163.com Email Domain: Set-up, Features, Plans & Review

May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Email is a critical form of modern communication. It serves as a primary means of exchanging information. It helps users update themselves occasionally and stay connected to the world. With the click of a button, anybody can send text, documents, and images to the receipts with an email address, regardless of location. But have you ever heard about the 163.com email? 

It’s quite interesting to see how this email service, provided by NetEase, a well-known Chinese internet technology company, has become immensely popular not just in China but globally. Why is it so popular worldwide? The 163.com email service is popular due to its user-friendly features and robust functionality. If you want to know more about this, read this guide, where we unravel the secrets behind the 163 com email’s widespread adoption.

What is a 163.com?

163.com is a famous Chinese email domain people use to send and receive emails. It was created in 1997 by the China Network Communication Group (CNNIC) and has become one of China's most widely used email domains. With over 940 million members as of 2017, 163.com is China’s largest provider of free email services. The website accounts for 18.99% of all email services provided in China.

The domain 163.com offers a free service for anyone to use and a paid option for those who want more features. The free version offers basic features, and the paid option has advanced functionalities. Even though the free version doesn’t require registration and is accessible anywhere, it has limitations, like no attachments or HTML formatting. 

Top 10 Key Features of 163.com Email Address

163.com email offers a robust and feature-rich business email platform, ensuring smooth communication worldwide. Here are its top 10 prominent features:

1. Schedule Reminder

With the 163.com email, you can manage and share schedules in the mailbox. Moreover, you can schedule emails/SMS reminders regularly.

2. Email Encryption and Automated Response

163.com emails are end-to-end encrypted; the recipient must enter a password to fetch them. 163.com also offers automated response services, which means the system will automatically reply once it receives an email. 

3. Unlimited Capacity with Extra-Large Accessories

After creating an email account on 163.com, you can use it without any capacity limit. It also supports sending 16G oversized attachments while writing letters.

4. Email Withdraw

You can easily withdraw if you mistakenly sent an email to the NetEase enterprise mailbox server and the client has not received it. 

5. Automatic Forwarding

Apart from withdrawing the email, 163.com also offers an option for automatic forwarding. With this feature, an email received is automatically forwarded to the designated email address.

6. Client Authorization Code

163.com email prioritizes the privacy of its clients and focuses on email security. That’s why it introduced a client authorization code. You can use this code to ensure the safety of your email. A client authorization code is better than a password and helps lock your important files. 

7. Dedicated Email App

163.com provides a seamless login experience with one-click access using your account and password. No configuration is necessary, and the corporate address book can be directly synchronized, ensuring a hassle-free and user-friendly email experience.

8. Customization

With 163.com, you can create a unified professional domain name suffix to enhance external communication. This email service also allows you to set up a unified email address within the company. 

9. Integrated Productive Tools

Streamline your workflow with 163.com email's built-in calendar, reminder, and to-do list features, keeping you organized and on track for the long run.

10. Cloud Storage

Enjoy 5GB of online storage space with 163.com email to securely store and access your files and documents from anywhere. 

163.com Email: Pricing Plans

163.com offers three main plans to its users: Ultimate, Exclusive, and Group version. Here's an overview of 163 com's pricing plans so you can choose as per your budget and need:

Plan Features Included Price (Discounted) Price per Person per Day
Ultimate Version Email sending and receiving control, Email security, Permissions, and log management, More email features ¥1000/year ¥0.53/day
Exclusive Edition Reading status reminder, Account emergency recovery, Attachments are saved permanently, More email features ¥1300/year ¥0.69/day
Group Version Exclusive email security solution consultation, Dedicated solution engineer, Exclusive email data reporting service, More email features Price negotiable Exclusive consultant

Note: The Group Version price is negotiable and requires consulting with an exclusive consultant. The trial offers stacking discounts of "Buy three years, get three years free" for both the Ultimate and Exclusive versions.

163.com Email: Pros vs Cons

Let’s evaluate whether 163.com email is a perfect business email client for your business by assessing its pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Free email service with ample storage Limited storage compared to some other providers
User-friendly interface Limited language support (in Chinese and English)
Spam filtering Some advanced features may not be available on the free plan.
Email blocking There are fewer personalization choices than with other email providers.
Two-factor authentication No third-party app and service integration
SSL encryption
Mobile accessibility (for both Android and iOS)
Integrated productive tools like calendars and reminders

Tips to Use Your 163 com Email Account Effectively

Let’s take a look at some proven 163.com email account management tips:

1. Categorize Your Email

Categorizing your emails helps you ensure that you don’t miss important messages. It also helps you understand and label each email according to which one is urgent and which you can respond to later. It simplifies email management

2. Create Rules and Filters

Creating rules and filters is one of the best ways to manage your inbox effectively. Keep adding new filters and deleting old ones to avoid cluttering your inbox.

3. Follow-up Crucial Emails

It’s necessary to follow up on important emails. The best way is to wait at least three business days before sending a follow-up email. 

4. Cleanse the Inbox

Next, you must create and manage folders and set up filters for effective email management. A constant email flow can be overwhelming, decreasing productivity and increasing stress. You should keep your inbox clean by deleting or blocking unwanted emails.

5. Automate Your Email System

You can set a certain time to receive emails by automating your email server. This step will eliminate unnecessary stress and interruptions, making your inbox more organized.

