Hey Email Pricing, Plans & Features - A Detailed Guide 2024

April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Hey Email has surprised customers worldwide with its novel approach to email, while traditional providers have struggled to adapt. 37signals' Hey Email emphasizes user control, privacy, and streamlined communication, such as changing email. 

Hey Email supports robust features, like the Screener, Imbox, Paper Trail, and The Feed, which make email management cleaner, more organized, and spam-free. Popular for its user-centric design, Hey keeps you in charge of your inbox and time.

Hey Email continues to grow, offering a variety of pricing levels and services to meet the varied customer demands as 2024 approaches. Its innovative email management technique is worth considering for busy professionals wishing to clean their inboxes or small businesses hoping to improve team cooperation.

This guide will analyze Hey Email's 2024 price plans' features, perks, and drawbacks. We will also discuss its email screening, scheduling, tracking, and security features to help you decide to use this revolutionary email service.

What does Hey.com do?

Instead of one more email service, Hey.com is a one-stop solution trying to make a mobility revolution in how we use our inboxes. Coming out of the same pool as the makers of the famous project management tool Basecamp, Hey.com is an attempt to lift the excessive load of mail that people have along with appointment scheduling.

Hey.com is an email client implemented with features that sort and filter your incoming emails directly into the primary box of only the most important ones. The platform provides an easy way of searching and prioritizing your correspondence through its algorithm-driven system that gathers and categorizes emails based on their contents and origins.

Nevertheless, Hey.com does not only organize and sieve content; it also does other things. Enrich your email with the wide range of capabilities that the application offers. For instance, you may ensure that your messages reach the recipients at the optimum time by using the “Send Later” tool to schedule email delivery at a suitable time. Also, you can mark when recipients open and read your Hey.com messages with its tracking tools.

Ensuring email privacy and security is one of the main reasons for the development of Hey.com, which has both end-to-end encryption and strong spam prevention built in. Companies and employees may establish a uniform corporate identity across all digital discussions supported by custom email domains.

Hey.com's unique and groundbreaking approach to email management will allow you to tidy up your inbox, minimize distractions, and take advantage of many productivity tools.

Hey Email Pricing Plans

With two different options, Hey Email can meet the demands of both individuals and corporations. Hey Email offers a package that suits your needs, whether you're an individual user hunting for an easier way to send and receive emails or a group trying to increase efficiency. 

Hey For You

Hey For You Plan is a work-specific email service offered by Hey.com and designed for individuals. It provides the personal email and calendar service with a highly attractive @HEY.com email address.


  • ‘Hey for You’ pricing for the user is $99/year. One month free trial is available. 


  • A @HEY.com address: You'll get a sleek and memorable email address with the @HEY.com domain, giving you a unique online identity.
  • The HEY Calendar: This built-in calendar integration allows you to seamlessly manage your schedule and appointments directly within the Hey Email interface.
  • Built-in workflows: Hey Email offers pre-designed workflows to automate repetitive tasks, such as follow-up reminders, email scheduling, and more.
  • Apps for every platform: Whether on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, Hey Email provides native apps for all major platforms, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.
  • Spy pixel blocking: Privacy is a top priority, and Hey Email blocks invisible spy pixels often used for tracking purposes, protecting your online activities.
  • 100GB storage space: With a generous 100GB of storage, you can store and access your emails, attachments, and files without worrying about running out of space.
  • A HEY World personal blog: The plan includes a personal blog hosted on the HEY World platform, allowing you to share your thoughts and ideas.
  • Guaranteed privacy: Hey Email takes your privacy seriously, offering end-to-end encryption and strict data protection policies to secure your information.

Hey For Domains

Hey.com offers Hey For Domains, a premium email service for those who would rather have a custom domain. It is a suitable option for companies or individuals with domain names. 


  • ‘Hey for Domains’ pricing is $ 12/user/month.


