Wix Landing Page: Pricing, Setup, and Features

April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Creating a strong digital presence is paramount to stand out from the crowd. Building and managing a website is a challenging task. From developing leads to sending out marketing emails, it is not easy. This is exactly when Wix plays its role. 

Wix is not just a simple website builder with drag-and-drop functionality. It is a full-featured SaaS package for individuals and small businesses aiming to build a strong brand in the competitive market. The Wix landing page does everything from SEO marketing tools to integrating eCommerce tools. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about Wix, a dynamic tool for digital marketing. Keep reading to discover its features, pricing, setup, and more!

Wix: Your Ultimate Digital Marketing Partner

Wix is a software as a service (SaaS) platform well-known for offering one of the best website builders. However, it contributes more than that. It boasts over 900 pre-made templates, powerful SEO and marketing tools, and enterprise-level security features. Besides, it offers a drag-and-drop page builder and guarantees hosting with a 99.9% uptime. 

Wix Core Features

Wix offers numerous options to entice users to use their platform. 

1. Templates 

One of Wix's main features is its extensive selection of website templates, including over 800 options. The templates cover numerous industries, including finance, eCommerce, pets, health and wellness, photography, and design. The most appealing aspect is that they are all responsive, so users will have a pleasant experience while navigating your site. 

2. AI Text Creator  

The AI Text Creator is an AI tool for copywriting that is one of Wix's landing page's newest services. It lets you enter a few lines of text outlining your company and then creates supporting material. Due to the OpenAI API integration, customers can now create SEO-optimized content for their websites far more quickly than possible if they were to hire a copywriter. 

3. Wix ADI 

Wix's AI-powered website builder version is known as Wix ADI or artificial design intelligence. Contrary to choosing from pre-existing templates, users answer questions about their websites and company first. Wix ADI subsequently uses the provided answers to produce a website through generative AI.

With the Wix ADI, you can avoid spending hours on the web development process. Instead, you can focus on other vital business areas, such as product development or SEO optimization.

4. Blogging 

Wix is moving in the same direction as WordPress. The Wix landing page is a great platform for setting up a blog that can be active in a few minutes, making the setup process easy. 

Data organization can be facilitated by using the category and tagging functions. If you are a beginner and want to get started with something, you can make a user-friendly yet beautiful website using ready-made templates and some HTML knowledge. You can also easily build your page with the help of the drag-and-drop editor.

5. AI Logo Maker  

Wix is not only the most well-known drag-and-choose builder in the industry, but it also scores a place among the top logo creators on the Internet. Creating a logo using Wix is easy if you answer a few quick questions. Wix's branding tools will give you all the resources you need to start a new brand. Further, you can add your logo onto t-shirts, coffee mugs, and business cards from Wix's store.

Customization and Design Features

Wix offers several customizations and design features, including:

1. Create a Gradient Background 

Gradients are an interesting way to customize your website and add elements. Wix makes it easy to create a gradient background for your website. All you need to do is choose an effect and adjust the colors and opacity to create an eye-catching view for your visitors. There are three types of background gradients: liner, radical, and conic. 

2. Add Background Scroll Effects

Adding background scroll effects creates a dynamic experience for your website visitors. You can choose from different scroll effects, like parallax, skew, closeup, fade, pull back, and more. You can play around with the different scroll effects and create a unique experience for your visitors. 

3. Set up a Video Mask

With a video mask, you can give your video box a unique shape to create a striking visual effect. Wix offers numerous shapes and vector art, or you can upload a shape to cut out your video. 

4. Site Menu Design

To create a comprehensive website, Wix allows you to add several types of menus, like site, anchor, language, and member. The site menu helps visitors to navigate between different pages and sections of your website. Meanwhile, the anchor menu is a floating menu that is always visible to your visitors. The language menu allows visitors to access your website in different languages. The member area menu comprises two different menus: login and member menu. 

5. SEO  

Wix has improved its SEO over the past few years. The SEO tools on Wix are simple to use and easy to find, much like the rest of the interface. Wix landing page offers a helpful SEO checklist to remain on top of every task. 

Additional SEO options include structured data markups on each product, event, blog post, and page, automatic XML sitemap building, and the ability to add alt tags to photos. Through a collaboration with Semrush, it also provides its users with keyword research tools, enabling you to monitor market trends and customer behavior specific to your business.

6. Email Marketing

 Wix's email marketing services are very effective. With Wix, customers may utilize a drag-and-drop builder to customize templates to generate email campaigns. Users can utilize the AI Email Generator to develop campaigns, add elements, or select from various themes. 

However, you must switch to a paid plan to use Wix's email marketing. The Essentials plan costs $10 monthly, but if you want to send more than 500 emails, the Core plan, which costs $24 monthly, is probably your best option. This plan includes access to the AI Email Generator, email scheduling, and 5,000 emails per month.

Setting Up with Wix

Wix doesn't require a credit card to be signed up for, so you can quickly browse its features to see if it fits your company. Although you won't be able to try out all of the free tier capabilities, plenty is onboard to entice you to sign up.

