Superhuman Email Setup, Pricing, and Plans: 2024

March 5, 2024
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March 5, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Are you seeking to revolutionize your email experience using AI assistance? Presenting Superhuman email, an app-tailored solution to optimize your inbox management. Superhuman is much more than just an email client. 

It's a productivity powerhouse with features like lightning searches and customizable shortcuts and effortlessly integrates with other tools. It is one step ahead of AI writers who can draft emails effortlessly with one descriptive prompt. It offers Superhuman email AI to craft engaging and professional emails, automate scheduling follow-up emails, Snippets to automate typing, and many more interesting and robust features. 

In this ultimate guide, we shall examine the set-up process, pricing models, and plans available at Superhuman email to help you make an optimal decision. Whether you're a working professional or an email lover, this tool will streamline your work quickly. Keep reading to know more!

Features Offered by Superhuman Email AI

Superhuman email offers multiple features. These features collectively make Superhuman a powerful tool for email management, allowing users to save time, communicate effectively, and stay organized in the rapidly dynamic digital world we live in today.

  • Fast Typing and Error Correction: The Superhuman app makes users faster and more accurate typers while correcting errors with up to 50% productivity increase.
  • Research Capabilities: Answering your questions becomes facilitated with the technologies powered by such an advanced program as ChatGPT. 
  • Conversation Summarization: The AI capabilities of Superhuman allow users to skim through long emails quickly and work in a highly efficient mode.
  • Social Platform Integration: Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are integrated seamlessly with Superhuman email AI, providing meaningful insights that can help improve relationship building.
  • Concise Communication: Besides transforming text attachments into concise, action-oriented messages, Superhuman limits the number of email responses above the suggested one.
  • Live Snippets in Command Bar: The command line allows users to select from predefined text snippets and thus helps overcome repetitive tasks.
  • Seamless Calendar Integration: Involvement with major calendaring apps increases scheduling efficiency and boosts overall productivity.
  • Intuitive Keyboard Shortcuts: The app gives you appropriate shortcuts on the keyboard, which help with email navigation and other functionalities at an amazing speed.
  • Customizable Workflow: Superhuman allows users to change their email workflow based on personal love and increases effectiveness and users' happiness.
  • Privacy and Security: Superhuman app provides the highest level of data protection with end-to-end encryption, ensuring customers' peace of mind in the digital world.

How to Set up Superhuman Email?

Here are the steps you should follow to add accounts, whether Gmail or Outlook account, in Superhuman: 

Step 1. Get the Subscription: Before starting with the Superhuman set-up process, you will require a subscription first. Visit here to get started with Superhuman. 

Step 2. Download the Superhuman app: First, it is essential to download the Superhuman application. You can visit the official website to get the Superhuman app per your device compatibility. 

Step 3. Select the Account you Wish to Add: Select Sign in with Google if your account is hosted through Google; otherwise, select Sign in with Microsoft 365 if Microsoft hosts your account. 

Step 4. Open the Command Palette: Click CMD+K (for Mac) and Ctrl+K (for Windows) to add an account.

Switching Between Accounts

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: By pressing Ctrl+1, you can switch to the first account and Ctrl+2 for the second account on Mac and Alt+1, Alt+2, etc., for Windows; otherwise, you can quickly navigate through multiple accounts using this shortcut.
  • On Mobile: Tap on the profile picture located in the Superhuman app, and use this same profile picture to switch between accounts without re-creating them.

Using Tabs for Multiple Accounts

  • Open New Tab: Utilize CMD or Ctrl+T to ensure that you open a new tab within Superhuman, allowing you to organize multiple accounts quickly.
  • Separate Accounts: Separate each Gmail account on a different tab to avoid confusion when working and to maintain an efficient workflow.
  • Auto-Restore Tabs: Superhuman will remember the settings of tabs whenever you quit the app, which means there is no need to go back to the settings upon its launch.

Use every one of these steps to establish and manage many Gmail or Outlook accounts within Superhuman efficiently. Superhuman email AI, whether you are using the desktop version or the mobile app, has built-in features for convenient and efficient management of multiple email accounts, approved by pros and highly rated by users.

Superhuman Pricing and Plans 

Superhuman, made for top-notch teams who need the best tools to succeed, has pricing plans tailored for individuals, small teams, and larger corporations. Superhuman offers a range of tools specifically designed for email productivity, team collaboration, safety, and technical support to make communication smooth and workflow efficient. 

Starter Plan

  • Price: $30 per user per month
  • Ideal for: Individuals and small teams
  • Features: Superhuman Command, Split Inbox, Snippets, Remind Me, Snooze, Unsubscribe, and more.
  • Support and Training: Productivity Coaching, Group Webinars, and Technical Support via Email and Video Calls.

Growth Plan

  • Price:  $45 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Ideal for: Growing teams reliant on email
  • Features: All Starter Plan features plus Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams Integration, Team Collaboration Tools, and Team Administration Features.
  • Support and Training: Private Group Webinars, Priority 1:1 Technical Support, Dedicated Customer Success, and Success Planning.

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom pricing (Contact Sales)
  • Ideal for Larger teams requiring advanced features and custom solutions
  • Features: All Growth Plan features along with SOC II Type II Security, Custom Compliance Needs, Google Advanced Protection, and more.
  • Support and Training: Private Webinars, Private 1:1 Technical Support, Scaled Dedicated Customer Success, Value Reviews.

