Top 20 Online Bill Generators | Guide 2024

April 5, 2024
11 Minutes
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April 5, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Invoicing is important in handling financial transactions and helps to keep things and money sorted between you and your customers. A well-structured invoice builds trust, promotes professionalism, and streamlines payment. 

Besides, in the digital world, it is time-consuming to depend upon manual methods of creating and generating invoices. Not only does it become time-consuming, but storing all the previously created invoices is hectic, and you might have to create them again if there is a mistake. 

That’s why many small businesses utilize online bill generator tools. These tools are easy to use, and creating and managing invoices is as simple as a child’s play. This comprehensive guide is especially useful for new business owners looking to simplify their invoice generation process or established marketers thinking of switching their current invoice generator tool. Nonetheless, this guide discusses the top 20 free and paid online bill generator tools along with all the details that will assist you in choosing which is best for your operations.

Elements of an Online Invoice

This section is important for business owners setting up online invoices for the first time. There are 12 important elements that every invoice should have: 

  1. Invoice Number,
  2. Invoice Date,
  3. Business Logo,
  4. Unique Business Registration Number,
  5. Business Contact Information,
  6. Customer Contact Information, 
  7. Description of the Products and Services (as selected by the customer),
  8. Price and Quantity of the Products
  9. Subtotal, along with any applicable taxes or discounts, 
  10. Total Pay and Due Date, 
  11. Click-to-Pay Button,
  12. Special Terms, like Notes, Comments, or Payment Terms.

Qualities of an Online Bill Generator Tool

Online bill generator tools offer different custom options to help businesses create personalized invoices for their clients that resonate with their business services. These options include adding a logo, leave notes, client information, custom terms, and discounts, which can help businesses create professional invoices on the go. 

The best part is that invoice generator tools, even the free ones, can automatically calculate the total payment once all the important payment information is entered. Besides, some tools provide pre-built templates that can make invoice generation simple. You must select the template, personalize it with your business details, and save it. Then, you can use the saved template to create invoices for your clients. 

However, it is not easy to choose a paid or free invoice generator as many options are available on the internet with various templates. It is essential to choose the one tool that meets all your business needs and acts as a lending hand. 

Features to Consider in an Online Voice Generator

Let’s look at some of the features every business owner should consider before choosing an online bill generator.

  1. Customizable 

The online bill generator should have the option of adding custom fields and columns that are important to your business, like shipping costs, tax, or any additional information. It should also allow you to create your invoice template if the pre-built templates do not fit your requirements. 

  1. Add Business Branding

Business branding is essential to adding a personal touch to the invoice. Small businesses must also significantly impact customers' minds, and little things, like business branding on invoices, help with that. 

  1. Different Options to Accept Payment

This is another important factor that small businesses with a robust financial plan should consider. It is essential to provide your customers with various payment options so they do not have the option to deny the payment. Remember, the more convenience you provide to the customer, the better for your business. 

  1. Integration with Accounting Software 

APIs allow invoice tools to be integrated with accounting software. When you generate an invoice using an online invoice generator tool, it is automatically recorded in the accounting software, eliminating the need to enter all the data again manually. This reduces the time and the risks associated with manually entering the data. 

  1. Automated Calculation of Taxes and Discounts 

This is a basic feature that every online bill generator should have, even the free ones. It helps calculate the total payment, including taxes and discounts, and provides you with an accurate amount. 

  1. Invoice Management 

This is another important feature that many businesses should consider. It helps provide the live status of the invoice, such as whether it has been paid, seen by the customer, or rejected by the client. It reduces the need to contact the client through email or phone calls to get an update on the payment status of the invoice. 

  1. Easy Access

Another crucial feature of the online invoice generator should be that when you create an invoice, it should be automatically saved on the cloud. This is helpful as your data will be restored automatically in case of sudden shutdown or power loss. 

Top 10 Online Invoice Generator Tools: Best for Small Businesses

Let’s look at the top 10 online invoice generator tools that every small business should have. 

Note: This list comprises all free and paid invoice generator tools. 

1. Zoho Invoice 

Zoho free invoice generator software provides many features, including time and expense tracking, reporting, a customer portal, and a robust mobile application. With this software, you can easily integrate numerous payment gateways to accept online payment and other Zoho apps for customer management, employee management, and analytics and reporting. 

Price: Starts at $0

Key Features 

  • Businesses can send around 500 invoices for free within a month. 
  • The Zoho portal allows customers to pay their invoices and track their history. 
  • You can easily integrate payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and more. 
  • It is easy to photograph receipts and attach them to expense reports. 
  • The free iOS app allows you to add a timer widget to your home screen, send invoices through iMessage, and add new contacts by just taking a picture of the client’s business card. 

2. Wave Invoice 

Wave Invoice software is one of the invoice generator tools that offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It allows you to set up your account and automate payment reminders. All invoicing data flows from the invoicing software to the Wave accounting software. You can even choose Wave’s payment processing service to collect online payments. 

