Gmail PC Download: How to Get Gmail At Desktop? 

June 17, 2024
14 Minutes
Modified on:
June 14, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Gmail is one of the most popular email services, and several people have used it for decades. It is so popular due to its simple user interface, easy-to-access different productivity applications, and, most importantly, many people use Gmail services only. Finding people, friends, professionals, HRs, and relatives on Gmail is easy. 

While individuals can easily download Gmail mobile applications from Playstore and Appstore, there is no such application to download and get Gmail on a computer desktop. There is no official Gmail application that can downloaded on PCs and desktops.

If you are new to setting up your email ID and thought of setting up your first one with Gmail, here’s a detailed guide to getting Gmail on your desktop. We’ll look into different ways to help you set up Gmail on a computer desktop for both Windows and Mac OS. This guide also covers top picks for Gmail alternatives in 2024 for both business and personal purposes. 

Does Gmail Have a Desktop App?

The answer is no. It does not matter if you have a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. Gmail originally did not offer an official app to manage your emails on a desktop. You can access the Outlook desktop app for Microsoft accounts. Similarly, you can use Apple Mail for iCloud email accounts. However, you cannot find Gmail as a desktop app for Google accounts.

However, Gmail allows you to use your email account in various other email service provider applications that you can install on your computer. You can integrate your Gmail account into any of these apps if you have an email service platform like Neo, Outlook, or Apple Mail. You can even send and receive your Gmail emails through the same desktop app.

This is only if you want to use your Gmail account on another email platform’s desktop app. It is important to note that you can use the Gmail mobile app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

How to Create a Personal Account on Gmail?

Opening a personal Gmail account is super simple and free of cost. Here are the steps that you can follow to create your own personal account on Gmail:

Step 1. Open your preferred browser.

Step 2. Go to the Gmail website. 

Step 3. Click on the Create Account option and choose the For My Personal Use option (if you want a personal account). The procedure for creating a business or work account differs as it will require a custom domain name and Google Workspace subscription. 

Step 4. Enter your personal details. 

Step 5. Enter additional details, like date of birth and gender. 

Step 6. You will now be presented with a list of email address options. Select the one that you like, or you can create your own custom email address. 

Step 7. Create your password, and your Gmail account will be created. 

Step 8. Once your account is created, you can access your inbox and send or receive emails seamlessly. Now, let’s discuss regarding how to add Gmail on Desktop. 

Gmail PC Download As Desktop App with Chrome

You can set up a customized desktop shortcut that will land you in your Gmail inbox using Google Chrome. This Gmail PC download process offers you a simulated app experience. Now, look at the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Open Chrome and sign into your Gmail account as usual.

Step 2. After launching Gmail in Chrome, click the three-dot menu at the top right corner of your browser.  

(Note: If you cannot find the Create a shortcut option in More tools, click on Save and Share. In the updated Chrome version, this option is available in Save and Share). 


Step 4. Give a name to the shortcut in the pop-up window.


Step 5. Tick the box for “Open as window”.

Step 6. Click on “Create” to add this particular Gmail shortcut to your desktop.

Now, you can easily access the Gmail desktop application from the shortcut. 

Gmail PC Download As Desktop App with Edge

Now, let’s look at how you get Gmail as a desktop app on your computer using Microsoft Edge.

Step 1. Launch the ‘Edge’ browser on your desktop and go to the Gmail website. 

Step 2. Enter your credentials and log into your official Gmail account, either individual or professional.

Step 3. Click on the three-dot option at the top-right corner of the screen to access the complete menu.


Step 4. Select the “Apps” option and click on “Install this site as an app” that you will get from the dropdown list.


Step 5. Rename your app using the Install app prompt. You can edit and customize your icon by clicking on the “Edit” option and uploading an image.


Step 6. Click on “Install” to get your Gmail progressive app! Simply run the app shortcut and use it as your Gmail desktop app.

Gmail PC Download As Desktop App with Mac OS

Apple Mail is the official native email application for macOS. It offers efficient integration with Gmail and helps bring the inbox directly to your desktop. Here’s how to configure your Gmail in the Apple Mail application:

  1. Open the Mac Mail application. Click on the “Add Account” option. 
  2. Select “Google” as your mail account provider.
  3. Select “Continue” and then “Open Safari.” 
  4. Enter your email address and password. If you are using two-factor authentication, enter the code for verification.
  5. Grant all the necessary permissions as soon as you click on “Allow.”

Your Gmail account will appear in the left sidebar of the Apple Mail app under “Mailboxes” once you complete these steps.

Best Alternatives to Gmail at Desktop in 2024

Several other email service providers offer enhanced functionalities and flexible interfaces that might appeal to Gmail users. Here are some popular alternatives that you may want to try for a better email experience on your desktop.

1. Neo

Neo is an alternative to the Gmail desktop app known for its advanced features and creation of business, wok, or professional email accounts. This platform is designed specifically for small businesses and solopreneurs. It appeals to users who want a custom email address and a domain name for their small business. 

Neo is popular because it offers a free domain and a one-page website if you do not already have a domain. This helps create a proper brand identity and establish credibility.