  • The best of HEY, and then some: With this plan, you get everything the Hey For You offers, except a personal blog and an email address ending in @HEY.com.
  • First-user discount: To make it more economical for small teams, the platform provides a $2/month first-user discount. The first user on the team pays $10/month, and additional users pay $12/month.
  • Custom domain: Hey For Domains allows you to use your domain name to send and receive emails so that you may reinforce your brand identity in all digital contacts (e.g., hello@yourbusiness.com).
  • Multi-user: With their multi-user plan, you can easily manage and organize many users within a single account. Your entire team benefits from centralized billing and account management.
  • Thread sharing: By including team members directly into email threads, rather than continually forwarding or cc'ing them, you can keep everyone informed and encourage participation.
  • Private team comments: Keeping the whole history of conversations in one place and providing more context, team members can add private remarks that are visible only to the team within shared email threads.
  • Email aliases: Setting up email aliases, such as sales@ or support@, allows you to streamline communication and ensure no message goes unanswered by automatically forwarding incoming messages to numerous team members.

Best Features of Hey Email

Compared to more conventional email providers, like Google Workspace or Outlook, Hey Email stands out thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities. Hey Email is an attractive option due to the following features:

1. Email Screening and Bundling 

A notable feature of Hey Email is its ability to filter and group incoming messages. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms, Hey Email can review all your emails and identify the most critical ones. This tool lets you focus on the most important messages by avoiding inbox clutter.

2. Send Later and Email Scheduling 

You can set an email to go out at a certain time with Hey Email. You can create emails whenever convenient for you and deliver them later; this option is very helpful when communicating with someone in a different time zone.

3. Email Tracking 

You may obtain important information about your emails' opening and reading times by using Hey Email's email monitoring feature. This data can be invaluable when determining the efficacy of your communication or the influence of your emails. Besides, it can help you track the outcomes of your email marketing initiative, and you can refine your strategies accordingly. 

4. Email Privacy and Security 

Hey Email places a premium on user privacy and security. Your emails and attachments will be safe from prying eyes because the service provides end-to-end encryption. Hey Email further protects your privacy by blocking those pesky invisible spy pixels used for tracking.

5. Custom Email Domains 

With Hey Email, you can utilize a custom domain for your email addresses to make your digital communications professional and consistent. Those in the business and professional sectors who value a strong online identity and wish to attract clients will find this feature invaluable.

6. Mobile Apps and Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Hey Email has native apps for every major platform, including PC, Android, and iOS. Thanks to these applications, you can access and manage your emails effortlessly regardless of your platform, offering a seamless and uniform experience across devices.

7. Team Collaboration Features For Businesses and Teams.

Hey Email has features that help teams and businesses work together more effectively by enhancing communication and collaboration. You can create email aliases that can forward messages to multiple recipients, exchange email threads with other team members, and add private comments accessible only to your team.

8. Integrations and Extensions 

Hey Email interfaces with many third-party apps and services, simplifying workflows and increasing productivity. The service's extensions and add-ons expand its capability and allow you to customize the email experience to fit your demands.

9. All New Hey Calendar

The all-new Hey calendar helps businesses and individuals seamlessly schedule their weeks and months in advance. The platform even calculates and lets you know how much free time you have on a particular day. It comes with various features, like importing your data from Google, Outlook, or Apple, sharing calendars with Hey users, setting up color-coded sub-calenders, adding day labels to add context to your days, and much more. 

Pros and Cons of Hey Email

Let's look at some pros and cons of Hey Email: 


  • Decluttered Inbox: The email screening and bundling capabilities of Hey Email help you get more done by automatically sorting and categorizing incoming messages. This lets you focus on the most important emails and keep your inbox clutter-free.
  • Improved Productivity: Features like email scheduling, tracking, and built-in workflows simplify your email management operations, increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Hey Email's stringent data protection rules, end-to-end encryption, and blocking of viruses or ransomware contribute to elevated privacy and security.
  • Custom Domains: The opportunity to utilize a custom domain strengthens your brand's identification and gives the impression of a well-established business online.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Hey Email's native apps for several platforms guarantee a unified experience no matter what device you use to view your inbox.
  • Team Collaboration: Teams can communicate and work together more effectively because of features like thread sharing, private comments, and email aliases.


