Skiff Mail (Skiff Email) Pricing, Plans, and Features - A Detailed Guide

May 23, 2024
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May 23, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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An alarming 2,200 cyberattacks occur daily, and about 94% of the attacks are initiated through email. This concerning number makes it essential to ensure that the security of your professional email is not neglected. A safe and user-friendly email provider with useful features to streamline your business functions will help you safeguard your communication channel.

That’s where Skiff Mail comes into the picture. It is one of the best solutions for all your email hosting dilemmas. Additionally, it provides most of its features on a free plan, making it a cost-effective option for secure email hosting. Are you excited to know more? Keep reading!

What is Skiff Mail?

Skiff, recently acquired by Notion, is a privacy-focused email provider with notes, drive, and calendar options at affordable pricing. Skiff Mail offers open-source and end-to-end encrypted email services. Moreover, unlike other popular platforms, it encrypts the subject line and email content.

Furthermore, it offers a variety of plans, including free and paid. The free plans also allow businesses to use their domain name for enhanced professionalism, allowing greater brand awareness and a uniform online presence. 

Key Features of Skiff Mail

Skiff Mail has various features designed to streamline and secure your communication and business operations. Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

1. 10GB of Free Storage and 1-click Migration

Skiff offers 10GB of storage with its free plan. Moreover, you can switch to Skiff with just one click from other email providers, including Gmail, ProtonMail, and more. 

2. Custom Domain

Once your Skiff Mail lets you log in, you can add or register your custom domain, i.e.,, with all of its plans. This is one of the most unique aspects of Skiff Mail since a majority of email providers do not allow custom domain integration with its free plans. You can even create subdomains and domain email addresses for your team. Furthermore, based on your chosen plan, you can add a certain amount of domains, for instance: 

  • Free plan: 1 Domain
  • Essential Plan: 1 Domain
  • Business Plan: 3 Domains
  • Pro Plan: 100 domains

3. Quick Aliases


With Skiff’s Quick Aliases feature, you can create additional email addresses associated with the same domain for different business departments. For example, for your domain, you can create a specific email address for sales, such as 

By creating separate aliases for your business functions, you can compartmentalize your communication and manage it easily. A free plan allows you to add up to 10 aliases, while paid plans offer an unlimited number of aliases.

4. End-to-End Encrypted Emails

Skiff users' emails, including the content and subject line, are encrypted. This encryption only allows you and the recipient to decrypt the messages you send, protecting your privacy. 

5. Advanced Security

Skiff Mail lets you set up a two-factor verification system for your account. Furthermore, a lot of companies use trackers for email marketing purposes, which can compromise your privacy. Skiff Mail blocks any read receipts or trackers that come attached to any emails you receive. It also hides your IP address and any other account information, including your device details. 

6. Folders, Labels, and Filters

You can organize your emails by creating folders and using labels and filters. These features help you manage your communications and retrieve specific emails easily whenever you need them. 

7. Custom Signature

A custom signature is a personalized and unique signature at the end of an email. With Skiff email, you can customize your signature to adhere to your brand guidelines. You can also use your logo, graphics, tiles, website, and contact details to make it easy for your customers to recognize you.

8. Open-source software

Skiff Mail is completely open-sourced, and you can even check out its client code on platforms like Github. This creates transparency and allows you to confirm the security of your account. 

Skiff Mail: Pros and Cons

To help you decide if Skiff Mail is the right service for you, here’s an overview of some of its pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Offers a custom domain for free Limited customization available
A secure account with multiple hardware infrastructure to safeguard your data Can’t send encrypted emails to non-Skiff users
End-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication Email may go to the spam folder in certain cases
Quick aliases for automatic setup Unclear renewal pricing for custom domains
Easy-to-use interface with little learning time New platform, so the support may be reduced

Skiff Mail: Plans and Pricing

Now that you know the various features and advantages of Skiff Mail, let’s take a look at its pricing structure. Four different plans are available: free, essential, pro, and business. Currently, the plans are priced as follows:

Free Essential Pro Business
Price $0 $3per month $8 per month $12 per user per month
Custom domains 1 1 3 100
Custom domain Addresses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited address 4 10 15 15
Quick Aliases 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Quick Aliases Domains 1 1 2 10
Custom Signatures Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Reply No Yes Yes Yes
Schedule/undo Send Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support No No No Yes
Folders & Labels 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Filters 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 10 GB 15 GB 200 GB 1 TB
End-to-End Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: Skiff Mail Will Discontinue its Services

From August 9, 2024, Skiff Email, including Pages, Calendar, and Drive, will be discontinued as part of Skiff’s acquisition by Norton. Hence, users must export, migrate, or duplicate their data to another business email service provider

Neo: A Potential and Competitive Alternative to Skiff Mail

Neo is a business email hosting platform designed for effective email marketing and management. It offers an easy-to-use user interface and a safe and reliable email hosting environment. Furthermore, it allows businesses to send official communication with their fully branded email address ( 

