Protonmail Signup, Pricing, and Plans - Comprehensive Guide

March 4, 2024
15 Minutes
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March 4, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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In digital communication, securing online conversations is paramount, especially amidst the ‘FREE accounts’ on Gmail or Yahoo. Enter ProtonMail, akin to Signal, is a robust and secure option in email services, offering the utmost privacy for email communications with end-to-end encryption. 

But what sets the ProtonMail apart from other email service providers? As per reports, around 41% of global searches are for email services that protect privacy. Gmail is one of the most popular email providers; its services are flexible but less secure. ProtonMail is an emerging alternative to Gmail that offers free encrypted email service and respects privacy with end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption.

Let's learn more as we explore ProtonMail pricing and features. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to understand how to implement it for your business.

Key Features That Sets ProtonMail Apart

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland. It was launched in 2014 by a group of scientists and engineers from CERN. Strict Swiss laws and neutrality protect the service.

Meaning, it is designed to provide end-to-end encryption, which means only the sender and recipient of an email can decrypt and read the contents of your emails. 

Choosing ProtonMail sign-up has gained immense popularity among users seeking a secure communication platform. Here, let us delve into some of ProtonMail’s distinctive features that set it apart from other email service providers.

End-to-end Encryption 

ProtonMail’s standout feature is its end-to-end encryption. Encryption respects privacy and puts people first, not the advertisers. So, you can be assured that your data belongs to you and no one can access your inbox. 

Transparency and Security Audits 

When you opt for ProtonMail signup, you are also opting for a strong commitment to their transparency and security audits. They have undergone independent security audits by third-party professionals to find and address potential vulnerabilities.

User-Friendly Interface 

ProtonMail offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to technical and non-technical subscribers. It also enables email filters, labels, and folders to assist users in organizing their inboxes effortlessly. 

Two-Password Mode 

ProtonMail’s unique security feature, two-password mode, allows users to set separate passwords for their encryption keys and mailbox. It adds a layer of security by adding an extra protective layer to safeguard sensitive data.

Compatibility with Other Email Providers 

Apart from its built-in dedicated web interface and mobile apps, ProtonMail supports conventional email protocols (IMAP and SMTP). This seamless compatibility enables users to access their accounts from various email clients, making a more convenient workflow.

ProtonMail For Business

The ProtonMail for businesses includes additional collaborating and management features, including catch-all email addresses, centralized user management, and multi-user support. Besides, ProtonVPN protects the users using ProtonMail and breaks down the barriers of Internet censorship. 

Therefore, ProtonMail seamlessly integrates with ProtonVPN, enabling users to secure email communication while ensuring their internet traffic and virtual activities are encrypted.

Zero-Access Architecture 

Protonmail has a zero-access architecture, which indicates that even the official team cannot access the contents of your email. It ensures that emails are protected throughout the communication process, with automatic encouragement, and accessible to individuals without technical expertise. 

Advanced Inbox 

ProtonMail offers an advanced inbox with different features like an integrated calendar, automation, and easy management of contacts. You can sort the incoming emails through filters, customize your inbox appearance, and personalize it with your favorite folder colors, layout, and themes.  

Advanced Protection Under Swiss Jurisdiction 

At the moment, ProtonMail is one of the safest email platforms available in the market. With servers in Switzerland, all your data is protected by the Swiss Federal DPA (Data Protection Act) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). Both laws offer robust privacy protection, involving a country order from the Cantonal Court of the General that includes revised limited user information.

Two-Factor Authentication 

Once you opt for ProtonMail signup, you can be relieved to know that you are eliminating the risk of guessing your password. It means every login process will be verified, and you will be notified every time. As a result, you will get an instant alert when an unauthorized person tries to access your account and will be quick to intervene immediately.

Open-Source Cryptography 

ProtonMail’s open-source code allows security experts and broader communities to scrutinize the domain for potential weaknesses or other vulnerabilities. In this way, the email service provider builds trust and transparency, ensuring integrity and encouraging the integration and development of third-party applications.

SSL Secured Connections 

Every message sent from your system to ProtonMail’s servers is completely encrypted. The SSL-secured connections ensure that third-party integrations do not impact the web page. The authority of SSL certification is QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG, one of the leading SSL certificate issuers.

