How to Delete (Cancel) A Yahoo Account: A Step-by-Step Process

May 28, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
May 28, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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It is essential to delete inactive accounts and streamline your communication channels by choosing the latest platforms that suit your requirements. Deciding to learn how to delete your Yahoo account often raises many doubts and questions. 

You could potentially lose access to all your account data, including emails, contacts, attachments, and linked subscriptions. However, knowing the correct procedure to delete your account and how to prepare for it correctly can make the process much easier. 

Are you looking for a detailed guide to learning how to delete a Yahoo Mail account? This blog will help you with this task! We have provided a complete and step-by-step guide on deleting your account and how to back up your data. Continue reading to learn more!

Things to Do Before You Delete Your Yahoo Account

Remember, you cannot deactivate your Yahoo account temporarily; it’s an irreversible process. So, before we guide you through the steps of how to delete a Yahoo mail account permanently, let’s see how to prepare for it. 

1. Backing Up Important Data

Once you delete your account, all your emails and attachments will be lost, so make sure you back up important data on your hard disk or a third-party app. 

  • Yahoo lets you download your emails, but make sure to get your settings right to download full content, not just snippets of your emails.
  • Export important contacts synced to your Yahoo account as CSV files for future use. 
  • You can get a copy of emails sent to your alternate account as well. 
  • Additionally, raise a download request for your account data. The download becomes available in 30 days, and you will be notified via email when it's ready. 
  • Yahoo also suggests making copies of important emails in a text editor or backing up emails as a PDF file

It is better to have all your data backed up instead of regretting it later. So, take your time analyzing what to take and what to leave.

2. Unsubscribing Yahoo Paid Services

Deleting your account does not mean unsubscribing to Yahoo paid services. The platform lets you delete your account only after 90 days of paying all your outstanding fees or canceling your paid subscriptions. So, make sure you are up-to-date on your payment bills.

3. Updating Your Contacts

Let your Yahoo mail contacts know that you are deleting your Yahoo account in advance, and give them your new or alternate address. Once your account has been deleted, any mail sent to that ID will bounce back to the sender with a delivery failure message. It also ensures that your contacts are protected from any email sent using your Yahoo account by someone impersonating you. 

4. Unlink Services And Services

If you have linked any productivity tools or social media handles to your Yahoo account, you could potentially lose access to them as well. Before you delete the email address, unlink all such accounts and set up alternate log-in methods. 

How to Delete a Yahoo Mail Account?

There are a lot of reasons to delete your Yahoo account. You may be concerned about possible data breaches, or you want an email service that provides more advanced features. Whatever the reasons may be for your search on “how can I cancel my Yahoo email account”, we have the solution for you.

Once you have secured your data and checked your subscriptions, you can delete your Yahoo Mail account with the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Yahoo termination page

Step 2. Sign in with your username and password.

Step 3. Read the terms and conditions of Yahoo before closing the account permanently.

Step 4. Click “Continue to delete my account.”

Step 5. Re-enter your credentials and authenticate.

Step 6. Click “Yes, delete this account.”

You have now deleted your Yahoo mail account, but remember that your mail account is permanently deleted only after the buffer time mentioned for your country. 

How To Remove Your Yahoo Account Using Mobile?

If you are wondering how to delete your Yahoo account using your Android or iOS device, we have the answer to that, too. To remove your account from your mobile phones, follow these steps:

Remove Account Using iPhone

Step 1. Go to the settings of your iPhone, select the Mail option, and then Yahoo. 


Step 2. Select the Yahoo account you wish to remove if you have multiple accounts registered. 

Step 3. Click the “Delete from my iPhone” option.

Step 4. You can delete your email account from the Yahoo app as well. To follow this alternative method:

Step 5. Launch the Yahoo application and select the account you want to delete. 

Step 6. Click on your profile in the upper left corner and select the Manage Accounts option. 


Step 7. Press the toggle button to inactivate your Yahoo account. Note that this option will not delete your account. It will just prevent the account from being synced and sending you notifications. 

