in the plans: 

Features Email Unlimited Email Essentials
Price $16.47 for three months $0 for three months
Key features Migration services are available, such as feature-rich webmail, AI writing assistant, ad-free email, spam filter, easy access from any device, unlimited account sizes, and unlimited inbox sizes. Easy migration, webmail, AI-writing assistant, ad-free email, spam filter, 15GB email storage, 5 email accounts, and 3GB mailbox sizes.

Alternative to Presenting Neo

While is a powerful hosting tool, it has its fair share of disadvantages, especially its email hosting services, which provide basic email functionality. An alternative platform to could be Neo. Contrary to, Neo is specially made for businesses leveraging their email platforms for effective marketing and management.

Key Features of Neo

Some of the features of Neo are as follows:

  • Robust webmail with Android and iOS support,
  • Antivirus and antispam protection,
  • Calendar integration and scheduling features,
  • Complementary domain and one-page website,
  • Email campaign tools and email templates. 

Conclusion offers a strong argument for people and companies looking for a dependable, easy-to-use web and email hosting option. Its extensive selection of hosting plans meets a wide range of demands and budgets, including anything from powerful shared hosting to e-shop builder. Neo is a great option if you are looking for alternatives to or a dedicated email platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can people with little technological experience or those who want to explore website hosting use

Beginners or those with little technical expertise will find a great option. Easy to use and intuitive, the platform provides a simple website builder and a setup procedure. Its control panel is also comprehensible, making managing your website, domain, email accounts, and other hosted services less challenging. 

2. How do you send newsletters through’s email hosting services?

Here are some tips you can follow to send newsletters through email hosting services: 

  • Only send the newsletters to recipients who are in your email lists. 
  • Add an unsubscribe option to make it easier for users who don’t want to receive your emails to unsubscribe. 
  • Spam filters check all emails, so avoid suspicious emails that lead your email to the spam box. 

3. Can I send emails in bulk through 

Yes, you can, but you must send emails in batches.’s email servers allow users to send 25 emails every 5 minutes or to 250 recipients every 5 minutes.

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