Self-Destructing Emails 

When you go for ProtonMail signup, you can send self-destructing emails or expiring emails. With this feature, you can set an expiration time for an email after it becomes inaccessible to the recipient and sender. This feature is highly applicable to sending sensitive or time-sensitive information. 

Step-by-Step Guide to ProtonMail Sign-Up

Here’s your comprehensive guide to discovering how to go for ProtonMail sign-up to expedite the process and quickly set up ProtonMail for your business. 

Step 1: Sign up for ProtonMail for a Business Plan. 

You'll require two things to start with ProtonMail signup for your business: Custom Domain and ProtonMail Business plan. You can create your custom domain name from domain name registrars like Neo, GoDaddy, and Namecheap. You must sign up for ProtonMail by selecting one of their business plans. 

Step 2: Set up Your Domain 

Log in to your ProtonMail account, click the Settings button, and then Go to Settings. Now, select Domain Names in the left sidebar, then under the Domain Names section, click on Add Domain. Use the setup wizard to complete your domain name configuration. 

Step 3: Build Your Organization 

Now, you must create your organization. Click on Settings, select Go to Settings, and choose Multi-User Support. Click on Enable Multi-User Support. Now, enter your organization name and choose the organization's encryption key standards. The key will be required to encrypt emails exchanged between your team members.  

Also, you'll have to set a password for your organization that will prevent even ProtonMail from accessing your key. You can allocate storage space to your administrator account, allowing you to store emails, attachments, and files. 

Step 4: Set up New Users 

After setting up the administrator account, it is time to add new users, which will provide your employees with their ProtonMail account. For this, you must click on Settings again, choose Go to Settings, select Users and Addresses, and click the Add Users option.

Now, fill in the details, like name, email address, and password, to create a new user and allocate the storage space.

Step 5: Migrate Your Existing Mails 

ProtonMail provides a distinctive option to migrate your mail from an external service provider when you choose ProtonMail signup. You can perform email migration using the Easy-Switch option, and all you need to do is click on Settings, choose Go to Settings, and select the Import-via-Easy Switch option. 

Select your service provider, and Easy Switch will work in the background. It will automatically encrypt the data as migrated to your ProtonMail account. 

Understanding ProtonMail Plans and Pricing 

ProtonMail pricing offers three distinctive plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Let's focus on the business plans

Under business plans, ProtonMail offers three categories: Mail Essentials, Businesses, and Enterprises. Also, the pricing differs depending on the subscription period. The prices that we have mentioned are for a 12-month plan.

Mail Essentials (For $6.99/month)

This plan offers secure email and calendar services perfectly aligned for professionals and small businesses. The plan includes 15GB storage and Easy Switch import assistance with priority support. Its key features are 

  1. ProtonMail: Businesses get 10 email addresses per user with 3 custom email domains. The plan offers unlimited daily messages with unlimited folders, labels, filters, and 25MB attachment size. 
  2. Proton Calendar: The plan offers 25 calendars per user with calendar sharing and send-and-receive invitation features. 
  3. Proton Drive: With this plan, users get 15GB of storage per user with advanced sharing security and sharing files and folders via the link facility. 
  4. Proton VPN: Users get a free VPN connection in 5 countries with medium VPN speed. It offers additional features, like no-ads, strict no-log policy, unlimited bandwidth, DNS leak prevention, and router support. 
  5. Proton Pass: It offers 2 vaults, like an encrypted digital container, to store items, like login, aliases, and secured notes, and 10 hide-my-email aliases.

Businesses (For $10.99/month)

This plan offers premium ProtonMail services, including features supported in the Email Essentials plan. Let's look at the features supported by this plan other than those mentioned in the basic plan. 

  1. ProtonMail: The plan comes with 15 email addresses per user and 10 custom email domains. Other features included in the essential plans include a 25MB attachment size, HTML signature, password-protected emails, and much more. 
  2. Proton Calendar: The Proton Calendar features remain unchanged, and it comes with 25 calendars per user with end-to-end encryption, calendar sharing, and share-and-receive invitations. 
  3. Proton Drive: There is a storage upgrade where each user gets 500GB of storage space with this plan, and everything else remains the same as per the essential plan. 
  4. Proton VPN: Along with features mentioned in the essential plan, this plan comes with 10 VPN connections per user, 3000+ servers in 70+ countries, a VPN accelerator, Custom DNS, secure core servers, the highest VPN speed, and P2P/Torrent. 