Remove Account Through Android Mobile Device

Step 1. Launch the Yahoo app on the phone and select your profile.

Step 2. Select the Settings option and then Manage Privacy.

Step 3. This will lead you to the Privacy Dashboard option. Click on it. 

Step 4. The app will take you to the credentials screen. Add your email address and password, and solve the reCAPTCHA to prove you are not a robot. 

  1. From your Privacy Dashboard, locate the Delete My Account option and click on it. 
  2. Yahoo will take you to its terms and conditions page. You may read it and then choose Continue To Delete My Account. 
  3. Reenter your email address and select Yes, Delete This Account option.
  1. Your account is now deleted! 

How to Confirm If Your Yahoo Account is Deleted?

Yahoo only temporarily deactivates your account for 30 days when you delete it. This buffer time helps you decide if you wish to recover your account for some reason. 

To check if your account has been deleted permanently,

  1. Login to your Yahoo account after 30 days from the Yahoo account recovery page. 
  2. You should see an invalid mail ID error.

If you are still able to log in after 30 days of deleting your account,

  1. Check the buffer time for Yahoo account deletion in your country.
  2. Also, check if you have any balance credits with any of Yahoo's paid services and fix it.

What happens after deleting your Yahoo account?

If you delete your account without saving it, all your data will be lost. Furthermore, your email address will be available to be recycled after 30 days from deletion. If any emails are sent to your deactivated account, they will be bounced back to the sender. However, if your emails are still sent to the same email address after 30 days, the new user might receive them.

When the account is deleted, Yahoo gives a message that some of your data might not be permanently deleted. To check what data is still used by Yahoo, visit the Data Storage and Anonymization page.

How to Recover Your Yahoo Account

If you change your mind, you can recover your data and account on Yahoo within 30 days of deletion. However, you cannot recover your deleted account if you have not linked your mobile number or an alternate email address to it. 

To recover your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Yahoo recovery page.
  1. Sign in with your email address or phone number and click next.
  2. If your account has not been permanently deleted, you will be prompted to enter your method of recovery, which is text or email.
  3. Validate the code sent to your text or email.
  4. If authenticated, click continue and change the password.
  5. Your account has been recovered.  

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Wrapping up, 

A good email provider should give your business everything it needs. Yahoo has been a good platform for years, but past outdated features and security concerns might drive you to look for a better option. Before you cancel your Yahoo account, remember to save all the important data. 

Furthermore, when you choose your next email partner, analyze the plans and features they offer. Ensure that these features align with your needs and values, regardless of your business size.

An efficient platform like Neo will suit your business the most if you are looking for robust email marketing and management at a reasonable price. The platform adapts to your needs as your business grows. So, go through this guide to delete your Yahoo account successfully and register with Neo to scale your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Yahoo account deleted without my request?

Yahoo permanently deletes any mail account that has been inactive for 12 months. An email account is considered inactive if you have not logged in to it for a year or more.

2. How to delete my Yahoo account without logging in?

You can not delete your Yahoo account without logging in. This step also acts as a verification step to confirm your identity. However, if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it or choose the forgot password option. If you wish to close the account for a loved one, contact Yahoo support and provide the proper documents to begin the process.

3. How to delete Yahoo on your Phone?

You can easily delete your Yahoo account from any smartphone. All you have to do is access your account and head to the privacy dashboard to delete it permanently. It takes 30 days for your account to be deleted permanently from its database. 

4. Does Yahoo read my emails?

Yes, Yahoo scans the received and sent mail in a mailbox to curate relevant ads and promotional offers. You can opt out of this by choosing your settings right. 

5. What happens to my email address after I delete it?

Yahoo will give you a time of at least 30 days to reverse the process and recover your account if you change your mind. However, after the buffer period, it will be deleted permanently. Yahoo may recycle every deleted mail address. So, make sure to inform your contacts before deleting them to avoid random users receiving any confidential information meant for you.

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