I Forgot Email Password for Gmail? How do I Reset It? Step by Step Guide

May 28, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
May 28, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Gmail has become an important tool for millions of people around the world. It serves as a main means of email communication, stores important documents and files, and provides access to various Google services.

However, sometimes, a situation arises when you forget your Gmail password and are locked out of your account. This is why you are reading this article in the first place. It can be quite a frustrating process, particularly because you depend on Gmail for various purposes. However, do not worry! There is always a way out to recover from such a situation. 

In this article, you will discover how to reset your Gmail password in a matter of minutes and receive access to your emails again. Keep reading to learn what you can do if you have forgotten the email password for your Gmail account!

3 Major Ways to Reset Your Gmail Password

Changing your Gmail password is a simple procedure to keep your account and personal data safe and secure. Whether you have forgotten your password or someone has stolen it, you can quickly reset it.

When you reset the password, you can continue to enjoy Gmail's different services and features without facing any hindrance. Let’s find 3 efficient ways to protect your sensitive information by recovering your password.

1. Through Recovery Email

Google always asks for the recovery email when creating a new Gmail account to ensure that you can regain access if you forget your sign-in credentials or accidentally delete your account. Restoring your Gmail password via email is easy and secure, so you can recover your account without any concern. 

Follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Go to the Google sign-in page and click on the "Forgot password" link provided on the sign-in page.
  2. Enter the recovery email address linked to your Google account.
  3. Google will send a verification code to your alternate email address.
  4. Go to your recovery email account to find the 6-digit verification code that Google sent you via email.
  5. Press the link in the email and type in the verification code to create a new password for your Google account.
  6. After you have reset your password, enter the new password to gain access to your Gmail email account.

2. Through Phone Verification

The recovery phone number is the most important tool you can use when you find yourself locked out of your Gmail account. It serves as a safe way to change your password by sending you a verification code via text message or phone call. 

Thus, you can reset your password faster and more safely. A recovery phone number allows you to easily regain access to your Gmail account and continue with your online activities, like scheduling an email or deleting all the emails in bulk.

Here are the steps you can follow in case you have forgotten the email password of your Gmail account: 

  1. Go to the Gmail login page and type in your email address. Once entered, click on the "Forgot password?" button under the password field. This step will prompt Gmail to walk you through the password recovery process.
  2. Enter the recovery phone number registered with your Gmail account. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish this step and receive the verification code.
  3. When you get the code on your phone as a text message or a voice call, enter it into the specified field of the Gmail recovery page. After the verification, you will be directed to the creation of a new password for your Gmail account.

3. Through Security Questions

You might not know that it is possible to regain your Gmail account even if you don't have access to your phone number or recovery email. Google offers another way to do so: answering the security questions or providing your date of birth. 

Follow the below-listed steps:

  • Visit the Google Sign-in Page on your web browser.
  • Go to the account recovery section on the sign-in page.
  • Select Alternative Recovery Options from the given choices, preferably select "I don’t have recovery email or I don’t have my phone.
  • Click on "Try another way" to choose another recovery method.
  • In the new method, enter your date of birth while the account is being validated.
  • Once you have confirmed your identity, you should come up with a strong password for your Gmail account.
  • Type the new password again to ensure it was entered correctly.
  • Lastly, make sure to save the changes to complete the account recovery process. You have now successfully recovered your deleted Gmail email account without a phone number or recovery email.

Gmail Password Recovery on a Mobile Device

After we have studied the techniques for recovering Gmail passwords on a computer or desktop, it is time to see how we can restore Gmail data on our mobile phones. Whether your device is an Android or iPhone, you can follow these steps to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Method 1: For Android

Follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android phone and choose Google.
  2. Select "Manage your Google Account".
  3. Go to Select Security and click on it.
  4. Scroll down and click on Password under "Signing in to Google. "
  5. Type in your Gmail password and then continue.
  6. Enter your new password twice, making sure it complies with the security requirements.
  7. Click on Change Password to verify.

Besides, there is another way to reset your password if you have forgotten your email password for your Gmail account through Android: 

  1. Open Gmail app 
  2. Click on the Forget Password option. 
  3. Sometimes, Google allows you to authenticate yourself through your mobile security password. You will have to enter your security pin (the one you enter to unlock your phone), draw your security pin design, or verify your fingerprint. 
  4. Once the authentication is done successfully, you can enter your new password and enter it again. 
  5. Google will ask whether you want to change the password of your Gmail address on all the devices where it is opened, so click on Yes. 
  6. And Voilà! You have successfully reset your password.  