6. Avoid Multitasking

Try to focus on one email at a time, ensuring you’re giving each message the attention it deserves. Multitasking or handling multiple emails at once may reduce productivity and increase the chances of errors.

163.com Email: Ratings & Reviews

We rated 163 com email 4.1/5 for its unique features and efficient performance. It is one of the largest email service providers in China, offering free domains, a user-friendly interface, and ample storage to its users. Security is a priority, so it offers end-to-end email encryption and SSL certification.

So, 163.com excels on the security forefront, as well. However, if you require a more simplified business email platform that meets your needs, offers AI-powered tools, and cost-efficient pricing, you can also consider other alternatives. 

Introducing Neo: An Alternative to the 163.com Email

Neo can be the ultimate alternative to 163.com email. Neo is designed for businesses seeking effective email marketing and management. 

Neo is a leading business email platform that offers free domain registration (for 1 year if you purchase annual plans) and a one-page website on all of its plans. You can create newsletters and manage contact lists directly from your desktop. By leveraging read receipts, you can make reporting and campaign optimization easier with Neo.

Neo’s powerful bulk email tools, such as the Gen AI tool Smart Write for drafting email messages and Advanced Mass Sender (AMS) for sending bulk emails, can boost your email performance. These tools allow you to write compelling content and reach a vast digital audience.  

Key Features

  • A Free Domain 

You can easily get a free domain name for your business, i.e., @yourcompany.co.site, with Neo. You can also connect your domain and customize it as per your business needs.

  • An AI Email Assistant (Smart Write)

The Neo AI Smart Write feature is incredible. With this, you can write or reply to emails in your preferred tone and length. 

Neo allows you to create a customizable one-page website for your brand. This website links to your content across the web, especially platforms like Instagram or Twitter. You can even add an email-integrated form to turn your one-page website into a lead-generation tool

  • Email Templates

Neo provides you with pre-customized and ready-to-use email templates. These templates have been designed specifically for your brand’s unique needs and your personal choice.

  • A Signature Designer

Neo also helps authenticate the sender's identity by providing a signature designer feature, which protects users' privacy.

  • Read Receipts

This read receipts feature will let you know when the recipient opens your email. Neo offers this feature to assure you that your message has been received and acknowledged.

  • Send Later and Follow-up Reminders

You can set a time for your emails to be sent when they’re most likely to be read. You can also use Neo’s follow-up reminder feature to contact and assist your customers.

Neo Pricing Plan

Here's an overview of Neo pricing plans:

Features Starter Standard Max
Prices $1.99/mailbox/month $3.99/mailbox/month $7.99/mailbox/month
Mail Storage 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB
One-page website with .co.site domain free free free
Inbuilt Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Third-party Mail App Yes Yes Yes
Signature Designer No No Yes
Priority Inbox No Yes Yes
Read Receipts 50 Read Receipts Yes Yes
Email Template 1 Yes Yes
Follow-up Reminder No Yes Yes
Multiple Neo account support Yes Yes Yes
Email Aliases Yes Yes Yes
Email Sending Limits 200 per hour/500 per day 300 per hour/1000 per day 300 per hour/1000 per day
Email Filter Yes Yes Yes
Two-factor Authentication No Yes Yes
Advanced Anti-spam Yes Yes Yes

Neo: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Storage up to 100GB Relatively new platform as compared to other competitors, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook
Feature webmail with a user-friendly interface Limited trial
Free domain for business email Limited features are available on the free version
Read receipts
Pre-designed email and one-page website templates
Follow-up reminders
Prioritized inbox

Final Words

The 163.com email service is the most popular in China. It offers various features like unlimited storage, anti-spam filters, and more. 163 com also enables users to archive mail rather than delete it. 

The 163.com email search engine is powerful enough to identify certain messages even if a user forgets the sender, recipient, or subject line. For individuals or businesses seeking a dependable email solution, 163.com offers various plans that suit diverse budgets and needs. 

However, if you want a marketing-focused email, consider Neo. It’s the ultimate 163.com email alternative. Schedule a demo today to see if it is the perfect business email platform for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the 163.com?

163 com is a popular free Chinese email service provided by NetEase Inc., a major Chinese internet technology company.

 2. Is the 163.com email only for Chinese users?

No, the 163.com email service is available globally and used by people worldwide, not just in China.

 3. Do I need to register to use the free 163.com email?

No registration is mandatory to use the free basic version of the 163.com email service.

4. What are the limitations of free 163.com email?

The free version does not allow attachments or HTML formatting in emails.

5. How can I get more features with the 163.com email?

You can use the 163.com client app or upgrade to a paid subscription for advanced features like anti-virus, more storage, etc.

 6. Is the 163.com email secure?

Yes, 163.com email provides security features like SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, spam filtering, and virus protection.

7. Can I access the 163.com email on my mobile device?

Yes, there are 163.com mobile apps for Android and iOS devices for your email on the go.

8. What payment plans does 163.com offer?

163.com email has free and paid plans, such as Ultimate, Exclusive, and Group versions, with increasing features at higher costs.

9. How is Neo better than 163.com?

Neo is an email marketing platform with mass email, AI writing tools, and more features tailored for businesses, unlike 163.com email’s basic features.

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