10 AI Domain Name Generators You Should Know in 2024

June 6, 2024
14 Minutes
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June 6, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Do you want to create a website but are unsure which domain name to select? A domain name is an essential part of a website; coming up with a name representing your business or organization can be challenging. Finding the perfect domain name that matches your project might be frustrating because many of them are already taken. The first step to creating an optimal name for SEO ranking is ensuring it is not overly competitive. The second step is to figure out whether anybody else on the market with the same idea or not.

Don’t worry if the chosen domain name doesn’t match your imagination; we are here to help you. Explore these 10 domain name generators list curated to help you find the perfect domain name for your business. These tools are designed to inspire creative domain name ideas.

10 Best Domain Name Generator

Verify the availability of your chosen domain name by using domain name generators. You can additionally receive suggestions for domain names by entering specific keywords.

Most domain name generators recommend names with popular top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, and .net, along with TLDs specific to certain countries like .us and .uk. To refine your results, you can also apply filters to limit the TLD choices.

Look at our ranking of the top domain name generators for the year 2024.

1. Neo

For individuals wanting to set up a free custom domain, Neo offers a simple solution. Neo allows you to use a new .co.site web domain that you can access via Neo space or set up your website or email on an existing domain. 

Prioritizing data protection, Neo ensures a secure and user-friendly experience. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Neo also excels in customer service. Practical features, including email forwarding and spam filtering, provide a seamless and professional email experience. In summary, Neo offers all the features you need for a business-like email experience.

Key Features

  • Neo allows you to move forward with or without an established domain.
  • Neo offers trustworthy support that answers queries regarding domain names.
  • Neo provides a one-page website domain sent within minutes.


A one-page website domain starts at $1.75 per month; a free trial is also available.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is a platform for finding domains and generating company names. Their customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with every step of the process, from selecting the ideal domain name to resolving all issues.

You can access everything you need for a domain name search using the ‘Beast mode.’ Simply click on the desired top-level domain extensions, enter a few keywords, choose a price range, and click "Transform Options" to make modifications. When using Namecheap, you also have the option to enter domain names instead of just keywords.

Key Features

  • Simple, three-step domain transfers that are free of difficulties.
  • Enables visitors to view live auctioned domains.
  • It provides blockchain-backed handshake domains.


Domain extensions are available from the provider for $0.99 to $10.98 annually.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers over 500 domain extensions suitable for businesses and various websites. It features a domain name generator that searches for existing domain names and suggests several alternatives. Additionally, GoDaddy provides paid domains, allowing you to customize the checkout page to align with your website's specifications.

Their easy-to-use interface is what has gained them so much popularity. A simple search bar at the top invites users to find the perfect domain name. GoDaddy offers an excellent starting point for your domain name search with a straightforward, easy-to-use search and purchase process.

Key Features

  • It allows bulk domain transfers from other providers without difficulty.
  • It compiles a thorough list of domain auctions for convenient viewing.
  • Provides domain appraisals to assist users in selling or renewing their domains at the best prices.


You can pay $2 to $20 a year for a domain name from GoDaddy. 

4. Nameboy

Nameboy offers a domain name generator tool and other apps such as a podcast name generator, startup name generator, and business name generator.

Domains ending in ".com" is the focus of this discussion. The search results include several top-level domains, but they don't overpower you with a lengthy list of unimportant extensions. Nameboy is the best option if you search for domains ending with “.com.” As a comprehensive name generator, Nameboy consolidates all potential domain names in a single, central location. When you seek a straightforward search without excessive options, visit Nameboy for plenty of suggestions.

Key Features

  • Provides materials as a resource for creating domain names.
  • It uses AI to produce keywords to create the best domain names.
  • Indicates suggestions for creating a domain name while you search.


Anyone can use the Nameboy domain name generator, as it is free. 

5. Zyro

Zyro, a subsidiary of Hostinger, offers all its users email hosting, website creation, and AI domain name registration. It provides reliable and cost-free web hosting with a user-friendly interface and controls. Zyro assists users in decision-making by indicating the meaning of each TLD as they search for a domain name.

Zyro features a search bar at the outset. Enter your keywords here, click the button, and a page of available domain names will appear. Once you've selected your preferred domain, Zyro will guide you through registration. Zyro distinguishes itself with a simplified user interface.

