Create an Edu Email for Free & A Guide to Buy Edu Email : 2 Ways

July 5, 2024
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July 5, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Have you just started with your college or university? Then, there is a chance that you might find yourself with an email account containing the .edu extension along with your name. A .edu email address is essential for students because it is one of the primary channels to receive communication from your educational institution, whether it is regarding project submission or registration deadlines for events.

Besides, you can even use the .edu email address if you are job hunting. It does a good job of explaining to the recruiters where you went to school and reduces the number of spam emails in your inbox. Not to forget, these email addresses can help students get educational discounts on various products and services, like Spotify Premium and Apple Laptops and iPhones! 

Your educational institution usually provides the .edu email, but what if you haven’t received one? Well, this guide has everything you need to know about creating a .edu email address.

Neo is a business email platform that allows you to register and purchase your desired domain name without much hassles. Neo allows you to create a business email address even if you have a domain name or you do not have one. Let’s see both the methods.

Way: 1 Create EDU Email with Neo (Without Existing Domain)

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If you don’t have a .edu email address, you can make one with Neo. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Visit the Neo website and click on Get Started. 

Step 2. Choose the “I need a new domain name” option and click on Get a new domain name button. 

Step 3. Now, enter your desired domain name. 

Step 4. Click on Get Domain and create your account with Neo. 

Step 5. Set up your first business inbox. You can add users and create email aliases. 

Step 6. Select the plan and complete the payment details. 

Step 7. Enjoy your free trial and start your business communication with your new .edu email address.

Way 2: Create Almost Free .edu Email With Neo (With Existing Domain)

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Here is how you can create your .edu email address with Neo: 

Step 1. First of all, find a reliable domain registrar through which you can buy your desired domain name with .edu TLD, for instance, Skip this step if you already own a domain name. 

Step 2. Visit the Neo website and click on Get Started.

Step 3. Now, choose the “I own a domain name option.” 

Step 4. Enter your domain name, and the platform will check whether it is valid or not. 

Step 5. Create your account with Neo, and set up your first business inbox. 

Step 6. Select the plan that fits your needs and fill in the payment details. 

Step 7. Now, you can enjoy all the features of Neo during the free trial. Meanwhile, follow the steps to confirm the ownership of your domain name. 

What is a .Edu Email Address Extension?

Any affiliated school, college, or university provides its students and staff with a .edu email account extension. These emails help create a link between the school, college, or university administration and their respective students. The .edu email also serves as an official platform for all kinds of communication between the institute’s administration, its students, and other staff members. These emails have a particular format. The most common one is

Several educational institutions worldwide generally provide a .edu email address for free. However, if you do not belong to any school, college, or university, you must buy .edu email extensions.

Other Ways to Buy Edu Email Address

Unlike creating a personal email address, creating a .edu email account will require some details like your identity, SSN, and address. Also, there are three different ways to own a .edu email address. Let’s look at all three of them: 

1. Create Your Own .Edu Email Address

This method is only applicable to students who are eligible to own a .edu email address. The eligibility criteria for having a .edum email address is that you must be a student, faculty member, staff, or affiliated member of an accredited educational institution. If you meet the criteria, then you can follow the following steps: 

Step 1. Gather the necessary documents to prove your eligibility, like proof of enrollment (current class schedule or acceptance letter), government photo ID, and social security number (SSN). 

Step 2. Visit your community college or educational institution’s website to find the application portal and fill out the application form. It is usually located in the IT or Student Service Section of the website. 

Step 3. Fill out the application form and ensure to enter correct and up-to-date details. 

Step 4. Attach the required supporting documents in the specified format, like PDF or PNG. Ensure that you attach clear documents. 

Step 5. Cross-check all the filled information for accuracy, and if everything is correct, submit your application through the portal. 

Step 6. Wait for your approval, as the waiting time varies from one institution to another. 

Step 7. You’ll receive your .edu email address with instructions on how to set up your account if you are application is approved. Set up your student email account and password, and utilize the advantages of the .edu email address. 

2. Buy a .Edu Email Address 

The second method is to buy a .edu email address. The domain is not available to the general public, and it is strictly reserved for accredited educational institutions. That’s why, if you are not directly affiliated with an educational institution, then it is essential to buy a .edu email address from a reputable provider. Here’s how you can buy a .edu email address:

Step 1. Research and look for different providers that offer .edu email addresses at affordable rates, like Neo. Look for providers with positive online reviews. 

Step 2. Reach out to the business email provider’s customer service and inquire about their process and required documents. Ask for their verification of authenticity in order to ensure that they are qualified to issue .edu email addresses.

Step 3. Review the provider’s pricing plans and compare them with others. Also, check the refund policy in case things go south. 

Step 4. Check the provider’s acceptable payment methods, and only go for standardized payment methods, like credit/debit cards or PayPal. 

Step 5. Initiate the payment and complete the process to buy a .edu email address. Follow the instructions to set up your account. 

3. Generate a .Edu Email Address Through a .Edu Email Generator

The third method to create a .edu email address is through a .edu email generator, which is a quick and instant way to get an email address. However, it is highly unreliable as it is often temporary and may lead to security issues as hackers may easily gain access to email address. 

Nonetheless, here’s how you can use a .edu email address generator to get your desired email address: 

Step 1. First of all, open a .edu email generator website. Now, you will be required to enter some information, like your name, institution name, and personal email address

Step 2. Click on Generate, and the .edu email generator will generate an email account for a specific period of time. This means that you do not have to register for a university or anything 

Step 3. Utilize the generated .edu email address to access the various services offered by the university. 

