Mailtrack/Mail Suite - A to Z Guide (Pricing, Definition and Implementation)

April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Emails are one of the most reliable and professional mediums to exchange information. They have evolved from simple text messages into versatile tools with multimedia, links, and calls to action. But with this evolution, one question has always lingered at the back of our minds: "Did they read my email?" Enter the innovative world of tracking emails, a game-changer in digital communication.

Video Tutorial : How to Use Mailtrack/Mail Suite*

What is Mailtrack/Mail Suite?

For those wondering, "What is Mailtrack/Mail Suite in the broader spectrum of email services?" While most email services enable you to send and receive messages, Mailtrack adds a layer of intelligence, helping you navigate the vast sea of digital communication with a beacon of insight.

Mailtrack is a revolution in email technology. It is a tool that lets you know when your sent emails are opened and read. It gives you more power and insight into your email communications. But it is more than just about knowing if your email was opened. It is about understanding engagement, gauging interest, and refining your communication approach based on real-time feedback.

Why You Need Mailtrack/Mail Suite in Today's Digital Landscape

Imagine sending out a crucial business proposal, waiting days on end, and wondering whether your prospective client even glanced at it. Or consider a scenario where you are following up with potential leads but are shooting in the dark, unaware if they are genuinely interested or haven't seen your email. That is where Mailtrack becomes invaluable.

Data-Driven Decisions: In today's fast-paced world, making decisions backed by data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Knowing who has read your emails and when can guide your follow-up actions, ensuring you're not being pushy or too passive.
Boosted Productivity: No more second-guessing or wasting time wondering. With Mailtrack, you can focus on what truly matters, planning your next move based on concrete information.
Enhanced Email Campaigns: For marketers, understanding open rates and engagement levels can distinguish between a successful campaign and one that falls flat. Mailtrack can provide these insights, allowing for real-time tweaks and adjustments.

Features and Benefits of Mailtrack

Mailtrack isn't just about knowing if your email was opened—it comes packed with features that can elevate your email game:

Real-time notifications: Instantly know when your email is read, allowing for timely follow-ups or actions.
Email open rates and analytics: Dive deep into stats. Understand which emails get the most traction and why. Refine, optimize, and succeed.
Link tracking within emails: Did your recipient click on that important link? Mailtrack can tell you.
Seamless integration with popular email platforms: Whether you are on Gmail, Outlook, or any primary email provider, integrating Mailtrack is a breeze.

How to install Mailtrack?

1. Mailtrack for Gmail: Visit the link and click on “Add to Chrome.”

2. A confirmation box appears; click on “Add extension” on this. This will add the extension to your Gmail.

Mailtrack is compatible with Gmail only, and for it to work on Outlook, synchronize your Outlook account with the Gmail app.

Pricing and Plans

Free Plan: Ideal for individual users who want the core benefits of email tracking. This offers real-time notifications, email alerts, and daily reports, making it a perfect entry point for those new to the Mailtrack experience.
Pro Plan (starts at $5.99 per user per month): Tailored for professionals and small businesses, the Pro Plan extends the free offerings with brand-free tracking, link tracking, full tracking history, and email support. If you want to elevate your email game, this is your plan.
Advanced Plan ($9.99 per user per month): Crafted for larger organizations and teams, this plan facilitates seamless collaboration. Along with all the Pro features, the Advanced Plan allows tracking group emails individually, campaigns with mail merge, and advanced documents.

Mailtrack and User Privacy

The sanctity of user privacy has become paramount in the digital era. While its primary function is to track email opens and link interactions, it's crucial to understand that Mailtrack operates without delving into the content of your emails or accessing personal data.

Mailtrack, like many email tracking solutions, operates based on simple yet effective principles that allow for tracking without delving into personal email content. Here's a breakdown of how it works without compromising user data:

Tiny Pixel: Mailtrack embeds a small, transparent image (often called a tracking pixel or beacon) into the emails users send. This pixel is unique to each email sent.
Pixel Load as a Signal: When the recipient opens the email, their email client loads all content, including this tiny pixel. Mailtrack receives a signal that the email has been opened when this pixel is loaded.
No Content Scanning: This process does not involve scanning the content of the email. It only tracks the loading of the pixel. So, the email's content, subject, attachments, and other personal data remain private.
Link Wrapping: Mailtrack wraps the links in the email with its tracking URLs for tracking link clicks. When a recipient clicks on the link, it first passes through Mailtrack's server (registering the click) before redirecting to the actual link destination. Again, this process does not expose the content of the email or any other personal information.
Data Minimization: Mailtrack and similar tools prioritize the principle of data minimization, ensuring they only collect the minimal data necessary for their services. For instance, while Mailtrack can tell you that an email was opened, it doesn't gather information on who opened it in a multi-recipient scenario or delve into any other specifics of the recipient's actions or identity.
Secure Protocols: Advanced encryption and secure data handling protocols ensure that the little data exchanged (like pixel load signals) remains protected against unauthorized access.

Mailtrack provides users with insights based on simple indicators (like loading a pixel or redirecting a link), not by reading or analyzing personal email content. This methodology prioritizes user privacy while delivering valuable feedback on email engagement.

Neo’s integrated read-receipt feature

Neo takes simplicity and efficiency in email communication to the next level with its integrated read-receipt feature. Directly built into the email product itself, there's no need for additional add-ons or extensions. Once you send an email, Neo provides real-time feedback, letting you know the moment your message is opened by its recipient. This feature not only offers transparency but also ensures strategic communication. Whether determining the right moment for a follow-up, gauging recipient engagement, or simply rest assured that your communication has been seen, Neo's built-in read-receipt functionality is a pivotal tool for growing your business.


In an era where effective communication forms the bedrock of successful businesses, the role of email tracking cannot be understated. Tools like Neo and Mailtrack empower businesses by providing invaluable insights into recipient engagement. This transparency enables businesses to refine communication strategies, ensuring messages resonate and achieve their intended outcomes. Moreover, it facilitates timely follow-ups, boosts stakeholder relationships, and paves the way for more informed decision-making. In essence, email tracking is a catalyst that propels businesses toward sustained growth and success by eliminating the guesswork from digital correspondence and offering clarity in communications.

*Recently, Mailtrack rebranded themselves as Mail Suite.

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