Thunderbird Email by Mozilla : A to Z Tutorial & Review

May 27, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
May 24, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Thunderbird email is one of the popular email clients that talk to one or more email servers to fetch your messages from them. Whether you are a seasoned user or a freelancer, partnering with the right email client, such as Thunderbird, is necessary. 

The platform is an ideal solution for all business needs with its comprehensive features and easy setup process. Also, it provides direct connectivity with other providers like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. 

In this blog, we will explore the basics of Thunderbird email, from a complete setup guide to the platform's features and popular public reviews. So, let's get started! 

What is Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a safe and secure email client software. This free and open-source application is easy to set up and customize. Through Thunderbird, users can send, receive, organize, and store their emails securely without any hassle. 

It keeps work organized and handy for customers, as they can directly access important files and label them in different folders according to their requirements. Without having to visit different email service providers' websites to access the emails, 

Thunderbird email client makes accessing all the emails from one place super easy. It works as a personal information manager with numerous other features, such as a calendar and contact book, an RSS feed reader, a chat client, and a news client.

However, it is not a webmail. You cannot access Thunderbird email through a website. Users will have to download its application to use it and manage all their email addresses from different ESPs (email service providers) from one platform. 

Thunderbird Email: Download Requirements

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled to download Thunderbird. Let us have a look at each of these requisites briefly: 

For Windows: 

  • OS - Windows 7 to Windows 11 
  • Pentium 4 or the latest processor that supports SSE2 
  • 1GB/2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version 
  • 250MB hard drive space, along with the additional hard drive for email storage 

For macOS: 

  • MacOS 10.12 to 12 
  • Mac computer with an Intel x64 or Apple Silicon Processor 
  • 1GB RAM and 500MB hard drive space + additional hard drive space for email storage 

For GNU/Linux: 

  • Necessary libraries: glibc 2.17 or higher, GTK+ 3.14 or higher, libstdc++ 4.8.1 or higher, and X.Org 1.0 or higher (1.7 or higher is recommended)
  • Libraries or packages that should be installed: DBus 1.0 or higher, GNOME 2.16 or higher, libxtst 1.2.3 or higher, NetworkManager 0.7 or higher, PulseAudio

Thunderbird Email: Setup Procedure

It is easy for users to set up Thunderbird email on their device by simply following the steps outlined on the website. Below is a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Visit the Official Website.

Visit the official Thunderbird website and click on the Download button. 

Step 2: Download and Install the App.

Once the Thunderbird email app has been downloaded, follow the steps present on the screen to install the application on your device successfully. 

Step 3: Set up Email.

After installation, open the application and follow the steps to set up an email account with the software. Users installing Thunderbird email for the first time on their devices will see an option of ‘Set Up Your Existing Email Address’ on the screen. Click on it and enter your name, email address, and password. Then, click on the ‘Continue’ button. 


Step 4: Allow Server Configuration.

Since Thunderbird email works in collaboration with other applications like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, it will automatically configure all the available related settings for the user. However, it is recommended that IMAP be used to sync emails between the provider email services and Thunderbird. Click on ‘IMAP’ and then select ‘Done’. 

Step 5: Enter Account Details.

The next step is to enter the existing email service provider account details. If a user has registered using a Gmail account, then enter all the Gmail account details to sign in, including the current user ID and password. 

Step 6: Enable Permission.

Click on ‘Allow’ to grant the necessary permissions required for Mozilla Thunderbird Email. If a user has registered using their existing Outlook or Yahoo account, then follow the same steps as the above and grant permission. 

Step 7: Ready to Use 

After granting permissions, the last step for users is to go back to the Thunderbird app and wait for some time. The application will automatically sync all the emails between the two email service providers. Customers can now start using their email accounts with Thunderbird.

Features of Thunderbird Email

Let us have a brief look at the key features of the application that are crucial for any user: 

1. Unified Inbox

Thunderbird allows users to access a unified inbox, which enables them to have all the emails from different accounts in one single inbox. A unified inbox makes users’ work manageable. 

2. Customizable Interface 

The platform provides a customizable interface to its members. Users can change and update the settings of their inbox as they choose. Various options like changes in inbox layout, the addition of color, themes, and other add-ons are available to people. 

3. Tabbed Email

With Thunderbird email, users can easily open different emails in different tabs, which makes it easy to switch between different messages, just like a web browser. 

4. Search and Filter

The software's powerful search and filter options allow users to find important messages from multiple accounts easily. Depending on their convenience, they can search using keywords, file names, or sender names. 

5. Security

Thunderbird email especially emphasizes keeping a user's message safe and secure. The enhanced security features, such as data encryption and built-in phishing systems, as well as options like OpenPGP, help protect sensitive data from malicious attacks. 

6. Add-ons

It allows many customizable features for its users. Options like calendar integration and encryption tools help enhance the application's functionality.

Plans and Pricing

Thunderbird is a free, open-source client email managed by Mozilla. Unlike other email clients, it does not have traditional pricing plans. Thunderbird provides services without any cost to its users and is best for small businesses and emerging freelancers. 