Price: Starts at $0 (Paid Plan starts at $16)

Key Features 

  • There are no billable client or invoice limits. 
  • Business owners can easily integrate invoicing software with their accounting software. 
  • Businesses can set up and automate recurring invoices and billing for specific clients. 
  • It is easy to set up automatic payment reminders. 
  • Users can easily convert estimates into invoices. 

3. Square Invoices 

Square is a top-rated payment processor and point-of-sale (POS) provider. It offers high-quality software at a cost-effective price. Besides, it provides generous features and functionalities with its free version. However, it has some of the highest processing compared to the others, especially if you opt for its free monthly invoice plan. 

Price: Starts at $0 (Paid Plan starts at $20)

Key Features 

  • Square offers unlimited invoicing, estimates, contracts, users, and clients in its plans.  
  • You can integrate the invoicing platform with Square’s all-in-one platform.  
  • The platform has a streamlined and intuitive interface. 
  • Businesses can easily set up recurring invoices and payment reminders.  
  • It provides the client an option to include the tips. 
  • The platform can easily process in-person and online payments. 

4. PayPal Invoicing

PayPal’s free Invoicing software is perfect for businesses with a PayPal bank account. Like all the other invoicing platforms, you will have to pay a transaction fee for every payment you receive. It offers different payment options to customers. Your clients can pay using Venmo, PayPal, and credit or debit cards. 

Price: Starts at $0 

Key Features 

  • The platform is simple to use. 
  • It gives the client include a tip. 
  • There are no billable clients or invoice limits. 
  • Like Wave, businesses can send recurring invoices and set up payment reminders. 

5. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja’s software is developed and tested within an open-source community. This means that the software is regularly updated and improved by a professional community. As an open-source software, Ninja can be self-hosted, and your team can use its API to customize the software to your needs. 

Price: Starts at $0 (Two Paid Versions are available; one starts at $12 and another at $16)

Key Features 

  • The free version only supports sending invoices up to 20 clients. 
  • Businesses can integrate this software with more than a dozen payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Apple Pay. 
  • The software comes with built-in tools to track items as they are invoiced. 
  • Clients can easily view their history of payments through the portal. 

6. Free Invoice Builder

The Free Invoice Builder, partnered with Payoneer, offers a user-friendly way to generate an invoice. With a WYSIWYG interface, the platform offers a combination of inline editing and text input on the right side of the menu under Invoice Settings. 

Price: Free

Key Features 

  • The interface has a clean look and a nice font. 
  • It is easy to use, even for beginners, because the invoicing terms are simple to grasp. 
  • Various templates are available, varying across different fields, like IT and creative fields. 
  • All the information is saved even if you switch between templates. 

7. Invoice Home

Invoice Home is a product offered by Wikilane Inc., a company that targets small businesses and self-employed freelancers. It offers seamless invoice generation with a single click and descent customization. Businesses can choose the perfect invoice templates from 100 options and logos and receive payments through PayPal. 

Price: Free

Key Features 

  • Users can easily add their signature to the invoice. The software also removes the background from the signature, giving the invoice a neat look. 
  • Once you sign in, all your data related to invoice management, like tracking paid invoices and client profiles, is saved. 
  • There is a basic and advanced mode of invoice generation. 

8. Hiveage

Hiveage is one of the best software for easy invoicing and billing management. It offers a simple and clear dashboard that provides a real-time view of your income and expenses. Also, it can help track paid and outstanding invoices. It makes the subscription billing process with automatic scheduling and recurring payment capabilities. 

Price: Starts at $0 (Three Paid Plans are available; the first plan starts at $19, the second at $29, and the third at $49) 

Key Features 

  • The free plan supports sending unlimited invoices to only five clients. 
  • Businesses can assign different billable rates to each type of task. 
  • You can direct clients to your domain once you upgrade to the Plus plan.  

9. Harvest

Harvest is one of the best invoicing tools you can use if your business largely depends on project-based work. A strong focus on time tracking gives you access to detailed reports to manage your team perfectly. The free plan is perfect for solopreneurs and freelancers as it provides access for a single user and has a tight limit on the number of projects for which you can generate an invoice. 

Price: Starts at $0 (Paid Plan starts at $12/user)

Key Features 

  • It offers a free plan, which is limited to only two projects. 
  • It supports advanced features, like advanced time-tracking and integrations with Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Trello, and other project management tools. 
  • It displays billable hours by tasks, persons, or projects on invoices. 
  • Users can use the mobile app to click and upload photos of all billable expense receipts. 
  • The platform can be integrated with QuickBooks Online and Xero for accounting. 

10. Paymo

Paymo is primarily a project management and time-tracking tool, but its invoicing feature cannot be underestimated. Combining these three functions in one platform simplifies the tasks of many businesses. Besides, creating invoices is super easy with Paymo. After selecting the client, you only need to select the billable projects to add to the invoice. After selecting projects, you need to click on Add Projects, and that’s it. 

Price: Unlimited invoices and time tracking for up to 3 clients, 50 tasks, and 1 user.

Key Features 

  • It offers time-tracking, project management, and invoicing features in one app. 
  • It is easy to pull tracked time into invoices. 
  • The free plan has its limits, but the paid version is available at reasonable costs. 