Method 2: For iPhone

Follow the steps discussed below:

  • Run the Gmail app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the top-left corner where your profile picture is.
  • Choose "Manage your Google Account" just below your Gmail address.
  • Go to the Personal Info tab from the top left corner.
  • Click on the Password option.
  • Input your current password and move on by pressing Next.
  • Type your new password and confirm it.
  • Click on the button labeled Change Password to complete the procedure.

Additional Tips to Reset Your Gmail Password

If you face any problems during the reset process, you will have to take additional measures to recover your account. Luckily, Gmail's account recovery processes have safety measures to confront these hurdles. Consider the following recommendations:

1. Explore Alternative Passwords

Consider your password list, including the ones stored in managers like Google and LastPass. Think back to the passwords you have used in the past and consider using a secure password manager for your future convenience.

2. Utilize Different Sign-In Methods

If you have issues, try signing in using a different web browser or clearing your cache. Discuss other sign-in options, including authentication apps and text message verification, that can enable MFA.

3. Take Advantage of Utilized Devices and Locations

Use the devices or places you are familiar with to avoid suspicion of Google's alerts. If you are traveling, wait until you are back or consider an alternative solution of connecting with someone you trust who can support you with the use of a known device.

Proactive Measures to Prevent Password Loss

The present digital world demands the utmost security for online accounts and the best way to do it is to take care of your passwords. By sticking to the recommended password management routines, you will avoid password problems and have a safe account.

1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is an additional security level for your accounts because it not only asks for a password but also a second form of authentication, for example, a code sent to your phone. This further reduces the risk of unauthorized access even when the access password is stolen.

2. Use Unique And Complex Passwords

Always avoid using simple passwords such as "password123" or common phrases. Instead of giving each account the same password, use characters, numbers, and special symbols. Password management systems can ensure the generation and storage of complex passwords.

3. Regularly Update Your Passwords

Changing passwords regularly is a good way to reduce the risk of unauthorized access through compromised credentials. Set a goal of changing your passwords every couple of months, and do not forget to do so for accounts like email, banking, and social media.

4. Utilize a Password Manager

Password managers ensure an easy and safe approach to password generation and storage. They encrypt your passwords and save them in a digital vault, which can be accessed only with a master password. On the one hand, most password managers can generate and fill in passwords automatically and synchronize them across devices, which makes password management easier.

5. Be Cautious Against Phishing Attempts

Phishing is the kind of attack that is used to get sensitive information by pretending to be a legitimate entity. The best way to protect yourself is by being aware of suspicious content and almost never giving login details unless you have requested them. This should be done when you receive links and the like through emails and messages. Before any personal data is leaked, make sure the person asking for it is genuine.

6. Create Security Questions

Many of you never create security questions that are asked while creating a Gmail account. However, this is not a useful practice. By creating security questions, you ensure extra protection during the password recovery procedure. At the time of recovering your account, you can easily regain access if you provide accurate answers to these questions.


Losing your Gmail password can be unpleasant, particularly considering the numerous tasks and connections that require this essential tool. However, you can easily get back into your account and carry on with your online activities if you use the quick and easy password recovery techniques.

It is important to follow the instructions carefully and securely regardless of whether you decide to retrieve your password using your recovery email, phone verification, or security questions. These tried-and-true methods may guarantee your Gmail account's security and integrity, shielding your private data from any security lapses and unwanted access.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reset my Gmail password without an alternative email address or phone number?

Without a recovery email or phone number, it is almost impossible to recover your Gmail password. Nevertheless, Google provides other options, such as solving security questions, logging in using a previously used device, or contacting Google support for help.

2. What to do if both the Gmail password and recovery email are forgotten?

If you've forgotten both your Gmail password and the recovery email, Gmail offers different methods for changing your Gmail account password. 

3. Can you recover a Gmail account that has been inactive for several years?

Well, the returned Gmail account can be reclaimed, although the process could be more complicated. Google's deactivated account policy may include a time waiting period before the account is considered eligible for recovery. Generally, you'll have to provide as much information about the account as possible to prove ownership.

4. How to recover a password through SMS?

You can recover your email password by providing your phone number. Select "Security" from the navigation panel on the left. Then, select "Recovery phone" and proceed. This will enable you to recover your Gmail password.

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