Key Features

  • Quickly and easily transfers existing domains in two steps.
  • Provides an easy-to-use website builder that requires no coding.
  • Checks for domain availability and creates a company name using AI.


Domain extensions are available from $0.99/year to $15/year through Zyro.

6. Panabee

Panabee stands out with its interesting style and layout. Its aesthetics and robust functionality make it a valuable addition to this list of free domain generators. The Panabee AI domain name generator generates domain name suggestions based on the name creation method.

Enter a few keywords into their search box, and every available domain name comes with a blue heart beside it. On the other hand, taken domains are marked with a broken heart, so there's no need to scroll through an outrageously long list of results. Panabee offers memorable domain name suggestions and provides an enjoyable and captivating user experience with its graphics and stylization.

Key Features

  • Using two-word queries, Panabee is an AI business name generator that can produce ideas.
  • See words associated with your idea to avoid going to the thesaurus.
  • If the ideal name is taken, Panabee offers alternatives motivated by your original concept.


Panabee provides a free domain search service.

7. Business Name Generator

To enhance the generated suggestions, Business Name Generator offers AI various filtering options in addition to domain name ideas. The domain name keywords are customizable through the Filters setting, allowing you to set word counts, maximum character counts, keyword placements, and even word rhyming. The extensions setting provides control over the domain name, supporting well-known extensions like .com and .net and obscure ones like .uno, .cheap, and .buzz.

Key Features

  • There are several filter choices available.
  • Verifies the availability of domains.
  • Possibility of purchasing the domain name.
  • Generates names in every niche.
  • Support for multiple languages.


Business name generator provides free service.

8. TRUiC

With TRUiC, a free domain name generator, you can discover a localized domain name. Simply enter a city or state and two or more keywords in the corresponding fields. Then, choose an extension from the drop-down menu.

The results will display available domains based on location, alternative words, and keywords. Moreover, they provide the corresponding company name for each domain, aiding in creating original company names.

By scrolling down, you can see all of the results or see more domains. To save the domain name choices you like, click the heart icon on any result.

Key Features

  • To generate a business domain name, the generator uses keywords that the user enters about their business idea.
  • In contrast to numerous other tools, the TRUiC generator allows for infinite search attempts, allowing users to check various keyword combinations freely.
  • Favorite names can be tagged and saved by users for later thought.


The TRUiC name generator is free of cost.

9. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is a straightforward tool for searching domain names. Type in your search terms and select your preferred extensions from the drop-down menu next to the search box. This tool supports fifteen extensions, including .blog, .us, and .online.

The results list only available domain names and suggestions with relevant word usage. To purchase a name from the associated domain registrar, click the "View Details" button. If you cannot find a suitable name, the tool also suggests relevant keywords. Choose one of the suggestions, and the tool will provide additional domain concepts based on the newly added keywords.

Key Features

  • It provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform.
  • Makes use of machine learning to comprehend naming conventions and linguistic patterns.
  • Examines millions of actual domain names and company names to find patterns.


DomainWheel is a domain name generator that is 100% free.

10. Bluehost

Bluehost works by providing the list of available domain extensions and testing the availability of the chosen domain name. Its adaptable domain interface feature makes it easy for new users and any brand. Furthermore, Bluehost provides additional features, including domain hosting and website designing, which are especially important to new businesses.

Enter your desired domain name into the search bar to initiate the Bluehost domain search process. If you're uncertain about the name you want for your domain, entering your best idea will generate a list of possible website names.

Key Features

  • Select domains are blocked to verify ownership.
  • Auto-renew registration to make administration simpler.
  • It maintains private and sensitive information hidden from spammers.


The price range for domain extensions is $1.99 to $27.99 per year.

Learn more about new AI tools for small businesses.

