YOPmail: Account Sign-up, Honest Review, and Alternatives

June 18, 2024
14 Minutes
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June 18, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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In the digital world, where every bit of information is interlinked, protecting your privacy is more important than ever. With 162 billion spam emails sent daily, a sizeable chunk tends to be malicious content meant to compromise your data security. 

According to official reports, 3.4 billion spam emails are phishing attempts. With so much spam being sent to your business email and personal accounts, it has become essential to safeguard yourself from these emails. This is where YOPmail helps you. 

YOPmail is a disposable email service that reduces spam emails in your primary email account, keeping your inbox secure and tidy. It also has other benefits that can help you streamline and manage your email communication effectively. 

Are you eager to know more about this versatile tool? This blog will explore YOPmail, give you guided instructions for account sign-up, and provide you with other viable alternatives. Continue reading to learn more about this disposable email service. 

What is YOPmail? 

According to its website, YOPmail stands for “Your Own Protection,” and its core aim is to protect your privacy. It is a temporary email platform that allows users to generate disposable emails anonymously without any registration or fees to access any website or app that requires a sign-up. 

The service even lets you use a temporary, clickable inbox associated with that email address. You can either create your unique email address or use a randomly generated address. 

Moreover, you can access and reply to disposable emails until YOPmail deletes the email address and the inbox after 8 days of creation. Users can send emails with YOPmail, but only to other YOPmail users. Additionally, you can use your custom email domain and create email domain aliases without any charge. 

The YOPmail email accounts are not password-protected, and anyone who uses the same email address within the 8-day exhaustion period of the email address will have access to your inbox. Hence, sharing any personal data or sensitive information over your disposable account is not recommended. 

Guide to YOPmail Account Sign-Up

Creating a YOPmail account and its sign-up process is fairly straightforward and quick. Let us walk you through the steps to use YOPmail and optimize your email management experience. 

Step 1. Access the YOPmail website

Navigate to YOPmail’s official website through this page or type YOPmail in your browser search box. 

Step 2. Generate your YOPmail Email ID

On the website, you will see a random email ID already available in the email generator box; you can use that or create a new email address to proceed.

You can click on the random email generator tab at the top or bottom of the email generator box to create a new random email.

Now, you can use this email address to sign up for websites or apps. 

Alternate Method: Choose an Alternate Domain

YOPmail also allows you to use temporary alternate domains instead of @yopmail.com. Many websites blacklist disposable emails, but with the alternate domains, you can still generate a throwaway email and access any website. 

Once you click on the Alternate domain name option, you will be taken to a page with a list of domains you can use to create your temporary email address.

Under the domain tab, you can use the daily domain suggested by YOPmail or add a new domain of your choice.

Step 3: Send or Receive Emails

YOPmail lets you receive and send emails (only to other YOPmail users) through the temporary email. Follow the steps below to send an email from your YOPmail account:

Click on the arrow symbol next to the email address you generated or created to go to your inbox.

Click on the compose button, and start composing your email.

Add another YOPMail account user in the recipient’s place. Then, add the subject line and compose your email body. Click on Send once you are done. 

While you can receive emails from anyone, you can only send emails to YOPmail accounts. This is one of the shortcomings of the YOPmail account.

Email Alias for Privacy

You can use the email alias provided by YOPmail to send emails to protect your privacy. Each time you generate a disposable email ID with Yopmail, the platform creates a unique email alias for your mail address to hide your original email address. 

YOPmail is public and not password-protected. Imagine sending an email from your original ID, and the recipient gets access to your inbox. To avoid this privacy issue, YOPmail creates an alias that is notified to the user at the top of their inbox.

You can see your email alias on the inbox page. 

You can use your unique email alias to send emails, and all the emails received will be auto-forwarded to your original email. This method refrains you from exposing your email address. Furthermore, even if users sign into your alias email, they will only find an empty inbox as all the emails are routed to your original email.

How to Add Your Custom Domain Address to YOPmail?

Unlike most other disposable email addresses, YOPmail allows you to add your domain name. To integrate your domain name, navigate to and click the Add Your Domain Name option. 

You can add your domain and configure your DNS records on the registrar side. 

YOPmail Review

YOPmail is one of the best platforms for disposable emails. Unlike many popular temporary email services, this disposable email platform provides a host of features to keep your communication safe and secure, including creating and using alternate email addresses and integrating your domain name. Furthermore, all its services are completely free, although users can donate to the creators if they’d like. 

Another unique feature of YOPmail that gives it an edge is that the emails in its various inboxes last for 8 days instead of 10 minutes or a couple of hours, like 10-Minute Mail. This extended time limit helps you complete your projects or access any information for an extended period without worrying about losing access to it quickly. 