Thunderbird Ratings and Reviews

Performance-wise, Thunderbird does not disappoint its users and is popular for its unmatched reliability. It ensures correct and prompt message delivery and supports other email protocols, making it one of the most compatible applications for working with other email service providers.

Thunderbird email customer support services are quite active in resolving customer issues and challenges. The 24/7 dedicated customer support team interacts with customers through various channels, such as phone and live chat. Besides, since the application is open-source software, professionals continuously work to improve the customer experience.

Security is one of the essential factors for Thunderbird email, and there is no compromise on the platform. Features like data encryption, phishing protection, and customizable settings help keep the messages safe and secure.

Some of the drawbacks of the Thunderbird platform make it a less preferred choice for users:

  1. It occasionally gets stuck when a lot of emails arrive simultaneously. Therefore, users need to delete some of the emails.
  2. Additionally, a lot of customers have complained about the application being sluggish on their computers, particularly while files or filters are compacting.

Thunderbird Alternative: Introducing Neo

If you are looking for an intuitive email client similar to Thunderbird, Neo is one of the best options. Neo is an effective email solution that offers small businesses a suite of robust tools that simplify email marketing and business communication.

It provides easy and seamless integration, along with some advanced features, like the AI-powered tool Smart Write, Read Receipts, Email Rules, Turbo Storage, and much more. The sleek and engaging user interface provides easy accessibility to different advanced features and is smooth to navigate.

Here is the list of facilities that Neo offers: 

  • Free domain registration for one year if you have purchased an annual subscription to their business plan with the domain extension 
  • Email storage of up to 100GB 
  • Supports a feature-rich webmail and is accessible through Android and iOS apps 
  • Features an in-built calendar 
  • Neo email address can be used on third-party email platforms (POP/IMAP)
  • Multiple Neo account support, catch-all account, and Gmail account
  • Vacation responder to send an automated reply to all the emails received while you are not in the office. 

Highlighting Features 

Here is the list of features that make Neo better than Thunderbird: 

1. Email Campaigns

Neo allows its users to send personalized email campaigns to its different clients and customers. With Neo, users don’t need to use any separate platform for campaigning and can easily target specific groups, customize emails, and observe the effectiveness of their messages. 

2. Email Signature Designer

With Neo, users can make their business emails look more professional. The built-in signature designer helps create custom signatures that include a user’s name, business details, social media links, etc. 

3. Email Tracking

The read-receipts option of Neo emails permits its users to see when their messages get read. The email tracking feature allows users to track email openings and recipients' engagement with the messages. 

4. Email Templates

Customers can use different pre-designed email templates to give their business emails a more furnished and structured look. This helps save time for challenges like drafting a sales pitch or following up with users on an ongoing deal. 

5. Neo Bookings and Calendar

Neo enables easy and smooth integration of its services with a user’s calendar. The step is extremely helpful in scheduling important assignments via Neo Bookings. Clients can also curate and customize their booking pages, which helps in the effective management of day-to-day tasks. 

6. One-Page Website

Neo's one-page website building feature helps its users create a one-page website for professional use. Many of the customizable options, like color schemes, contact forms, and more, assist in building simple and easy-to-navigate web pages. 

7. Smart Write

The Gen AI-powered Smart Write option enables its members to effortlessly write and draft professional business emails of their preferred tone and length. With the Smart Write option, users only need to provide an advanced prompt, and the platform will generate a well-written response for them. 

8. Additional Features

Neo also offers additional features for its customers, like schedule send, which enables users to send messages on a specific date and time, set reminders, and organize emails according to the selected filters. 

Unlike Thunderbird email, Neo focuses more on integrating different marketing tools and provides exceptional AI features that offer a perfect blend of email management and marketing for small businesses. It is particularly useful for users who are seeking ways to consolidate all their important emails, websites, and marketing techniques on a single platform.

Wrapping Up!

Thunderbird email is a reliable and versatile option for businesses looking to manage all their email needs effectively in one place. Its easy setup process and user-friendly platform make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for simple email management services. It is a completely free and open platform with some robust features for all its users.

However, other alternatives, like Neo, provide modern, unique, advanced, and aesthetic features that Thunderbird email may lack. It is one of the most user-friendly platforms and offers strong security features to handle customer information safely. Its seamless integration with other tools helps enhance user productivity and set new standards in email management.

So, whether it's Thunderbird or Neo, choose the platform wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does Thunderbird email differ from other client emails? 

Thunderbird email is open-source software, which means that users can use its services free of cost and can also modify them at their convenience. It allows users to easily send, receive, and manage their emails in a single place. 

2. What are the steps to set up Thunderbird on my computer? 

Users can easily download the application by: 

  • Visiting the official website or directly searching for ‘Thunderbird download’ on their favorite search engine. 
  • Launch the application and follow all the steps to install it on your devices successfully. 
  • Next, enter all your email account details for an easy configuration. 
  • Lastly, Thunderbird will automatically synchronize all the settings between the two platforms. 

3. Can I migrate my emails from another client to my Thunderbird email account? 

Yes, users can easily migrate all their important emails and messages from other applications like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo to their Thunderbird account using the tools provided by the platform. 

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