Other 10 Online Invoice Generator Tools 

Let’s look at some other free invoice generator tools that you can use if you are a small business owner or a self-employed freelancer: 

11. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is one of the products offered by It has a straightforward inline editor that enables you to copy and paste your data without switching through different tabs with an export function. Unlike other tools, you can add your bank account, BIC/Swift, reference, and business ID. However, this does not offer much variety in terms of templates and currency. There will be a huge watermark of Invoice2go near the footer end, and it is better to check the invoice before downloading it as a PDF and sending it to your client. 

12. HopScotch

HopScotch is a simple application for sending invoices and settling business bills. The templates have a generic design, but you can add payment terms, due dates, item quantities, rates, and taxes. However, to add your business branding, automatically send recurring invoices, and extract information from the uploaded bill photos, you will have to upgrade to the paid plans. 

Besides, HopScotch can help you access funds from unpaid invoices with the cashing early feature. This feature comes at an additional cost (which equals 3% of the transaction amount) and is available in both free and paid plans. This service is similar to invoice financing, and it should be only used when you trust the client to complete all the financial obligations. 

13. Invoice Owl

Invoice Owl is one of the best online invoice generator tools for contractors and freelancers. The tool has a clean and nice interface and follows the standard invoice format. You can choose from four options: invoice, estimate, credit memo, and purchase order. Besides, you can customize your invoice entirely, from changing the currency to adding your branding, by clicking on Settings on the right side. There’s only one little issue: a toggle button while entering the discount or tax value. The toggle button helps you choose whether to enter a discount as a value or a percentage. Some people might get confused with it, so it is better to remain careful and avoid making a huge blunder. 

14. Refrens

Refrens is a tool full of customization options that help you create an invoice. You can easily add custom fields, rename the existing fields, enter special or additional notes, and do everything else you need. You can upload your signature at the end of the invoice; however, just ensure that it is on a neat and clean white background. The tool doesn’t remove the background. Also, you will have to create an account to start creating invoices, which can take significant time initially. 

15. Invoiced

Unlike Refrens, you do not have to create a special account to create an invoice on Invoiced. You can directly create invoices from the web browser without even signing up. It streamlines the payment procedure by automating the invoicing process, like collections, emails, texts, and letter communications. It has a free trial for its different paid plans: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. You can send unlimited invoices. The tool supports different features, like portal customization, an automated accounts receivable system, invoice and payment syncing, statement templates, over 15 payment gateway options, and more. 

16. Invoicely

Invoicely is a web based application that helps small businesses to serve their clients efficiently through quick and easy integration of invoices and estimates. There is a control panel section that can help you to customize the design of the invoices as per your business requirements. Besides, you have the advantage of receiving online invoice payments from any part of the world. 

17. Microsoft Office for Free Template for Invoice

Businesses and self-employed freelancers can create detailed and comprehensive invoice documents through Microsoft Office invoice templates. To utilize this highly secure platform, you will have to select an individual plan or business plan. The platform can be used to create basic, sales, and service invoices. It can also update and remove credit cards and turn off recurring bill support.

18. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an invoice generator software that is helpful for all small and medium business types to create invoices, manage account data, and monitor sales. You can also use this free tool for expense management, tracking invoices, and receiving payment reminders. You can integrate your bank account with the software and easily import and categorize the transactions. 

19. FreshBooks

FreshBooks can handle all your business accounting matters easily. With this tool, you can generate powerful reports that provide an overview of your present business and future insights to reach the business objective. The software's key features are seamless project collaboration and automatic time tracking. Logbooks are available to help you keep track of all the money spent on business-related activities. 

20. Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is an invoice creator and receipt online generator application for creating estimates quickly and easily. It offers tracking tools for monthly income and client records, as well as built-in reporting tools for managing invoices. With the help of Invoice Simple’s receipt maker and expense maker, business owners can easily track payments.


With the evolution of technology in this digital age, what seems tedious and time-consuming is automated with the help of automation software. With the help of free invoice generators, self-employed freelancers and business owners can simplify the task of invoice creation and tracking and save expenses. This saved money and resources can be used in more important business activities, like boosting email marketing and working on operational efficiency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is an invoice template different from an invoice generator?

There are numerous ways to create an invoice. You can download a suitable and striking invoice template from Adobe Illustrator and edit it. Some can make invoices through Microsoft Word. However, using the above methods requires human calculation and input, which is prone to mistakes. On the other hand, an invoice generator helps businesses with the entire invoice generation process, from template selection to automated calculation. 

2. How can I save with the invoice generator tool?

Having an invoice generator tool can help businesses save a significant amount of money. As per McKinsey and Company research, too much administrative work is required in invoice generation, which estimates 69 days of work and $5 trillion in annual wages. However, by using an automated invoice generator tool, businesses can save up to $2 trillion in yearly wages as 45% of tasks related to invoicing can be done free or cheap tools. 

3. What are the benefits of the invoice generator tool?

Here are the benefits of using an invoice generator: 

  • Secure storage of receipts and invoices on the cloud. 
  • Simplified tax and audit process. 
  • Eco-friendly as there is a reduced use of paper.
  • Track invoice updates in real time.

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