YOPmail is also a great tool for those who want to test out their email marketing strategies or examine the features of their website’s email sign-up procedures. Moreover, with these temporary emails, you can remain anonymous on the internet and protect your data. Overall, Yopmail is a great tool for creating temporary email addresses with myriad functions to complete your tasks. 

Top 5 YOPmail Alternatives

YOPmail is one of the popular platforms for disposable emails, and it has several attractive features. However, as with any product in the market, it eventually has its fair share of drawbacks. However, there are several suitable YOPmail alternative options that offer various features. Let’s discuss YOPmail alternative providers and their features for your reference.

1. Neo

Neo is an email hosting platform that offers custom domain and email addresses with two-factor authentication and other security features. You can use the limited trial period offer of Neo to create a temporary email, but with better options like password-protected inbox, sending emails to anyone on the internet through encrypted channels, bulk emails, and email scheduling options. It also offers an AI-generative Smart Write tool to draft your email easily, and you can easily cancel the service once your project is completed. 

2. Temp Mail

A good YOPmail alternative is Temp Mail. Similar to Yopmail, Tempmail also provides temporary email addresses for users without taking any information from them and deletes emails after the validity period. Temp Mail comes with a user-friendly interface offering quick email generation and automatic email deletion features. Additionally, it supports multiple languages.

3. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail offers users custom domains for their disposable emails. It also allows users to send and receive emails with attachments and other interesting features. Guerrilla Mail provides the developers with API to integrate this disposable email with their applications.

4. 10-Minute Mail

10-Minute creates disposable emails that are only active for 10 minutes from email generation, after which the mail address and inbox are deleted. This platform is best suited for quick email verifications and registrations that require access to an email address for not more than 10 minutes. Like YOPmail, this platform does not collect any information from the user either. It supports multiple languages and also provides an option to extend the email validity period up to an hour if needed.

5. Mailinator

Mailnator is an easy-fix option for people who need a quick disposable email without worrying about confidentiality issues. This platform offers a completely public inbox where you can access your emails anytime. However, this tool is designed to cater to developers needing a disposable email for testing purposes, hence it also offers a private inbox on premium package. 

Comparison Table

All these temporary email address providers have their own virtues and flaws. We will now look at their stand-out features and reviews to help you choose the best option for your workflow. It should be noted that our ratings are solely based on their features, functionality, pricing, and usability.

Email Provider Ratings Review Features
Yopmail 4.4/5 Best for disposable emails needed for more than a week with multiple domain support. - Allows to send emails but only within the YOPmail users - Deletes the inbox automatically in 8 days - Offers custom domain and email aliases
Neo 4.6/5 Neo is best for businesses and individuals looking for a robust and secure platform with custom domain support. - DKIM validation - Built in anti-spam features - Custom Domain - Two-Factor Authentication

Temp Mail 4/5 It has a simple to navigate user interface and provides a temporary email address. - Simple interface - Automatic email deletion - Multi-language support
Guerrilla Mail 4.4/5 Guerrilla Mail is one of the oldest and best temporary email providers. It also offers a password generation feature and API. - Easy to use - Password generator - Reply feature
!0-Minute Mail 4.2/5 Ideal for those looking for a quick disposable email address that can be active for only an hour or less. - Short-lived email addresses - An extra 10 minutes can be added - Timer on the homepage to display the total activation time
Mailinator 4.5/5 Mailinator offers an easily accessible public inbox as well as premium plans with more functionality, including domain integration and subdomain creation. - Public inbox - Premium plans for those requiring more secure and dynamic infrastructure - API available

Wrapping Up

Online phishing and scams are higher than ever. In the face of this growing threat, people are looking to save their data from being misused, while businesses are looking for data to make informed decisions in their growth curve. However, taking control of your data is important, especially when you do not want businesses to send newsletters and marketing emails that cloud your important emails, making disposable emails resourceful. While there are several tools that let you create disposable email, they are short-term. If you are looking for a secure and long-term option, try any of Neo’s plans, which can be easily canceled once you finish your project. So, sign up for Neo and enhance your workflow!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is a disposable email?

A disposable email address is one that is active only for a short period, after which the platform deletes the address and inbox associated with it. These emails are used to protect your primary email account from scams, spam, and other security and inbox management threats.

Q2. How to create a disposable email in Yopmail?

Go to YOPmail’s website, type in the username you want to use, and just click check mail. You will be redirected to your inbox. You can also create email with alternate domains. Follow the guide in this blog for more information. 

Q3. How to delete a YOPmail account?

Your YOPmail email account will automatically expire within 8 days from creation. However, you can manually delete the emails from the inbox.

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