How to Use a Mailtrack Extension for Gmail & Outlook

November 13, 2023
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November 10, 2023
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In today's fast-paced digital world, the power of email remains unparalleled. Whether it is for business, academic, or personal purposes, everyone seeks assurance that their emails not only reach their destination but are also read. Enter the realm of email tracking solutions – powerful tools designed to provide insights into your sent emails.

Why Use Mailtrack for Gmail & Outlook?

Have you ever sent an important email and found yourself constantly checking for a reply or wondering if the recipient has read it? Mailtrack seeks to eliminate this anxiety by offering real-time read receipts.

Key Features and Benefits of Mailtrack:

Real-time Notifications: Get instant alerts the moment your email is opened.
Track from Mobile: The tracker can be attached to emails sent from the Gmail App on Android or iOS mobile phones.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly with both Gmail & Outlook.

Step-by-step Guide: Adding Mailtrack Extension for Gmail

1. Open the respective web store, depending on your browser – Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
2. In the search bar, type in "Mailtrack for Gmail." The extension should pop up among the top results.
3. Click on the "Add to Chrome" or equivalent button. Once the extension is installed, you should see its icon in your browser toolbar.
4. Open Gmail in your browser. You can see the mailtrack icon to the right of your search box. Click on this, and you can see the “Enable Mailtrack” button.

Once you turn this on, you will be asked to authenticate your Gmail again, and once done, you are all set, and you can see the options below:

Step-by-step Guide: Adding Mailtrack Extension for Outlook

1. Open your Outlook, go to the 'Home' tab, and click 'Get Add-ins.'
2. In the store, search for "Mailtrack for Outlook." Once found, click 'Add' to integrate it with your Outlook account.


3. Once added, Mailtrack will guide you through a brief setup, ensuring you understand its features and how to use them within Outlook (Screenshots below).


Benefits of Using Email Tracking

Email tracking is not just a modern tool—it is a game-changer for effective communication. Here is why:

1. Understanding Recipient Engagement

Have you ever wondered how engaged your recipients are with your emails? Tracking allows you to gauge interest levels based on open rates and link clicks.

2. Improved Follow-up Timings

Knowing exactly when an email is read helps determine the best follow-up time. No more shooting in the dark.

3. Measuring Email Campaign Effectiveness

For businesses or individuals running email campaigns, tracking provides invaluable data on the effectiveness of content, design, and delivery time.

Why Consider Neo Over Mailtrack?

Mailtrack has carved a niche in email tracking, allowing users to see when their emails have been opened. It is a convenient tool, especially for businesses and professionals who rely heavily on timely communication.

However, when it comes to offering an integrated, all-encompassing solution for modern businesses, Neo stands out. Here is why:

1. Integrated Read Receipts
While Mailtrack offers read receipts as its primary function, Neo integrates this feature into its platform, eliminating the need for external extensions or add-ons. Every email you send via Neo automatically has read receipt functionality, ensuring you always know when your messages are viewed.
2. All-In-One Solution
Neo is a comprehensive communication platform. From its inbuilt calendar for seamless scheduling to its email templates designed for business use, Neo ensures every aspect of professional communication is catered for. Additionally, features like Neo Bookings and the one-page website cater to your modern business needs.
3. Supercharged with AI
Neo's advanced features, like Smart Write powered by Titan AI and the upcoming AI-enabled HTML Composer, offer a more personalized and efficient email experience. Neo enhances them instead of just tracking your emails, ensuring they're crafted perfectly and resonate with your recipients.
4. Email That Truly Reflects Your Business
With Neo, you are not just sending emails; you are sending a message. The Signature Designer, rich formatting options, and preloaded templates ensure every email you send is professional, on-brand, and designed to make an impact.
5. Built-In Marketing Suite:
While Mailtrack focuses solely on email tracking, Neo recognizes that businesses need more. For example, the soon-to-be-launched Email Campaigns feature will help businesses reach their target audience more effectively, all from within the Neo platform.


In the ever-evolving realm of digital communication, staying updated with tools that enhance your emailing experience is vital. Whether it's Mailtrack for Gmail & Outlook or the promising features of Neo, understanding the benefits and choosing a platform that aligns with your needs can make all the difference. We’ve broken down the setup for Mailtrack and also given you a glimpse into what Neo offers. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But remember, in a world where every email counts, having the right tracking tool is indispensable.

Ready to elevate your email tracking game? Give Neo a try today and experience advanced email tracking like never before.

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