Key Features

  • Neo allows you to add your custom email address or use a complimentary domain.
  • Email Campaigns features and email blast option to send bulk emails easily.
  • Smart Write (Neo AI) and email templates to automate writing tasks.
  • Read receipts and email tracking to gauge email marketing effectiveness. 
  • Email scheduler, follow-up reminders, and autoresponders for streamlined communication.
  • Data encryption and two-factor authentication to keep your data secure.
  • Multi-device support with calendar syncing options.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Business email with a free one-page website
  • Pre-designed email templates
  • Effective email management features
  • Storage up to 100GB
  • Access multiple accounts using the same email interface


  • New platform
  • Limited free trial
  • No offline functionality

Neo Pricing Plan

Here's an overview of Neo's pricing plans:

Plans Mail Storage Pricing Email Sending Limits Features
Starter 10 GB Staring at $1.99/mailbox/month 200 per hour or 500 per day Free one-page website for, Third-party mail app integrations, Read Receipts, Email Templates, Multiple Neo accounts support, Email Aliases, and Email Filter
Standard 50GB Staring at $3.99/mailbox/month 300 per hour or 1000 per day Free one-page website for, 2 external email forwarders, Two-factor authentication, Multiple Neo accounts support, Email undo option, Email Filter, Priority Inbox, and Turbo Search
Max 100GB Staring at $7.99/mailbox/month 300 per hour or 1000 per day Appointment booking, Campaign Mode, Email Signature, 3 Email Forwarders, Smart AI tool, Turbo Search, Multiple Contact Group

Comparative Table and Our Ratings

Let’s compare both email platforms to help you decide which provider is the best for your business needs.

Aspect Skiff Mail Neo
Pricing Free and Premium Plans Available Starter, Standard, and Max Plans with a free trial period
Mail Storage 10GB Free, Upgradable up to 1 TB with a paid plan 10GB - 100GB depending on plan
Custom Domain Yes, Free with Premium Plans Yes, Free with Starter Plan
End-to-End Encryption Available Available
Quick Aliases Available Available
Schedule/Undo Send Available Available with high-tier plans
Two-factor Authentication Available Available
Custom Signature Available Available
Email Campaigns Not Available Available
Read Receipts Available Available
Folder & Labels Available Available
Free Plan Rating 4.2/5 (Good features, limited customization) 4/5 (Good for small businesses, limited free trial)
Premium Plan Rating 4/5 (Enhanced features) 4.6/5 (Effective email management and marketing functionality)

Our ratings are based on pricing, features, ease of use, and customization choices. Skiff Mail offers a strong free plan with essential features but limited customization. Neo, on the other hand, is ideal for small businesses with its easy-to-use interface and effective email management features. 


Skiff Mail stands out as a newcomer in private email service providers. Its free plan covers all the essential email functionalities you’re accustomed to. It also offers premium subscriptions catering to those seeking more storage, custom domains, and workspaces. Skiff Mail deserves consideration for those who have email as a sole requirement.

However, like other email services, Skiff Mail has certain drawbacks. For example, certain functions only work when emails are between Skiff Mail users. However, for effective email service and communication, you can consider Neo, our top recommendation for all your email solutions. So, go through our guide today and create your account to scale up your business and build your brand. Pick the best options for your needs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Skiff Mail?

Skiff Mail is an email service provider that offers end-to-end encrypted email. It helps users keep their communication private and secure. Furthermore, you can use Skiff’s Drive, Pages, and Calendar for enhanced security.

2. How does Skiff Mail encrypt the data?

Skiff uses an end-to-end encryption service to keep your data private and secure from anyone. Skiff has a zero-trust policy, so its servers do not store any of your data. Skiff uses two types of encryption: 

  • Secret-key authenticated using xsalsa20-poly1305
  • Public key authenticated with Curve25519 key generation

3. How do I get a domain name for my Skiff email?

Skiff Mail offers two options for email domains. First, register your domain externally, then manually configure CNAME, T, and MX recorders. The second option is to register a new domain directly through the Skiff Domains service. The second method automatically sets up your account without the hassle of the hassle of manual configuration. 

4. Is Skiff Mail safe?

Yes, Skiff Mail is safe, as it uses end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to protect its users' privacy. However, this encryption service is only provided to Skiff’s internal users. For external users, the shared data is completely unencrypted. 

5. Is it possible to change the Skiff’s email address?

Yes, you can add or remove additional email aliases by navigating to your account settings. Skiff provides flexibility in managing your email address.

6. Can an alias be removed?

Yes, you can remove an alias using the alias settings page. However, your subscription plan limits the number of aliases you can remove.

7. Can a custom domain with my Skiff Mail address be used?

Yes, Skiff allows you to add custom domains to your email address. The number of custom domains varies based on your plan—up to 5 for the business plan and 3 for the pro plan.

8. Do Skiff Mail attachments have a maximum size limit?

Yes, Skiff imposes a limit of 25 MB on the size of attachments you can send or receive through your email account.

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