Create a Mailchimp Landing Page in 6 Easy Steps

April 26, 2024
13 Minutes
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April 26, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Mailchimp is a popular name in the world of email marketing. The platform enables you to sort and filter contacts in different ways. You can also create dedicated campaigns based on a respective contact’s interaction with your website and emails. The best part about the platform is that you can also make landing pages on Mailchimp. 

Creating a Mailchimp landing page is easy. You can use different templates offered by Mailchimp and customize them according to your requirements to build an impactful landing page. Let’s learn more about Mailchimp landing pages, different templates, real-life examples, and a step-by-step guide to creating a landing page on the Mailchimp platform. 

What is a Mailchimp Landing Page?

A Mailchimp landing page is a standalone web page created to capture leads or conversions from targeted marketing campaigns. Mailchimp offers features for designing, publishing, and integrating these landing pages with its email marketing platform.

Here are some features of Mailchimp Landing Pages:

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: The site's interface is intuitive and friendly, so any user can create highly converting landing pages without being a coding expert. You can select any prebuilt templates with traditional structures and then utilize the drag-and-drop builder to customize it per your business objective and preferences. 
  • Lead Capture Forms: Communicate the site's blueprints for collecting emails, names, or any other necessary information from guests navigating your page.
  • Marketing Automation Integration: With marketing automation integration, you can integrate your landing page with your MailChimp email marketing campaigns. This is a good way to attract leads and nurture them. It also allows you to personalize the drip email series depending on the visitor’s action or the information he provides.
  • Built-in Analytics and Reporting: Track the success of your landing page using different analytics metrics, such as conversion rates, visitors’ behavior, and traffic source. With built-in analytics, you can easily change the marketing strategy and optimize your landing page for better outcomes.
  • A/B Testing: Mailchimp offers A/B testing functionality to test different renditions of your landing page's components to see which version yields the highest conversion rates. Elements may include headlines, calls to action, or relevant images. You can use this data to make informed bidirectional choices to increase your landing page's plethora.

Different Types of Mailchimp Landing Page Templates

Let's look at the different templates offered by Mailchimp that you can utilize to create a landing page for your business:

1. Wild Country 

As the name suggests, this landing page is suitable for small businesses that assist people in planning their adventures and tours. It has a direct call-to-action button that encourages visitors to sign up for additional information about the packages offered and get a price quote. Regardless of your service, whether relaxing getaways to beaches or cooking or training classes, it is one of the best templates to motivate your visitors to take action. 

2. Modern 


Modern is a Mailchimp landing page template with a simple yet sophisticated design to suit any purpose. This is one of the flexible landing pages with myriad customization options, such as editing the image background, text, image, button, and image+text content block.  

3. Gardenhause 


Gardenhause is another email template with rich design inspiration for eCommerce businesses looking to increase sales and grow their email lists. With a simplistic and elegant design, businesses can utilize this template to convey their services with minimum words. Just because the template has an image of a cactus, it doesn't mean it can only be used by businesses related to potting plants or gardening. The image is customizable, and any business can utilize this template.

Steps to Create a Basic Mailchimp Landing Page

Mailchimp has its own basic landing page builder. You need to create a new “landing page campaign” and edit it to look how you want. The steps include: 

Step 1. Open Your Mailchimp Account.

Log in to your Mailchimp account, go to Campaigns, and click All Campaigns options. Select “Landing Pages” from the given options.


Step 2. Create Your Landing Page.

In the same window, select the Create A Landing Page option. You will then be taken to the creation wizard, where you can build out the page campaign.

Step 3. Go to the Creation Wizard.

You can start designing your page from this wizard. Multiple templates exist, you do not have to build everything from scratch.


Step 4. Choose Your Templates.

Select one of the templates, then move to Mailchimp's builder. Here, you can edit the page design and add various element blocks, including images, headlines, text, form fields, and more. 

Step 5. Save the Landing Page.

Once everything looks good, click the Save and Close option in the bottom-right corner. You will then be directed to the final screen, where you can edit details like the URL, page title, and audience settings.


Step 6. Publish the Page

Click the “Publish” button in the top-right corner. This means the page has gone live on your chosen URL. You can always make edits and unpublish the same page again if needed.

Mailchimp Landing Page Examples

Now that you know how to create Mailchimp landing pages, here are some common, real-life examples to help you get started with your future projects:

1. Hom Sweet Hom


Hom Sweet Hom is run by Lauren Hom, a hand lettering artist who works on projects for various creatives and brands. The artist also enrolls people for classes through her official website.

Lauren ran ads and built a landing page to enroll people to advertise her new livestream series. She wanted to create awareness for the same livestream. The artist further aimed to attract more people to her mailing list.

Later, Lauren's landing page attracted 4000+ visits and around 2,200 signups, accounting for a 50% plus conversion rate. She created a page that resonated with her brand. As an illustrator and designer, Lauren also layered it with beautiful animated gifs and web copy that reflected the value of her course.

2. 17th Street Athletic Club


This is a famous fitness studio in San Francisco. Earlier, the management was having trouble attracting new signups, so they created an ad campaign that would lead people to a landing page for more fitness class signups.