Enterprises (Pricing Varies)

The enterprise plan is a customizable plan with the ProtonMail features tailored to your business needs. Businesses can access all premium services by ProtonMail with as much storage as they require. Besides, this plan has a dedicated account manager to manage and handle your queries and business demands. 

How Does Neo Stand as a Better Alternative to ProtonMail?

Neo is a growing cloud-based email marketing platform that allows businesses to send unlimited emails to any number of subscribers with just a one-time fee. Neo offers higher deliverability rates and open rates for every subscriber. Neo also claims to deliver email marketing strategies starting with the primary inbox of subscribers due to the pre-configured dedicated SMTP servers and IPS to send unlimited emails. 

The best part is Neo offers an entire suite of tools under one roof that you can utilize to boost your email marketing strategies. You can create your custom domain, draft intuitive and smart emails with Neo's AI email writer, Smart Write, and get insights about open rates with Email Tracking and other tools.

Besides, Neo has three affordable pricing tiers for businesses for three different periods (Monthly, Yearly, and Two Yearly), which start at $1.99.  

Key Features

Drag and Drop Template 

Drag and drop email template editor to access dozens of templates and create eye-catching emails.

Spam Trap Technology

In-built spam trap technology to never get blocked while sending email campaigns to your subscribers.

Embedded Subscription Form 

Collect email subscribers on your one-page website by embedding a subscription from within, customizing it based on your brand.

Automated Welcome Sequence 

Create an automated email sequence, including follow-up emails, and create precisely timed emails to your subscribers to make them feel valuable. 

List Management: 

Create unlimited list imports without restrictions and create a sequence without missing loyal members.

Reports and Analytics 

Tracked through the built-in reports and analytics to analyze your open and click-through rates, maximizing your conversions.

Comparative Analysis: ProtonMail vs. Neo

Features ProtonMail Neo
Storage Capacity 500 MB (Free), up to 500 GB (Paid) Generous 10 GB starting space, scalable to 50 GB
User Interface Distinct and minimalist design - Precise and specific theme options Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface
Custom Domain Support Available in individual and business plans Available for small businesses and large enterprises
Multi-Device Compatibility Accessible on desktop and mobile, with intuitive apps Seamless integration across desktop, tablet, and mobile
Spam and Virus Protection Encrypted, SSL-secured protection against any third-party spam and virus Robust and up-to-date spam and virus protection.
Customer Support Seamless support for both professionals and businesses 24/7 consistent customer service
Email Organization Available for paid users Available for every user
Email Categories Labels, categories, filters Labels, categories, filters
AI reply feature No Yes
Encryption and Security End-to-end encryption - No personal information is required for account creation - Operates under Swiss privacy laws State-of-the-art security with 2FA
Eco-Friendly Features Not applicable Operates on green energy, promotes eco-friendly practices

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, ProtonMail stands out as a secure and user-friendly email service that prioritizes privacy and offers a wide range of features to meet diverse user needs. When you opt for ProtonMail and sign up for a premium subscription, they will offer you a reliable and private communication platform. 

However, the expensive price might not be affordable for everyone. In such circumstances, you can readily opt for Neo email services, which allow for ease of use with the economic price tag. From private inboxes and follow-up reminders to pre-designed email templates and Smart AI to draft error-free and engaging emails, the reliable features of Neo email will ensure that your business scales smoothly to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can Proton emails be hacked?

Proton’s custom-built PhishGuard system is carved to detect and flag potential threats without relying on scanning the contents of the emails (due to the end-to-end encryption). It means when you opt for a ProtonMail sign-up, image-based hacking is not more effective than any other phishing email.

Q2. Why is ProtonMail not suitable for everyone?

The major limitation of ProtonMail is that the cost of a premium subscription or paid plan is expensive compared to other email service providers.

Q3. What is better than ProtonMail?

Neo emerges as a prominent alternative to ProtonMail sign-up. Neo is celebrated for its strong security features, end-to-end encryption, and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is widely recognized among small businesses, start-ups, and solopreneurs for its affordable pricing.

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