  • Limited Integration Options: Hey Email does link with a few third-party apps and services, but compared to other well-established email providers, the options for integration are currently limited.
  • Pricing Structure: Hey Email's pricing options may seem steep to certain users, particularly larger organizations or teams with several members compared to more conventional email providers.
  • Learning Curve: Users accustomed to typical email interfaces and workflows may encounter a learning curve when using Hey Email due to its unique approach to email management.
  • Limited Customization: While Hey Email has many capabilities, you might not be able to customize it as much as you can with other email systems.

Alternative to Hey Email? Presenting Your All-in-One Email Marketing Platform - Neo

Neo is one of the best alternatives to Hey.com email. Here, businesses can get all the sophisticated email marketing features, including AI-powered, at affordable rates. The Neo email marketing platform simplifies everything, from sending bulk emails and writing impactful email drafts to prioritizing your inbox and getting reports and analytics. Besides, its plan has additional benefits that most small-business owners might need, such as building and deploying a one-page website with your Neo email address. 

Let's look at some of the features that make Neo a much better alternative to Hey.com email: 

  • Smart Write is an AI-assistant tool that perfectly mimics your tonality and writes down an email message as per the format and tone required. From writing professional emails to quirky email campaigns, the tool has got it all. 
  • With Read Receipts, you can easily analyze how many of your senders have opened the email and keep track of the success of your email campaign. 
  • It even offers creating email rules to automate your inbox. You can easily set rules to direct the platform to which emails should be in your primary inbox and which shouldn't. 
  • You can choose from myriad email templates to create and customize your email campaign and send bulk emails easily with a few clicks. 
  • You can design your professional signature with your Neo's Signature Designers. Besides, you can make scheduling meetings a breeze with Online Appointment Scheduler. You can create and share your personalized booking page link with your clients and set up meetings easily. 

The best part is that all of these features are available in their Max plan, which costs $7.99/mailbox/month. There are other plans, such as Starter ($1.99/mailbox/month) and Standard ($3.99/mailbox/month); however, they have limited features that hinder your potential to make the best of the platform. 

Wrapping up

Hey Email can change how you manage your digital communication—whether you're an individual who wants a cleaner inbox, a professional who wants to strengthen your brand, or a team that wants to work together better.

Hey Email gives you peace of mind in this age of escalating cyber risks by emphasizing privacy and security to guarantee that your sensitive information remains protected. The service's native apps and cross-platform compatibility make it easy to use on any device, so you can work and stay connected anywhere.

As you assess your email requirements for 2024 and beyond, consider Hey Email a formidable alternative to other email management systems. However, it comes with its set of cons, and the pricing is too high if considering the restricted budgets of small businesses. In that case, you can choose Neo. Its best plan (which gives access to the platform's all features) starts at $7.99/mailbox/month. You can also bring your domain name or get one for free with Neo's domain name (.co.site). 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Could I transfer my email list to Hey Email from another provider? 

You may import your existing emails from other services like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, or Outlook into Hey Email. Importing is a breeze and can be started right from the Hey Email interface. This feature ensures that users can access their previous conversations and email history when they move to Hey Email.

2. Does Hey Email provide a trial period or guarantee you can get your money back? 

New users of Hey Email have a 14-day free trial period. You can test the service during this period and see what it offers. After the trial period ends, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back in full, no questions asked. With this risk-free trial period, customers may try the service risk-free before committing to a longer subscription.

3. Will Hey Email work with the custom domain I now have? 

Using your current custom domain for your email accounts is now possible with Hey Email. The "Hey For Domains" package grants access to this service, allowing you to connect your domain with the Hey Email platform effortlessly.

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