The campaign helped the fitness club enjoy a 250% increase in signups because of the well-designed landing page and other automated follow-up emails. This landing page became successful because of its simplicity and authenticity. There were no over-the-top promises, and the clients shown as testimonials were real people.

3. Third Piece

This platform offers different hand-knit items and has a brick-and-mortar and an online store. When the owner, Kristen, wanted to boost signups and drive more traffic to the website, she considered creating landing pages. She ran certain Facebook ads with several promotions and discounts. The best part was that people could check out these offers through the landing page link. She also ran some Instagram ads to boost the traffic further. 

The landing page is slightly unconventional because there is no direct call to action. However, the same page shows visitors everything Third Piece is involved with, which ultimately builds brand awareness.

Some Other Mailchimp Landing Page Examples

Many Mailchimp landing page examples give you an idea of how you can utilize the full potential of your Mailchimp subscription to build a landing page that attracts leads. Let's look at some of them: 

1. Salt&Straw 

The landing page designed by Salt&Straw features a simple image of scoops of ice cream flanked by rows of delicious summer berries. The lead captured by this campaign is rewarded with a monthly subscription to their email newsletters, which provide information about new ice cream flavor launches, special offers, coupons for partner shops, and a 10% discount on the first order. 

2. REI Coop

REI Coop deals with camping and hiking gear with lucrative CTA buttons and offers, like "shop now," "shop now to save 40%", and "get a $25 gift card for shopping" to encourage the landing page visitors to take action. The landing page comprises a website link of their nearest physical retail store and links for 10 different kinds of merchandise. All the links featured lead the visitor to immediate shopping. 

Limitations of a Mailchimp Landing Page

Despite having the option to create a landing page, Mailchimp has certain limitations. The main ones include: 

  • There are limited template options, which narrows down the ability to create a desired landing page for your business. 
  • There is no edit option on the mobile version of the page.
  • There is no option to hide or show page elements on desktop and mobile.
  • There are limited form fields with limited customization options. 
  • The option to add multi-step forms is absent. 
  • No “thank you page” step is integrated into the templates, which should be an integral part of every campaign as it gives a professional touch. 
  • There is no option to create multi-page funnels.
  • Added videos are limited to YouTube and Vimeo. 
  • Personalizing pages with merge tags is impossible, and custom HTML code cannot be added to pages.

Mailchimp Alternative: Choose Neo to Create Impactful Landing Pages

While Mailchimp has many limitations when creating landing pages, you can always choose Neo—Your Email Marketing Partner. Neo's one-page website feature, which offers several preset templates and customization options, can help your business build the desired landing page. 

All you need to do is log in to Neo and select one of the preset themes for the one-page website. Customize the template and give it a personal touch using a drag-and-drop builder. When you are done, you can publish it and make edits after publishing the landing page. 

Benefits of Utilizing Neo One-Page Website Builder

Here are some benefits of using Neo's one-page website builder to build a lead-generation landing page:

  1. Ease of Use: Neo emphasizes user-friendliness. The website-building tools are created to be necessarily user-friendly. This way, you can create even faster landing pages without experiencing the difficulties of the code narrative for folks with no programming experience.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Likewise, Neo has a liberated plan with a restricted functionality. If you have just begun your email marketing journey, a landing page is a good place to start email marketing with a limited budget.
  3. Templates and Themes: Pre-made templates and themes can make it easy to build a landing page quickly without starting from scratch. 
  4. Drag-and-Drop Functionality: A drag-and-drop interface allows for easy element customization on your landing page.
  5. Access to World-Class Email Marketing Tools: When you subscribe to Neo's plan, you can build your landing page for free. However, you get access to advanced features, such as Smart Write, Read Receipts, Email Campaign Management, Appointment Scheduler, and much more, to increase the potential for your email marketing campaigns. 


You can create a landing page with Mailchimp to attract leads and make the best use of all the email marketing efforts. Despite many limitations, many other alternatives are available that provide access to the best tools to create an email campaign and a landing page, like Neo. 

Businesses and individuals can establish a compelling online presence with cost-effective tools and platforms like Neo. The platform offers unique features, like intuitive drag-and-drop editors, efficient integrations with digital marketing tools, and other features that cater to professionals' different needs and skill levels. No matter whether your goal is to launch a product, grow your email list, or even promote a special event, Neo can help you meet your marketing and sales objectives. Neo provides the best resources to achieve your landing page objectives without breaking the bank. So, without further ado, switch to Neo now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you create a landing page with Mailchimp?

Yes, you can easily create a Mailchimp landing page. Sign in to your official Mailchimp account and go to the landing pages section to start designing.

2. How do I create an effective landing page?

The procedure of creating a landing page is quite simple. All you need to do is register on the Mailchimp platform, navigate to the desired category, and engage in setting up the page from scratch or select a template to get started.

3. What is the purpose of a Mailchimp landing page?

Landing pages are the digital media that various businesses use for ad campaigns. They also function as a helpful webpage, redirecting visitors to the brand's website when they click the CTA button.

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