Step 1. Getting Started


On the homepage, click the "Get Started" button. Next, create an account by logging in with your Google or Facebook account, using your email address, or generating a password. When your screen refreshes, you'll get a preview of the Wix dashboard, where you can build your first website.

Step 2. Choose between an AI generator or a website that you will design.

You must choose between an AI generator to create a website for you or you will design your website. If you select the AI generator option, Wix will ask several questions concerning your company. What kind of website are you constructing, and so on? Your response raises several follow-up questions. For instance, the Wix landing page displays the online store setup wizard, which walks you through creating a functional shop if you decide to open an online store.

The wizard also asks where you intend to sell your products and provides the essential functionality to make it happen. Take social media and a few marketplaces, for instance. Wix will add the elements required to list your products on Amazon and TikTok, among other channels. After finishing the wizard, you'll see the Wix dashboard, where you can view the user interface for the first time.

Step 3. Customize the Website. 

When you first see the Wix UI, you may feel overwhelmed. The dashboard initially appears cluttered and chaotic. Once you start navigating the tabs, though, you'll find it to be simple. You can modify your site by clicking the "design site" button, and there is an onboarding procedure to follow. All of the tools are found on the left side menu.

Initiate the Wix interface by selecting the Home tab. The Design Site button will then appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Either modify an existing template or let Wix build the website for you. The Wix website builder interface makes it simple to customize your website after choosing a template.

Wix Pricing Structure

Wix has several price tiers to accommodate various demands and financial constraints. Starting at $16 per month, the Light plan is suitable for most small business requirements. Additional plans are Core, Business, Business Elite, and Enterprise, the last of which has customized pricing. 

The $32 monthly Business plan is suggested for expanding brands who wish to open an online store, while the Light plan is best suited for people wishing to create a personal website. Furthermore, the Wix landing page provides a free plan for users who want to try the platform before committing. The price ranges from $16 to $159 each month, depending on the plan selected and the quantity of add-ons purchased.

Why Choose Neo over Wix? 

When choosing between the business communication solutions Neo and Wix, Neo stands out as an impressive alternative. Wix is known for its simplicity and ease of integration with the Wix platform, while Neo covers the entire business requirement spectrum with a more holistic approach. Here are several reasons why Neo stands out:

  • Pre-Designed Website Templates: Like Wix, Neo also offers a pre-designed library from which you can select the one you like the most. 
  • User-friendly Interface: Unlike Wix, which offers a complicated user-friendly interface to customize and edit the website, Neo provides a user-first interface. Users can easily navigate the platform and launch the website in three simple steps. 
  • Enhanced Email Management: Neo has combined email and calendar functions, making the overall process faster. For businesses that struggle with keeping meetings and events on the track, this feature provides an easy way to handle both appointment management and emails. 
  • Robust Email Marketing Tools: Neo’s email marketing function allows businesses to advertise to the right audience and track their level of engagement. It is not just about measuring email opens or analyzing customer interactions; Neo offers effective marketing data and engagement.
  • Efficient Meeting Scheduling: Neo's intuitive booking system eliminates much of the inconvenience of scheduling meetings. This feature is better for companies that frequently communicate with their clients or team members because it is easy to use and completes the scheduling process.

Neo’s holistic approach is a primary reason why more and more businesses opt for this service, as it goes beyond the email functionality of traditional services.

Wrapping up,

While Wix Email is a simple solution for corporate emailing, especially for those already familiar with the Wix platform, Neo stands out as a feature-rich substitute that can handle a wider range of company needs. Neo's functionalities, which include AI-powered help and sophisticated email management, are designed to improve efficiency, simplify communication, and safeguard company information.

Nonetheless, when it comes to building landing pages, Wix landing page builder offers advanced and comprehensive features to build an impactful website. It is perfect for enterprises and small businesses with large budgets to build and deploy websites. On the contrary, businesses with restricted budgets and simple website needs can choose Neo. 

Neo provides a perfect combination of tools to drive sales and growth through digital marketing. You can get your custom domain name with Neo and then build a one-page website with that email address. Also, you get access to robust marketing tools, like Read Receipts, Priority Inbox, Email Rules, Email Campaigns, Signature Designer, and much more, to maximize the potential of your digital marketing efforts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sell products on Wix Marketplace?

Yes, definitely! Wix offers fully integrated eCommerce features that enable you to build an online store in a snap. Selling your products directly on the website or integrating with big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon is a plus. Thus, revenue growth is an opportunity for an eCommerce business.

2. Does Wix offer analytics?

Yes, Wix allows you to track your site performance with analytics. Furthermore, the advanced analytics features requiring paid subscription plans include precise visitor data.

3. What does Wix offer regarding the different types of features?

Wix offers a variety of features to help you build your website. It includes image shape crops, image filters, custom fonts, transparent videos, shape dividers, text masks, custom interactions, slideshows, vector art, and more.

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