Its additional features include: 

  • Upto 100GB storage
  • Web-based email platform and robust iOS and Android app
  • A multitude of tools and features to simplify email marketing, such as priority inbox, turbo search, email templates, read receipts, appointment scheduler, and others 
  • Smart Write is an AI-assistant tool that helps you write impactful email messages 
  • Signature Designer to build professional email signatures 
  • With email campaign mode, businesses can send bulk emails to lauch their marketing campaigns. 

2. Zoho Mail 

Zoho Mail is another free and popular email alternative to Gmail. The platform offers professional email services with tasks, calendars, bookmarks, and other advanced features to individual users. Zoho Mail also makes it easy to get a custom domain email, which is particularly useful for businesses that want their customers to recognize their emails instantly.

Besides, if you want you can create your personal email account with Zoho as well with email extension. 

Its other features include: 

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Up to 1 TB storage
  • Zero ads for an efficient experience
  • Advanced features suitable for business-oriented activities

3. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an excellent option for Gmail users who want to transfer their messages to a safe and secure platform. It provides an important tool for easily transferring calendar emails, events, and contacts from Gmail to other platforms. 

ProtonMail also bridges the gap between different desktop email apps, like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. This is useful for professionals and businesses that want email access from anywhere, including their mobile phones or laptops.

The features of ProtonMail include: 

  • GDPR-compliant with stringent local data privacy regulations. 
  • Verified security claims by tech experts
  • Custom email addresses for all employees across different businesses
  • Automatically encrypted emails without any add-ins or plugins. 
  • Advanced features, like forward and auto-reply, email and event search, filters, and signatures

4. Tuta

Did you know that platforms like Google (specifically Gmail) often share their data with third parties? That is why several businesses and professionals are looking for other Gmail alternatives like Tuta (formerly Tutanota). It is a must-have platform for various businesses and individual users who want to keep their emails safe and secure.

Features that we like:

  • Unlimited calendars at affordable rates
  • Email domain name for businesses
  • 15 Tuta email addresses as aliases for inbox
  • Up to 1 TB of data storage
  • Data services powered by renewable energy resources
  • Open-source platform, unlike other cloud service providers

5. iCloud

Apple’s iCloud cloud storage lets you send, receive, and organize emails. Additionally, you can utilize other cloud computing services on any device. The best part about iCloud Mail is that it is accessible via IMAP. You can access free iCloud Mail accounts with up to 5 GB of storage and send large attachments up to 20 MB. The Mail Drop feature allows sending large attachments up to 5 GB.

Its additional features include: 

  • 5 GB of free email storage space.
  • Ad-free experience for professional email management seamless. 
  • Sync and store data features through various applications
  • Calendar, Apple Notes, contacts, Apple Photos, settings, backups, and files.
  • Efficient user interface

Comparison Table & Our Review

Now that we have analyzed all the Gmail desktop app alternatives let us compare them, including Gmail itself, in the table below.

Provider Rating Review Key Features
Gmail 4.8/5 No desktop app, Risk of spam Smart Compose Confidential mode, Schedule emails, Undo Send, Search box, Clickable attachments
Neo 4.7/5 Perfect alternative for setting up business email accounts at cost-effective rates Free email domain for one year, custom address, AI-powered tool to write emails, email campaign mode
Zoho Mail 4.4/5 Limited number of emails per day Integrated calendar, tasks, and notes
ProtonMail 4.5/5 No IMAP/SMTP service for any of the free accounts End-to-end encryption and uptime guarantee
Tuta 4.6/5 Limited customer support Encrypted subject lines, full-text search, large storage

Wrapping up, 

A shortcut app for Gmail is essential in today’s fast-paced world, where we have little time to sync the entire system with the desktop. Gmail has implemented some handy keyboard shortcuts, but they still do not have an official desktop app. This calls for other alternatives that help with Gmail PC download, as discussed in this guide.

However, if only apps were your thing, several alternative solutions existed. For instance, you can use platforms like Neo to simplify email management, increase productivity, and use advanced features and customizations to improve your email experience on Windows and Mac.

Effective email management ensures you stay on top of your tasks, and using Gmail on your desktop can significantly enhance your productivity and workflow. Meanwhile, you can also visit Neo and take advantage of the email service provider’s features immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Gmail available for desktops?

No, as of June 2024, Gmail does not officially offer a desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux. However, there are other alternatives to get Gmail on a computer desktop. 

2. How do I get Gmail on a computer desktop?

There is a simple method to convert your Gmail into a desktop app. Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Open your Chrome Browser and open Gmail. 
  2. Click on the three dots in the browser, then click on More tools or Save and Share, and select the Create a shortcut option. 
  3. Give your shortcut a name, tick the box below the name, and click on Create. 

3. How do I add a Gmail shortcut to the Windows Taskbar and Mac Dock?

Once you follow the steps to create a Gmail shortcut, you can see the Gmail icon with your desired Gmail profile on the Windows Taskbar. Now, right-click on the option and click on Pin to the Taskbar. To add Gmail to Mac Dock, open Gmail through the new shortcut, right-click (alt+click) on the Gmail icon in the Dock, go to the Options, and click on Keep in Dock.

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