Remember, the .edu email address from a .edu email generator is not permanent. So, you might require a new email address if you want to continue using the same services.

Benefits Associated With .Edu Email Address 

The .edu emails are highly sought after as they don’t only associate the students with the respective universities and colleges, but serve as a medium to get services for discounted prices. Let’s look at the different services that you can get at discounted prices with a .edu email address: 

1. GitHub Student Developer Pack

You can sign up for a GitHub Student Developer Pack with your .edu email account. It offers you several discounts after you sign up with a .edu email. You can also access several services for free, like getting access to 70 courses for six months. The value of these free services can be around $1000.

2. Amazon Prime Student Pack

Individuals with a .edu email account can benefit from the trial Amazon Prime account that runs for around six months. They can do so by signing up for the Amazon Student account with their email addresses. This particular student pack’s best advantage is that you can use it for free for the longest possible time. 

3. Google Workspace for Education

Google G Suite is another popular platform that accommodates storage for different videos, ebooks, photos, and other forms of digital data. Google also provides this opportunity to all students by offering them a free sign-up for its G Suite Education Account. This particular account gives them storage support equal to 5 TB.

4. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft offer several softwares for free and huge discounts with .edu email addresses. Most of these products are for both students and teachers. You can get Office 365 for Students for free with Azure. You can also sign up for Microsoft Azure students and get a new student account with $100 free credit. On the other side, you can create a free RDP using this method and enjoy cloud services.

A .edu email account also brings endless opportunities with Microsoft. You can sign up for Microsoft DreamSpark, which offers you several free subscriptions and useful software like Microsoft Office 360. This particular list keeps getting longer with free Azure sign-ups, free domain names, and free cloud services with RDP creation.

5. Autodesk

Autodesk is another important platform for getting free software licenses using a .edu email account. You just need to sign up for this tool, which will give you access to a couple of free software licenses. It further provides a higher number of free software licenses for students, which proves to be highly beneficial. You must register on their official website using your .edu email account to be able to download all the free software and licenses.

6. Squarespace 

You can get premium access for all students with the Squarespace email hosting .edu account. You can easily access these facilities with your respective .edu email. The best part about this tool is that it is available to all students and alumni. Most of these individuals want an account to store personal logins in a secure vault accessed using their Squarespace password. This particular service is optional and provided at no cost.

7. Music Streaming Services, like Spotify and iTunes

Music streaming services, like iTunes and Spotify, provide student discounts. This proves to be beneficial for students who mostly operate tools and software using their .edu email accounts. You can access such discounts with your .edu email, which is used for student verification on all these music streaming services. Although these tools or software do not offer any .edu email account opening services, they do have several discounts and offers for individuals possessing such accounts. 

8. Apple 

You can access student discounts on all purchases you make on Apple if you have a .edu email. The company usually provides a $100 discount on purchases for all students, which they can access with their respective .edu email addresses. Right from the popular Apple books to amazing gadgets, you can get them all with your .edu email address. 

9. Adobe

You will get a year-long management plan of Adobe at an affordable price if you have a .edu email account. It further allows you to track and manage your passwords efficiently without the fear of losing or forgetting them. 

You can access Adobe features for free with a .edu email for either a student or a teacher. You just need to sign up for the tool’s education plan with your .edu email, and your account will have all the benefits of the pro members for free.

Wrapping up

The procedure of getting a .edu email may not be easy for everyone. Some of you may find the procedure lengthy. However, the benefits associated with this particular email extension can never be undermined. 

By utilizing the different methods to create an account for free or buy .edu email extensions, you can get yourself a .edu email address, which can help you get services and products at highly discounted prices. 

With Neo on your side, you can assured that you get an .edu email at cost-effective prices. You can send professional emails perfectly drafted with the help of AI assistant, Smart Write to recruiters and get the desired opportunities. You can even check whether your email was read by the recipient with the help of the Read Receipt feature and unsend an email quickly with the Unsend feature. You can read all the features Neo offers here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a free .edu email?

You can seek help from any .edu email generator like Neo to create a free account. You can further follow the methods shown in the blog above to create a .edu email for free anytime. 

2. How do I set up a .edu email in Gmail?

Go to your official Gmail app and open it on your Android phone, tablet, or laptop. Then, move to the ‘Settings’ option. Select Settings by tapping the given menu icon in the upper left corner. Add an account and select the email provider. Later, you can enter your educational institute’s email address and password to set up the final .edu email account. 

3. How do you create a student email ID?

A .edu email address is only for students. You must be enrolled in any accredited school, college, or university. Any educational institute offers such email addresses to its students. You can always contact their IT department or student services office to inquire about getting the email address. 

4. How do I create an institutional email?

You can contact a .edu email generator like Neo to create an institutional email. You can also use the same extension on Gmail. All you need to do is choose your institute’s domain, enter a username (without @), and create a strong password. Later, just click on ‘create’ to manage this particular email account.

5. How long does the .edu email address work?

A .edu email address will work until you remain a student at any educational institution. However, you may sometimes have the account extension for a lifetime. It usually depends on the educational institution and its respective policies.

6. What are the other TLDs?

You may have come across different types of TLDs while browsing the internet. Currently, there are more than 1000 TLDs to choose from, such as .com,, .gov, .ca, .io, org, in, and others.

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