Comparison of the 10 AI Domain Name Generators

Domain Name Generators Price Features
Neo $1.75/monthly Custom domain with professional email
Pre Designed email templates
Simple website creation
Read receipts
Follow-up reminders
Robust security
Namecheap $0.99 to $10.98/yearly Domain registration
Competitive pricing
Comprehensive domain management
Free domain privacy
Easy domain transfer
GoDaddy $2 to $20/yearly Domain protection plan
Wide range of domain extensions
Domain auctions and broker service
Domain transfer service
Comprehensive customer support
Nameboy Free The suggested names are shown in a table format making it simple to verify the name and its availability.
Provide domain name generation tools, website creation tools, and other useful resources.
Zyro $0.99 to $15/yearly Free domain name registration
Connect to the existing domain
Reliable cloud hosting with 99% uptime
Free domain extensions for first year depending on hosting plan
Panabee Free Make AI-powered recommendations
Provide options for the rules that are used to create domain names
Provide social media network username suggestions
Sort domain names according to top-level domains, or TLDs
Offer additional services, such as app graphics, domain name searches, AI copywriting, etc
Business Name Generator Free It has domain name availability check
Logo name generator
Free business name generator without hidden fees
TRUiC Free Free AI powered online business name generator
Domain availability check
Understand the influence on your market with your domain name
Domain Wheel Free Highlights a few well-known industries
Generate blog names, company names, and premium domain names
enables you to have the domain name extensions you want to appear in search results
Generates original domain name recommendations based on the words you write
Links to Bluehost's domain name registration page
Bluehost $1.99 to $27.99/yearly Register domains with various extensions
Competitive pricing
Domain transfer options
Free domain for first year depending on hosting plan
User friendly domain management

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Domain Name

A unique domain name not only establishes the reputation of a company but also sets it apart. While domain name generators can provide suggestions and help in brainstorming, you have complete control over the final decision. Here are some pointers to help you choose the ideal domain name:

1. Keep it Short.

Pick a domain name that should contain 3 words or 15 characters. This guarantees that the search process for customers remains smooth. Short domains are easy to remember, and the chances of a typing error are lower.

2. Use a Relevant Keyword.

Incorporating keywords relevant to the website makes it easier for users to understand its purpose. For example, a site with the domain name musiclesson.com suggests that it is educational.

3. Create a Brandable Name.

Let the brand name be a part of your domain whenever possible to increase the retention rate. To avoid legal disputes, make sure that the domain name and trade name generated with the domain name generator are unique and are neither similar nor identical to the names that older businesses have registered.

4. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers.

Refrain from using hyphens and numbers, as they can be challenging to remember and may lead to confusion with symbols. It may also confuse whether to use figures or spell them out.

5. Use Suitable Domain Name Extensions. 

Consider purchasing a specific type of domain extension, such as .edu or .shop. It improves users’ awareness of your company's location and field.

Wrapping up, 

Choosing a domain name that connects to the desired image of your website is the foundation for creating a powerful online presence. Hence, your domain name should be easy to remember and great for branding. Choosing a perfect domain name will generate more traffic to the site and increase the ranks in search engines and revenue. 

When you find an available domain name, Neo recommends purchasing it immediately to prevent someone else from acquiring it. Exceptional domain names can face intense competition. Unlock your digital domain and explore Neo's potential for the perfect online identity. Create your website’s domain today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a domain name?

Websites on the internet can be accessed by typing the domain name into the URL search bar on your browser. A domain is an address used to access the web. It can be understood that how a person searches for a domain name on the internet is incorporated in the word "domain."

2. If a domain name is available, how can I find out?

To check if a domain is available for purchase, use the Neo Domain Name Generator to conduct a real-time domain search. After deciding on your preferred name, you can check the availability of the domain name along with the annual pricing. To register your domain and get your brand name on Neo, please respond to the annual pricing when you see it.

3. How can I come up with a unique domain name?

Creating an attractive and optimal domain name for your company can be challenging yet rewarding! Your domain name will play a significant role in shaping your brand identity in the future. The following advice can assist you in selecting an attractive domain name:

  • Select the appropriate domain name generator.
  • Make sure the short form of your domain name accurately represents your brand.
  • Stay clear of hyphens and numbers.
  • To develop domain ideas, try utilizing a free phrase generator.

4. Which domain names work well as alternatives to.com?

If a company or an individual intends to operate and offer services primarily within their nation, regional domain extensions can serve as excellent alternatives to a .com domain.

  • Other commonly liked top-level domain name extensions may also be great choices. The .org, .info, .net, .online, and .biz are popular top-level domains.
  • A few new top-level domains, like .shop, .xyz, .vip, .fit, .blog, .co, .website, and .store, are becoming increasingly popular.

5. How does a domain builder tool like Neo work?

Type keywords important to you in a Neo domain name generator, and the program will suggest domain names with many different domain extensions ending in your keywords.

To extend the variety of choices to the users, Neo generates alternative options containing some modified relevant keywords. Once you’ve found the best domain name, make it yours by clicking the arrow on the right. The following is to sign up for a brand name reservation.

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