Note: The pricing for Superhuman plans might change due to promotions and offers. We have mentioned the base price, excluding the promotion or seasonal offers.

Is it Worth the Hype?

Source: Superhuman 

The superhuman email has gained enormous interest for its pursuit of higher-level communication. Superhuman has features such as speedy email management and keyboard command bar efficiency that help manage incoming emails and folders and ensure easy access to Gmail and Outlook accounts after logging out. But is it really worth the hype? Let's see. 

Pros of Superhuman

Superhuman boasts several advantages that have made it a favorite among users:

  • Fast Email Experience: Users value Superhuman features such as speed and responsiveness, thus making the process of email handling fast and convenient. A great combination of fast response with easy keyboard shortcuts is there in this application that makes navigating through emails easier.
  • Filtered Tabs for Inbox: The capacity to split emails into filter tabs makes users conveniently handle their inbox, allowing them to prioritize better and organize emails. This function supports email management better, and the email to be clear is getting rid of the clutter and therefore increasing productivity.
  • Outlook and Gmail Accounts: Superhuman's ability to synchronize with both Outlook and Gmail accounts allows users to utilize both if they are handling multiple email accounts.
  • Send Calendar Invites: Scheduling of meetings can be done directly without leaving the Gmail inbox. While writing the email, you can schedule and send the meeting link to respective people through Google Calendar.
  • Email Snippets: On the other hand, the inclusion of email pieces allows the end users to create and insert templates quickly. The users can get rid of boring tasks and routine replies with just one click.

Cons of Superhuman

Despite its popularity, Superhuman email does have some drawbacks that users should consider:

  • No Unified Inbox: While not having a unified inbox is perhaps the major limitation for those accustomed to the idea of viewing all email accounts from one central place, it has the potential to become a source of inconvenience for account managers who are taking care of multiple accounts.
  • Limited Account Support: Right now, Superhuman doesn't work with IMAP accounts or iClouds, which makes users who have these kinds of accounts unable to use them.
  • Lack of Meeting Scheduler: Superhuman provides synchronization with calendars, but it lacks an appointment scheduler, which could dysfunctionally restrict its usefulness for users who heavily depend on such a tool for arranging appointments.
  • Price Barrier for Solo Users: The monthly subscription fee of $30 could prevent price-sensitive users, especially solo users since they are unwilling to afford the cost of email management services.

Introducing Neo: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

For the masses who want to get the same features without emptying their wallet, Neo would be a groundbreaking choice. As a feature-loaded application, Neo provides a perfect solution for individual or team email management. Neo's features include:

  • Unified inbox for email management in a single place
  • Support for all email providers from the IMAP to iCloud accounts is ensured.
  • Scheduler for meetings with a user-friendly interface for appointment scheduling
  • Individualized capabilities and co-creation features for multiple productivity supports

Briefly, Superhuman email delivers a top-notch email experience with its innovative features together with its speed, yet it might be more specific to particular needs. For those on the lookout for a cost-effective email hosting solution that won't compromise functionality, Neo shows up as an enticing alternative worth investigating.

Comparing Neo and Superhuman

Features Neo Superhuman
Services the Platform Offers Neo is a fully-featured email platform that provides professional business email, functions and tools to boost email marketing. Superhuman offers faster email management for Gmail and Outlook accounts through AI functions and keyboard shortcuts.
Pricing $2.49/mailbox/month $30/user/month
AI Assistance for Writing Yes, Smart Write Yes, Superhuman Email AI
Custom Domain Yes, you can build your brand with your custom domain. No, it doesn’t offer a custom domain.
Website Builder Yes, small businesses and solopreneurs can easily build their one-page website and integrate social media handles to increase visibility. No, it is just an email client, providing a robust and interactive way to manage emails and inboxes in Gmail and Outlook.
Features Email tracking
Priority inbox
Flexible storage
Appointment booking
Turbo search
Email rules
Signature designer
Email campaigns
Seamless migration from existing mail service
Superhuman command
Split inbox
Send later
Undo send
Remind me
Zoom, Google, and Microsoft Integrations

Wrapping up,

To sum it up, both Superhuman and Neo present extraordinary answers to the challenge of efficient email management. Superhuman offers a premium brand with costly features, but Neo is a budget alternative while keeping the functionality the same. Review the attributes, price options, and support plans to find the perfect tool for your email management purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take advantage of Superhuman with other email services apart from Gmail or Outlook?

No, currently, Superhuman only offers Gmail and Outlook account-type support. Most other email providers are not compatible with Superhuman.

2. Can Neo users have a free trial run to test the system's abilities?

Indeed, Neo is one of the applications offering a free trial period in which the users can know about its features and functionality and then decide whether to part with their money.

3. What kind of support would Superhuman users be offered?

The platform offers email and video call support and technical assistance for its users, Superhuman.

4. Can users modify how my inbox looks and functions in the Neo platform?

Indeed, the users of the Neo platform have an opportunity to make the appearance and layout of their inbox to their own choice.

5. Does a Superhuman license also offer any discounts when subscribed annually?

Yes, Superhuman includes contract discounts for annual subscriptions, giving users a chance for financial savings for users who opt for yearly billing.

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